Before Meaning In Gujarati – ગુજરાતી અર્થ

Before Meaning In Gujarati

Find out what’s the word’s meaning of the term in the preceding sentence in Gujarati? Here’s the list of meanings.

English to Gujarati Meaning :: before

Before :પહેલાં

Conjunction : પહેલા

Details : સમક્ષ, પૂર્વે, રૂબરૂ, પહેલાથી

Preposition : આગળ

Adverb : અગાઉચી

Before – પહેલાંBefore :: પહેલાં

Meanings of before in Gujarati

Before Meaning In Gujarati


  1. પહેલાથી
  2. મોરે
  3. હાજરીમાં
  4. વહેલાં
  5. આગળ
  6. ઉપર
  7. પહેલાં
  8. પૂર્વે
  9. પ્રાક
  10. આગમચ
  11. આગમજ
  12. અગાડી
  13. પ્રાગ

preposition  for Before – Meaning in Gujarati:-

  1. અગાઉ

before = પહેલાં

Pronunciation = 🔊 before

Pronunciation in Gujarati = બિફોર

before in Gujarati: પહેલાં

Part of speech: Adverb 

Definition in English: earlier in time; previously 

Definition in Gujarati:
સમય અગાઉ; પહેલા

Synonyms of Before Meaning In Gujarati:-

earlier, ahead, in front

Examples in English:

  • She has never been so happy before.

Examples in Gujarati:

  • તે પહેલાં ક્યારેય એટલી ખુશ ન હતી.

Synonyms of Before Meaning In Gujarati:-

Synonyms in Gujaratiઆગળ
Synonyms in Englishahead

Antonyms of Before – Meaning in Gujarati:-

Antonyms in Gujaratiપછી
Antonyms in Englishafter

More Gujarati Words for Before

  • સવલતો
  • આલ્બમ
  • લેખક
  • વધારેલી વાસ્તવિકતા
  • ગોળાકાર
  • મોનોક્રોમેટિક
  • પરમિટ
  • કષ્ટ આપવું
  • ટેક
  • ટીપીડી

Before Meaning in gujarati

Before Meaning In Gujarati:-

Adverb :-

1. આગળ આગળ ( Agal Agal )
2. આગળની બાજુ ( Agalani Baju )
3. પહેલાથી ( Pahelathi )
4. પહેલેથી ( Pahelethi )
5. પૂર્વત ( Purvat )
6. બધાની આગળ ( Badhani Agal )

Examples of Before Meaning In Gujarati:-

1. I had previously known her.
2. As I mentioned before
3. He called me on the day before, but the call was made much earlier
4. Her parents had passed away just four years prior to her death.
5. I’ve already mentioned that issue
6. I can see the light of a city ahead
7. It’s a long way ahead, but the road is hazy
8. Staring straight ahead
9. We weren’t able to see above the heads of those on the other side.
10. The cross of Jesus moving forward

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Synonyms of Before Meaning In Gujarati:-

1. Earlier
2. Before
3. Ahead
4. In front

Nearby Translations for

Before Meaning In Gujarati:-

  • befortune
  • befoul
  • befouled
  • befouler
  • befoulers

Prior to Definitions and which means in English

verb modifier:

prior on schedule


at or toward the front

Prior to Sentences in English

पहले = prior, time

Her folks had passed on four years prior.

पहले से = prior, time

I had known her previously.

पहले = in the past, time

I haven’t seen you previously.

सामने = before, place

He showed up before me

आगे = before, place

My canine ran before a transport.

के पहले = time

Before I settled on a choice, I considered cautiously about it.

