Borrowers claim Rs 24887 crore on Jet Airways

Claims of more than 24 thousand crore rupees have been disclosed on Jet Airways under insolvency law. Jet Airways has been closed since April. These airlines have come under insolvency law.

New Delhi:  Borrowers have claimed Rs 24887 crore on Jet Airways, the airline that has been closed for the last 3 months. These claims are made under insolvency law. Financial creditors will get the first amount under the insolvency law. He has claimed Rs 10231 crore on Jet. 2400 Operation Creditors have claimed Rs.12372 crores.

According to the resolution professionals, out of the claim of Rs 24887 crore, they have accepted the claim of Rs 8462.7 crore. At the same time, claims worth Rs 15044 crore are still in the process of verification. Claims worth Rs 1380.82 crore have been rejected. Out of this, the claim of Rs 230 crore loan from Jet Airways has also been rejected. A general sales agent of the UAE has claimed Rs 426 crore.

Now the issue is which investor will be ready to pay this amount. In which 12 thousand crore rupees have to be given to the investor. Financial Creditors, Operational Creditors, Employees’ Representatives, Employees and Other Creditors have made 16643 claims. Of this, only 33 claims from financial creditors have been accepted.

Out of 37 financial creditors, SBI claims Rs 16,44 crore, Yes Bank’s Rs 1084 crore. 2027 employees have claimed Rs 4.43 crore.
8462.79 crore claim has been accepted. Of this, banks and financial institutions have a claim of Rs 6436.1 crore. At the same time, foreign banks and institutions have made claims worth Rs 1568.2 crore.

On June 20, the National Company Law Tribunal accepted the insolvency application of Jet Airways on SBI’s application. Jet Airways is closed from 18 April 2019. Apart from banks, vendors also owe Rs 10,000 crore over Jet Airways. There are also employees of 3000 crores rupees. In the last few years, the loss of airlines has been 13 thousand crores. Now the matter will be heard in the NCLT on 23 July 2019.

Jet Airways founder Naresh Goyal and his wife have already exited the airlines. Banks are now occupied by airlines. These banks are selling to the airlines as part of the insolvency process, the bank will recover its debt from the amount of money it will buy from the investor. Any new investor who invests in airlines will have to repay a large portion of the debt.

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