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Above Meaning in Gujarati

Find out what’s the meaning and meaning of the term that is above in Gujarati? Here’s the an alphabetical list of the translations.

More Gujarati Words for Above

  • પર ઉમેરો
  • રંગથી લપેડવું
  • સ્વાદિષ્ટ ખોરાક
  • અર્થશાસ્ત્ર
  • પ્રદૂષિત
  • નિવારણ ઉપચાર કરતાં વધુ સારી છે
  • સુયોજિત કરી રહ્યા છે દિવસ
  • સ્વિમવિયરની
  • જો toolhead
  • વૃક્ષ ઘર

English to Gujarati Meaning :: above

Above :ઉપર

Pronunciation: Add To Favorite:

Preposition : ઉપર

Details : ઊંચે, શિખરે

Above – ઉપર

Above :: ઉપર

Above Antonyms

Meanings of above in Gujarati

Above Meaning in Gujarati :-


  1. ફડાકો(m)

adjective for Above Meaning in Gujarati:-

  1. ઉપરોક્ત
  2. ઉપર્યુક્ત
  3. ઉપલું

adverb for Above Meaning in Gujarati:-

  1. ઊંચે
  2. માથેનું


for Above Meaning in Gujarati :-

  1. પર
  2. ઉપર

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Above Definitions and which means in English


showing up prior in a similar text


at a prior place

in or to a spot that is higher

Above Sentences in English


If it’s not too much trouble, advise promptly, if above things isn’t right.

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ऊपर कहा हुआ

Kindly educate promptly, if above things isn’t right.


defects in the above translation

ऊपर = how

See above.

के ऊपर = how

Put the books on the rack above.

इससे ऊपर = how

Compensation increment of 5% or more.

से ऊपर = how

She wouldn’t lie-she’s over that.

ऊपर = area

For directions allude to the abovementioned.

Nearby Translations for

Above Meaning in Gujarati :-

  • aboveboard
  • abovedeck
  • aboveground
  • abovementioned
  • aboveproof

Word Forms / Inflections for

Above Meaning in Gujarati :-

aboves (noun plural)

Synonyms of above Meaning in Gujarati :-

supra, higher up, in a higher place, to a higher place

Antonyms of Above Meaning in Gujarati :-

below, infra, at a lower place, beneath, to a lower place

Definitions and Meaning of the above in English

The above

Meaning of Above in Gujarati:-

  1. that appear earlier in the similar text
    The above interpretation is flawed. interpretation

Meaning of Above in Gujarati:-

  1. (in writing) in the past
    Synonyms: supra
    – Please refer to the above
  2. in or to a point which is or is
    Synonyms :higher up, to an elevated position, or to a higher level

Meaning of Above in Gujarati:-

  1. A previous section of a text written
    – For instructions, follow the instructions above

English Meaning

Meaning of Above in Gujarati:-


(1) an earlier portion of a text written

Adjective for Meaning of Above in Gujarati:-

(1) appearing earlier in the text

Adverb for Above in Gujarati:-

(1) (in writing

(2) to or from a place which is higher

Examples for Above in Gujarati:-

(1) (1) This is the reason why the public sector has to be above dealism and preferential treatment. 

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(2) Temporal brain lobes are located on the side of the head, above the ears.

 (3) The mid-20s to low 20s is a reasonable range for most people , with any higher being considered to be an advantage. 

(4) They’re all at least six feet tall or above

(5) We’re able to play with the teams above us, we just need to ensure that we play the right game. 

(6) After that, Briony stopped talking, and stared in a furious manner at the gap over his left shoulder.

 (7) Be aware the strength of abdominal muscles is increased as arms extend further over the head. 

(8) Each of these are served with roast potatoes, rice, or fries, as well as the freshest market produce.

 (9) Jimmy Saville, wearing his signature shell suit, entered the crowd like boxer with arms over his head.

 (10) At the above address

(11) Place a large amount of mud in a container filled with water above

(12) the age of over 70. above

(13) The man said”The French are believed to cherish their rights to drive and park wherever they’d like over safety concerns.

 (14) When the tree was not cut back for a few years and is still large the stems that flower are trimmed to about a half-way point. 

(15) over that door

(16) I raised my arms over my head, and almost lost my voice as I tried to sing in tune.

Related Words for Above in Gujarati:-

(1) above all ::બધા ઉપર

(2) the above ::ઉપર

(3) as above ::ઉપર

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(4) above average ::સામાન્ય કરતા સારો

(5) see above ::ઉપર જુવો

(6) same as above ::જ ઉપર

(7) above-mentioned ::ઉપર ઉલ્લેખ કર્યો છે

(8) from above ::ઉપરથી

(9) rise above ::વધ્યુ

(10) above and beyond ::ઉપર અને બહાર


for Above in Gujarati:-


1. preceding ::પૂર્વવર્તી

Adverb for Above in Gujarati:-

2. overhead ::ઓવરહેડ5. supra ::સુપ્રા


6. over ::ઉપર

7. superior to ::બહેતર

8. beyond ::બહાર

9. more than ::કરતાં વધુ

10. greater than ::કરતા વધારે

Antonyms for Above in Gujarati:-

1. below ::નીચે

2. beneath ::નીચે

3. under ::હેઠળ

Different Forms for

Above in Gujarati:-


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