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babai – meaning in telugu

What is the meaning of babai in telugu translation? Here are some translations.

Meanings of బాబాయి in English

noun for babai – meaning in telugu:-

  1. uncle

More Telugu Words for babai – meaning in telugu:-

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babai – meaning in telugu:-

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How can Babai prove graph isomorphism by proving it?

Babai prove graph

My research was in graph theory.

Babai should submit a proof to a journal. Referees will then be chosen and will carefully review the proof and steps. To reduce the chance of errors, it is common to have multiple people.

Separately, Babai has already started giving talks about his proof. This is a crucial step, because experts can see the proof and make suggestions. The first seminar was successful, and there were no problems.

We will be able to confirm that the proof has been published if and when it is. It is possible that someone will find a problem as the information gets shared and discussed. Although this has not happened often in the past.

A theorem this powerful should be able to occur quickly on a large scale, especially since it isn’t too complicated. If nobody raises a flag for a year, I would say that all the vetting has been completed.

What did Babai claim to have proved about graph isomorphism exactly?

Babai uses Group Theory as the foundation of Abstract Algebra. He also uses properties from Groups (namely Automorphisms), in conjunction with Graph Theory to show that Graph Isomorphism is possible in time very NEAR Polynomial. Graph Isomorphism can be found in NP.

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However, no clear-cut Polynomial Reduction I know of takes 3-SAT to Graph Isomorphism. Therefore, it is unclear whether Graph Isomorphism will ever be NP-complete.

It’s easy to verify, however, that 2 graphs are isomorphic by giving a answer (YES/NO). This is a huge result as it provides insight into the PNP problem and may provide additional avenues or approaches for working on the problem.

Graph Isomorphism can be described as an equivalence relation.

Using the set of Vertices from the Graph, you can imitate the Edge set to create an Automorphism, i.e., an Isomorphism of a set onto itself. 

If 2 Vertex Sets are automorphic, ( ff :: V(G1)V(G1) — V(G2)V(G2) , , f(vivj)f(vivj) = f(vi)f(vj)f(vi)f(vj) , where vivjE1vivjE1 and f(vi)f(vj)E2f(vi)f(vj)E2) we can say that the 2 Graphs are isomorphic.

He used Group Automorphisms and Reductions as well as some Graph Theoretic concepts in order to prove that Graph Isomorphism is possible in QuasiPolynomial Time. 

This is an exponential where the power of the log is 1. In his paper, therefore, he proposes an Algorithm to find out whether two Graphs are isomorphic in specifically 2(O(log2n)c))2(O(log2n)c)). 

This algorithm is superior to the one previously known.

In the initial news articles, there was a misconception that Babai had developed a Polynomial Time algorithm to graph isomorphism. This is not true.


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Arijit vs. Atif: Who is the best singer?

Two periods are being discussed. Atif has been singing in Bollywood for 13 years now (correct me if this is wrong).

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 Before he became a star in Bollywood, Atif was a member of the Jal, which is a popular Pakistani band. 

Arijit was largely overlooked in the early years of Bollywood’s mainstream music, and that was only in 2011.

 As we all know, Ashiqui 2 was the turning point for Arijit Singh. 

This “brief history” is intended to suggest that Arijit is growing in popularity and career growth while Atif is declining.

It is all due to the time period. 

Arijit is riding this wave right now.

It is often difficult to determine which singer has the better singing ability.

 You need to listen to a lot of live performances and playbacks of each singer. It can be more challenging if singers are of different genres and styles. 

We are fortunate that Arijit and Atif have a more or less similar style and certain songs were sung by both. 

Arijit, however, has displayed a lot more variety than Atif Aslam in his short stint. 

Atif has not sung anything like “Dilli waali girl”, “Galti se error” or “Terahero idhar hai”.

Concerning the voice quality, neither one of them is my favorite. If I had to choose, Arijit would be my choice. His vocal range is very wide.

 His voice is strong and his low notes sound incredible. Atif, on the other side, is more comfortable with the high notes than the lows.

The reasons I didn’t like Atif Aslam, despite his amazing songs such as “Tere bin”, Woh lamhe”, Tu Jaane Na”, and “Doorie”, are now clear. These are the results:

  • I have seen some live performances of Atif. He performed horribly. Below are the links. You can see for yourself.
  • “Hum Kis Gali Jaa Rahein Hai” is the most terrible recorded song I’ve ever heard. Atif’s voice breaks as she hits the notes. The song is overall a pain in the ears.
  • In his early years of singing, he had difficulty pitching. This is not just my opinion. This view was shared by many renowned singers in reality shows.
  • His songs used to make him shake his head (that’s not vibrato, what he used do). This is clearly evident in the song “O mere khuda”, from the movie “Prince”.
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In recent years, Atif has shown more control singing songs such as “Tere Sang Yaara”, Jeena Jeena, and “Dil Diya Gallan”. 

Arijit Singh is, therefore, a better singer that Atif Aslam.

 Although I wasn’t initially a fan of Arijit Singh, he makes every effort to make you love him through his songs. 

Arijit Singh, despite being a naturally gifted singer, is an independent man.

babai Tamil

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tmilll, Tamil

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