mAadhaar App Features: This app gives many features related to Aadhar card, know its 10 special things

mAadhar App features, benefits: With the help of M Aadhaar app, Aadhaar holders get access to many features. Let’s know what updates are available in the new version.


  • The M Aadhaar app has been updated recently, its latest update is October 28.
  • This app has been downloaded more than 10 million times from the Play Store.
  • To use it must be Android 5.0 or above, while iOS 10 must be at least.

New Delhi: Good news for Aadhaar card holders. UIDAI or Unique Identification Authority of India has released a new version of its M Aadhaar app. UIDAI has released a new update for both iOS and Android platforms. Users can download this app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. 

This will require devices that work on Android 5.0 and iOS 10. In the new version of mAadhaar App, users will get information related to Aadhaar card as a soft copy. Let’s know about the top 10 features of the new mAadhaar App …

  1. mAadhaar App is in multi language, that is, it has support of many languages. This app provides support for Hindi, Urdu, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marani, Oriya, Assam and Bengali languages. Note that users have to fill the data in the form in English only.
  2. For personalized Aadhaar services, users have to create their Aadhaar profile in the M Aadhaar app. However, anyone can install this app.
  3. mAadhaar App provides many services to users. There are options like Main Service Dashboard, Request Status Service and My Aadhaar to the users.
  4. mAadhaar App users are provided with Aadhar card download, order of reprint, address update, EKYC offline download, QR code scan, verification Aadhaar, verification email etc. Users can also check the status of their various online requests.
  5. Residents can lock and unlock their Aadhaar or Biometrics Authentication with the help of the mAadhaar app.
  6. My base is a personalized section in the app. With the help of which users can use many services of Aadhaar.
  7. Multi profile service is also available in mAadhaar app. With the help of which the Aadhaar card holder can add three other profiles to it. For this, he will not have to register with another number.
  8. With the help of the mAadhaar app, users can get information about their enrollment center. Along with this, Aadhar card holders also get the facility of Aadhaar service on SMS in the event of not being networked through this app.
  9. Note that the mAadhaar app does not work off-line. That is, to use it, you have to connect it to the Internet, so that it can get data through UIDAI.
  10. mAadhaar app is extremely beneficial for railway passengers. Users can show their information in this app as ID-proof.

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