Big decision of American, will not do any business with this Chinese company

US President Donald Trump has said that the US is not doing any business with Huawei. The US has taken this decision as a threat to national security.


  • The trade war between the US and China has started once again.
  • US bans business with Huawei.
  • The meeting between the two countries may be canceled in September.

New Delhi: The ongoing trade war between China and America is not taking the name of calm. After the G20 summit, it seemed that the situation would be normal between the two countries, but there is no such hope now. US President Donald Trump said on Saturday that the US would not do any business with China’s giant telecom company Huawei. Earlier, the US has been accusing Chinese company Huawei of espionage. 

Trump said that giving Huawei a chance to participate in 5G technology could threaten America’s national security. Let us know that America is not only preventing Huawei from doing business in its own country, but it is also motivating other countries to do the same. The US does not want to allow Huawei to proceed under any circumstances. The US alleges that HuWave acts as a spy for the Chinese government. 

Donald Trump said, ‘We are not going to do business with Huawei. I have really decided about it. ‘ He said, ‘It is quite easy not to do business with Huawei. That is why we are not doing business with Huawei. This does not mean that when we do a trade deal, we will not agree on anything, but we are not going to do any business with Huawei. ‘

This decision of the US government has been welcomed by US MP Marco Rubio. Under these rules, the purchase of equipment from Huawei and other Chinese companies has been banned by US government agencies. These rules issued by the US government will be effective from August 13. Explain that after the imposition of new tariffs on Chinese products last week, it stopped all purchases of agricultural products from the US in China. Since then, the relationship between the two countries has once again become bitter.

Simultaneously, Trump has indicated that he may cancel talks with China in September. If this happens, the relationship between the US and China may deteriorate even further. “We’ll see if we can meet in September,” Trump said before going on vacation. He said, “We are not ready for the deal but we will see what happens.” Trump said that we have all the ways, we can do well. Please tell that the two countries met in July and the next meeting is to be held in September.

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