Amigo Meaning In Telugu

Amigo Meaning In Telugu – తెలుగు అర్థం వివరణ

Amigo Meaning In Telugu

Find out what’s the meaning and meaning of the word amigo in Telugu? Here’s the an alphabetical list of the translations.

adios amigo meaning in malayalam

  1. Amigo♪ : /əˈmēɡō/
    • నామవాచకం : noun
      • amigo
      • మిత్రుడు
      • మిత్రుడు
    • వివరణ : Explanation
      • ప్రధానంగా స్పానిష్ మాట్లాడే ప్రాంతాల్లో స్నేహితుడిని ఉద్దేశించి లేదా సూచించడానికి ఉపయోగిస్తారు.
      • ఒక స్నేహితుడు లేదా కామ్రేడ్

More Telugu Words for Amigo

  • బ్లోగన్
  • బర్డలోన్
  • మళ్లింపులు
  • భౌగోళిక
  • హార్డ్ హెడ్
  • పరోనిచియా
  • యువరాణి లాంటిది
  • ర్యాంకులు
  • పున oc స్థాపించదగినది
  • అస్థిరత

Nearby Translations for

adios amigo meaning in malayalam:-

  • amine
  • amines
  • amini
  • aminic
  • aminish

Definitions and Meanings of Amigo in English

adios amigo meaning in malayalam:-

  1. A companion or a friend

Synonyms of adios amigo meaning in malayalam:-

Synonymspal,  buddy,  chum,  friend,  mate,  comrade,  companion,  crony,  partner,  confidant,  intimate,  sidekick,  ally,  brother,  colleague,  confidante,  familiar,  fellow,  playmate,  acquaintance,  

Antonyms of adios amigo meaning in malayalam:-

Antonymsantagonist,  enemy,  foe,  opponent,  adversary,  archenemy,  competitor,  nemesis,  rival,  stranger,  

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Amigo Meaning In Telugu

Show English Meaning

adios amigo meaning in malayalam


(1) A friend or a comrade

Examples for Amigo Meaning In Telug:-

(1) I ordered a Mai-tai. Then my Dreadlocked friend ordered a turquoise concoction while my bald friend wanted a local brew.

(2) She may end in treating you more as an alibi rather than an amigo !

(3) The middle part is intriguing because it is about friends discussing their deceased acquaintance, who wasn’t always a pleasant person.

(4) I’ll do my best. Adios, amigo

(5) I’ll consider it, amigo

(6) In the event that you begin jumping up and down like a monkey, when your attackers throw you an object fighting, you’re out of the game and friends .

(7) “If you’re planning to be having conversations in silence with your friends and expect me to pick up on them, you might be the one who isn’t smart I replied.

(8) Kindness is the seed of friendships, and not contempt. And if sewing a button on an individual’s coat transforms him into an obnoxious male pig I, for one, have been asleep in the wrong place on the farms for many years.

(9) We all know that it’s among the seven words that you shouldn’t use in public.

(10) I don’t have friends, I don’t have any family, I don’t have any friends, no pals and no chums. No friends, no.

(11) As an avid gun dealer, more than one occasion, I’ve traded with some of my gun buddies an old rifle or handgun which didn’t have a lot of interest to me at the moment.

(12) The computer programmers and three of his closest mates were planning to travel to Far Eastern beaches to watch the entirety of England’s collective action.

(13) Many of my friends, my fellow comrades and my brothers-in-arms were packing the VW vans with whatever they could smoke, and headed for higher levels.

(14) I’d like to in the near future to earn enough money to ensure that I can go out with my kids and enjoy an instrument with my friends .’

(15) Don’t forget, friends, that there’s a battle for talent.

(16) There’s also distinctions between the two amies .


adios amigo meaning in malayalam


I’ll be thinking about it, amiga

is used to use to address or refer to a friend mostly in Spanish-speaking regions.

EXAMPLE for Meaning of Amigo in Telugu:-

I’ll do my best. Adios, ‘amigo’

The middle part is fascinating because it focuses on friends who discuss their deceased “amigo,” who was never an ideal person.

I’ll be thinking about it I will think about it. ‘amigo’

She could treat you more as an an ‘amigo‘!

I ordered a Mai Tai, my dreadlocked ‘amigo’ also ordered some concoctions with turquoise and my friend with a bald head requested local beers.

I would like to have enough money to play with my kids and play an instrument with my ‘amigos’ .’

I don’t have any friends, I do not have family members, I have no friends, no pals or chums. No “amigos,” nothing.

The computer programmer of 29 years old along with three of his most trusted “friends” were planning to go towards the Far Eastern coasts in order to take in all England’s action in the group.

Don’t forget about “amigos,” there’s a battle for talent.

He was aware of that, he took the cage off to let us out and declared, ‘The sky’s the limit for amigos’ .’

There are other distinctions between the two “amigos .

We all know”amigos” and is among the seven words that you shouldn’t use on the air.

If you’re planning to engage in uninvolved conversations with your “friends” and expect me to hone into them, perhaps you’re the one who’s stupid I said.

Many of my “amigos as well as my friends and my brothers-in-arms had loaded their VW vans with everything they could smoke, and were headed towards higher levels.

It’s already rare to meet any national politicians in the US who doesn’t shout a few words of ‘Spanglish’ when they’re approached by new “amigos .

While we thoroughly enjoyed lunch with our group of “amigos,” the bar atmosphere inspired us to come back in the evening, to enjoy live music and drinks.

If you begin hopping between the floors like a monkey after your opponent throws you an object and you lose the fight”amigos .

As a gun trader who is a fervent one at least on one occasion I’ve sold for one of my shooting “amigos and a handgun or rifle which didn’t have a lot of interest to me at the moment.

In the latest incident another group of “amigos” were arrested after pretending to be sick in the athletes’ village and requesting medical attention to sneak through the security of the facility.

Let me tell youthat I was in a major jam with my ‘amigos I wasn’t a fan of the thought of being busted trying to break into an tank of otter however, I was certainly not going to let my good marijuana be wasted.

The act of kindness breeds amigos which means amigos, not contempt and when sewing a button on the coat of a man turns him into an obnoxious male pig I personally have been sleeping in the wrong area on the farms for a long time.

I’m going to admit” amigos I was pretty beat up when I discovered this program.

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