Onion Price: Big cut in onion prices, so many rupees

Onion Price: Onion prices are coming back down after touching the sky. Onion prices have come down significantly in the wholesale market. Its prices have come down due to the ban on exports.

Mumbai: Onion prices have come down to Rs 30 per kg in Lasalgaon, Maharashtra. Asia’s largest wholesale onion market saw a significant fall in prices after the government imposed restrictions on onion exports and its stock limit on traders. According to data from the National Horticultural Research and Development Establishment (NHRDF), onion reached a high of Rs 51 per kg in mid-September at Lasalgaon Mandi, located in Nashik district.

It is worth mentioning here that the trend of onion prices is decided from Lasalgaon Mandi. In this market, any fluctuations in onion prices affect the country. On Thursday, average wholesale price of onion came down to Rs 26 per kg in Lasalgaon Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee. The maximum price of onion was Rs. 30.20 per kg and the minimum price was Rs. 15 per kg.

Onion supply has been affected due to floods in major producing states Maharashtra and Karnataka. Due to this, onion prices have been continuously rising since August. The low sowing of kharif onion has also put pressure on its prices. Currently, the stored onion of last year’s rabi crop is being sold in the market. The arrival of the new kharif crop is expected to start from November.

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