Show English Meaning

Before Meaning In Gujarati:-


(1) at a later date; earlier

(2) either in or near the front

Definitions and Meanings of the word “before” in English

Before that,

  1. earlier in the time; prior to
    Synonyms : earlier
    – As I mentioned before
    – He called me the previous day, but his call had arrived much earlier
    – Her parents had died in the year 2004.
    – I knew her previously
    – I’ve discussed that issue in the past
  2. In front, or near the front
    Synonyms : ahead, in the front
    – I can see the lights of a city ahead of me.
    – staring straight ahead
    – The road ahead is hazy
    – We couldn’t look beyond the heads of the people standing in front of us.
    – With the cross of Jesus moving forward

Examples for Before Meaning In Gujarati:-

(1) You’ll appear before him and answer for the plot to dismember his sons he loves dearly!

(2) The patterns danced in front of her eyes.

(3) the girl stood in front of the house

(4) she was done just as the teacher walked in.

(5) This occurred prior to(

6) the situation will remain the same way as before

(7) He glanced at the time and decided to visit Thomas prior to his dinner date.

(8) We finished the garden but the garden was completed

(9) it was a long ti

me prior to when he returned

(10) It appears to me that they’re completely exaggerated when one examines the case before the judge.

(11) They would all be dead before they could work with each other.

(12) I glanced up and then turned towards the other side, only to find a pretty attractive woman standing in front of me.

(13) Stop this nonsense before you get to far

(14) If a case is presented to the courts on an predetermined basis that is based on a basis, the court will be able to decide the case on the basis of that basis.

(15) They slept on the streets for four whole days until they were detained

(16) I usually would rather read books prior to when I watch a movie to visualize my own thoughts in my mind.

(1) before long ::લાંબા પહેલાં

(2) before that ::તે પહેલાં

(3) as before ::પહેલાં(

4) day before yesterday ::ગઈકાલ પહેલા નો દિવસ

(5) long before ::ઘણું પહેલા

(6) before now ::આ પહેલાં

(7) just before ::થોડા જ સમય પહેલા

(8) the day before ::દિવસ પહેલા

(9) never before ::પહેલા ક્યારેય નહિ


Before Meaning In Gujarati:-


3. in front ::ની સામે

Preposition for Before Meaning In Gujarati:-

4. prior to ::પહેલાં

5. in front of ::ની સામે

6. in preference to ::પસંદ કરવા

Different Forms for Before Meaning In Gujarati:-




she was required to rest before dinner.

in the preceding (a particular date, event or date).

Matilda stood before her, panting

in the front of.

EXAMPLE for Before Meaning In Gujarati:-

He glanced at the time and decided to meet Thomas before the dinner party.

she needed to rest ‘before she ate dinner

We have recently discussed what would occur in the days before my death.

A woman who put her duty “before” everything else.

It’s never happened to me before.

the bill was “before” the government

Four months before her death, she gave her approval to proceed in the process.

Nobody else seemed at all times to have been aware of the frightening events unfolding ‘infront my eyes.

Matilda stood ‘before’ her, panting

they would be dead ‘before’ they could cooperate with one another

A woman who put the duty of her job ‘before’ everything else

she needed to rest ‘ahead of she ate dinner

I glanced up, then looked to the side to see a attractive woman standing ‘before me.

it’s more affordable now than’

He’d never met her before’

my entire life stretched “in front” of me

Take them out of the oven and allow them to cool for 5 minutes before cutting into half.

He had been a part of his Territorial Army ‘before’ the war , and was promoted into the ranks of captain.

My grandfather and father “before his time‘, played the fiddle

his playing days had come to an end in the year ‘before’

the game was played “before the crowd of 80,000.

It was revealed that the pilot was fluent in English and had been to Boston “before” the war.

she was ‘in front’ of the house

Mr. Binding has openly admitted the charges laid before him multiple times before this court.

He will also supervise the opening of four more shops “before” the close in the calendar year.

the night “before” the night before

We have finished the garden, but we did it ‘before’ the time, but not before.

They ate a meal “before they began the walk

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Liam since before the summer.

The law imposes a duty for the court to render an assessment of the evidence “before” it.

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adverb for Before Meaning In Gujarati:-

before Christઈસવીસન પૂર્વે

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