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Alter ego Meaning in Kannada

What is the meaning of alter ego translated into kannada? Here are some translations.

English to Kannada Meaning :: ego

Ego :ಅಹಂ


Details : ಅಹಂ, ಜ್ಞಾತೃ, ಗರ್ವ

Ego – ಅಹಂ

Ego :: ಅಹಂ

Egoist :: ದುರಭಿಮಾನಿ

Egoists :: egoists

Egos :: ಸ್ವಾಭಿಮಾನಗಳಲ್ಲಿ

More Kannada Words for Alter ego

  • ಮನವಿ
  • ವ್ಯಾಪಾರ ಗಂಟೆಗಳ
  • ಪಾದ್ರಿವರ್ಗದ
  • ಎಸ್ಕ್ವೈರ್
  • ಪಡೆಯಲು ಅಥವಾ ನೆಲದ ಮಾಡಲು
  • ಮಂಜೂರು
  • ಮಾವಿನಹಣ್ಣು
  • ಪುರುಷರು
  • ಸಲಾಡ್
  • ಚಹಾ ಕಪ್

ego Synonyms

self,  egotism,  self-importance,  conceit,  pride,  psyche,  soul,  egoism,  myself,  self-esteem,  anima,  arrogance,  i,  inner man,  oneself,  personality,  self-image,  self-regard,  unconscious,  character,  Character, Egotism, Psyche, Self, Self-importance, Self-pride

ego Antonyms

humility,  modesty,  altruism,  

Nearby Translations

  • altercated
  • altercating
  • altercation
  • altercations
  • altercative

Synonyms of ego

ego, self, egotism, self-importance

Alter ego Meaning in Kannada :-


1. self-esteem ::ಆತ್ಮಗೌರವದ

2. self ::ಆತ್ಮ

3. self-importance ::ಸ್ವಪ್ರತಿಷ್ಟೆ

Alter ego Meaning in Kannada :-


1. humility ::ನಮ್ರತೆ

2. modesty ::ನಮ್ರತೆ

Different Forms for

Alter ego Meaning in Kannada :-

ego, egoist, egoists, egos

Related Words for Meaning of Alter ego in Kannada:-

(1) alter ego ::ಅಹಂ

(2) ego trip ::ಅಹಂ ಟ್ರಿಪ್

(3) the ego ::ಅಹಂ

(4) ego-tripper ::ಅಹಂ-tripper

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English Meanings

Meaning of Alter ego in Kannada:-


(1) An exaggerated sense of pride in your superiority over others

(2) Your consciousness of your identity

(3) (psychoanalysis

Alter ego Images

Alter ego Images

Examples for Meaning of Alter ego in Kannada:-

(1) A shift from the ego to your inner self can have dramatic and extraordinary effects.

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(2) That’s going to be a big blow to a man’s ego.

(3) A boost for my ego

(4) I am now feeling a lot more confident because it happened unexpectedly.

(5) He is unable to cope with sudden wealth, intrusion from the press and hoards +o+c++yes men+o+c+u that boost his ego.

(6) He claims that the male self-image is becoming more fragile with sexual performance as the core.

(7) The diacritically marked subject experiences a splitting of the ego.

(8) Heidegger says that a human being’s tendency to commit suicide is an ontological characteristic of the human ego.


(9) also discovered that anima as well as animus can act in dreams as well as in the imagination to facilitate the unconscious to the ego, thus providing an opportunity for inner and outer adaptation.

(10) The empirical ego is found in this being, and it is returned to its source through ethical conduct.

(11) Receiving compliments from Stacey Jones is very flattering.

(12) His ineptness is no longer enough to support your fragile ego.

(13) After dominating a sport for a while, that would have been a major knock to her ego, her self-esteem as both a player, and as a person.

(14) A girl who outsmarts you can really damage your ego.

(15) If others notice you it may polish your bruised ego.

(16) She called me to invite me to dinner. This is a huge boost for my male self-esteem.

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Meaning of Alter ego in Kannada:-



adjective for Meaning of Alter ego in Kannada:


Are you a alter ego?

Hm. Hm. It does feel that way. There is a distinct mind and separate neural networks in your brain. They work together most of the time, but it can sometimes hide its thoughts from the others.

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This isn’t like Split personality (also known as Dissociative Identity disorder), in which identities are usually mutually exclusive and work independently at different times or situations. One identity doesn’t have any memory of the other.

Alter ego can sometimes be more cruel or painful than oneself. 

It feels like you are being betrayed by yourself.

 Sometimes, the alter egos are very dark and have a very selfish agenda. When you try to control or master them, they revolt and start sabotaging your life.

It happened to me several years ago and lasted for a few weeks.

 I was imagining hidden selfish motives behind all the things I had done up until that point. When I tried to fix them and make it clear to everyone, my self-revolt turned against me.

 One evening I vividly remember, as I was speaking to friends. I felt that each sentence was not from me and so I repeated it, explaining why. 

My friends thought I was crazy

Only one close friend understood what I was going through, and he said “You’re fighting with yourself.” This gave me the peace that I needed.

After trying to kill my higher mind, I realized that it was impossible to kill one’s own mind. I began to make my higher mind more powerful.

 Inspired by native Indian sayings that “In a fight between bad wolves and good wolves, the wellfed one wins”, I began feeding my positive side.

 The brain neural network can be trained in any way you like. It is highly flexible. So I started to adopt all sorts of positive habits, such as working out, discpline and healthy eating, and stopped abusing substances, rash driving, and sleep deprivation.

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Here I am. They don’t betray us, though I do have at least 2 sides

They are there to support me as I achieve many things. 

Sometimes they are selfish and have a narrow agenda. I give them a little to help me achieve something bigger. 

Your will is the summation all of your “Alteregos“, and I can use them all.

What exactly is an alter ego?

Alter ego is a generic term. Reality is more complex than that.

Sub-personae is the correct term.

In a psychology workshop, I discovered that I had four different sub-personalities. After doing that, I was able “use” them in different situations, where different behaviours or skills were required.

It must be “multiple personalities”.

This ability is good because it allows us to “fit in” better with others. This is a lot like acting on stage. Some people are restricted to one or two types of behavior. For example, someone who is always the centre of attention or someone who cannot take a strong leading role.

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