15 Delicious Italian Foods Without Tomatoes

15 Delicious Italian Foods Without Tomatoes

Italian cuisine is known for its use spices and flavorful herbs as well as olive oils and tomatoes.

These ingredients can be used in many Italian dishes, such as pizzas, soups, and pasta.

Some people are allergic tomatoes. Some people don’t like traditional Italian food.

This article includes 15 Italian-style recipes that are all non-tomato-based.

1. Tomatoless ‘tomato’ sauce

Even though tomato-based marinara sauce remains the most well-known Italian sauce, you can make it with other vegetables and seasonings.

These recipes include butternut squash, zucchini and garlic that have been cooked in beet stock with apple cider vinegar.

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2. Vegetarian pumpkin seed sauce

Alfredo sauce isn’t often made with tomatoes but it can be a great alternative to tomato sauce. It can be used in the same way.

This recipe contains pumpkin seeds and cream cheese, thickened with cornstarch.

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3. Tomato-free vegetable lasagna

It doesn’t matter if you smother lasagna in tomato sauce. This recipe uses lasagna noodles with mushrooms and onions, as well as spinach, with a creamy cheese sauce.

You can make this recipe even easier by replacing store-bought lasagna noodles for homemade.

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4. Carrot pasta sauce

This sauce can be used with many kinds of noodles.

For a simple and inexpensive pasta topping, just cook the onions and grated carrots in a pot with soy sauce.

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5. Avocado pasta sauce

Avocados are versatile and naturally creamy.

Make a delicious meal by boiling the pasta, then adding the avocado cream sauce.

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6. Green minestrone

This classic Italian minestrone soup combines Northern white beans with green vegetables such as parsley, zucchini and green beans.

The amazing textures and flavors of these soups make them irresistible.

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7. The Penne is also enriched with portobello mushrooms, black olives and Romano cheese

This pasta is loaded with olives and portobello mushrooms as well as charred peppers and Romano cheese. It makes a great standalone meal.

Although it doesn’t call for tomatoes, this delicious recipe is packed with flavor.

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8. Lemon spaghetti

Italian is easy to learn.

For a light and delicious pasta dish, cook the noodles in a skillet and then toss them in olive oil, cheese and lemon juice.

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9. Pizza with summer squash, arugula and cheese

You have many topping options to make a tomato-free white pizza.

This recipe adds flavor to pizza dough by topping it with cheese, thinly sliced summer squash and arugula.

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10. White vegan classic pizza

This white vegan and dairy-free pizza can be made with a variety of vegetables.

This creamy white sauce is made from plant-based cheese, milk, and butter.

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11. Creamy pesto gnocchi

Gnocchi, a customary Italian dish, are little dumplings made with potato, semolina wheat, or flour.

These are usually topped with marinara, but this recipe calls instead for a creamy pesto with cream, broth, and garlic.

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12. Spaghetti made with oil, butter, and garlic

You could make this recipe using any variety of pasta.

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It’s as easy as boiling the noodles in water, then tossing them in olive oil and garlic.┬áRed pepper flakes, salt, and parsley can be added to the dish. It can be customized as much as you wish.

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13. White eggplant Parmesan

This white, tomatoless version of eggplant Parmesan is just as delicious as the traditional marinara-heavy one

You can fry the eggplant slices in olive oil and bake them in an oven with cheese.

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14. Summer Caprese salad without tomatoes

Traditional Italian Caprese salads rely on tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella. This version doesn’t.

Instead, it highlights the flavors of mozzarella and basil and combines them with fresh peas and asparagus, serving it all over a bed of arugula.

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15. White sauce and three cheese-stuffed shells

Stuffed shells can be filled with cheese, spinach, and baked with marinara sauce.

This recipe can be made with any type of pasta.

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The bottom line

Italian cuisine is well-known for its wide variety of pastas, pizzas and soups. Many sauces also contain fresh herbs and garlic.

However, not everyone loves tomatoes and some people are allergic to tomatoes.

Some recipes call for you to omit tomatoes entirely, while others require you to use tomatoes in every recipe.

These recipes can be used to make delicious, tomato-free and creamy Italian dishes.

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