Google, Facebook, company reached top 10 ‘best place to work’ list

Best Place To Work: Glass Door has released the list of Best Place to Work and no top companies like Google and Facebook are named in the top 10 of this list. Know which company is at the top.


  • Google, Facebook or Apple’s name is not included in the top 10 list of Best Place to Work.
  • Amazon has not been able to make a place for itself in this list even this time.
  • Google was in the top 10 list of Best Place to Work for the last 8 years, which has been dropped this time.

San Francisco: Legendary tech companies such as Facebook and Alphabet (Google’s parent company) have long been considered one of the best places in the world to work. People consider Facebook and Google (Alphabet Inc.) to be a better place to work, but now the brightness of these institutions is decreasing. These two companies in Silicon Valley have dropped out of the top 10 list of Best Workplaces in the US. 

According to the annual report of Glass Door released on Tuesday, both these companies have dropped out of the top 10 list of ‘Best Place to Work’ in America. HubSpot Inc ranked first, according to Glassdoor’s annual report, which is a cloud computing software company. While tech firms DocuSign Inc and Ultimate Software are at the third and 8th position. 

Facebook, which has received the player of ‘best place to work’ thrice in the last 10 years, is at 23rd position in this list. This is the worst ranking of Facebook since joining this list for the first time. Facebook first joined this list in the year 2011. Last year, Facebook was 7th on this list. 

Google got the ‘best place to work’ player in the year 2015 and for the last 8 years the company has been in the top 10 list continuously. At the same time, Apple which used to be in the top 25 has reached 84th position in this list. Amazon, which has never been included in the list for its positive culture, has not made it to this list this time too. Microsoft Corporation is the only large technology company that has made a big jump. Microsoft has moved up to 21st in this list from 34th place last year. 

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