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Believer – Meaning in Telugu

What is the meaning of word believer in telugu translation? Here are some translations.

English to Telugu Meaning :: believe

Believe :నమ్మకం


Details : నమ్ము, విశ్వసించు

Believe – నమ్మకం

Believe :: నమ్మకం

Believed :: నమ్మకం

Believes :: నమ్మకం

Believing :: నమ్మి

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Believer – Meaning in Telugu :-

Synonyms FOR

Believer – Meaning in Telugu:-


1. be convinced by ::ద్వారా ఒప్పించింది

2. regard as true ::నిజమైన గా సంబంధించి

3. think ::అనుకుంటున్నాను

4. trust ::ట్రస్ట్

Antonyms for Believer – Meaning in Telugu:-

1. disbelieve ::సత్యతిరస్కారులు

2. discredit ::తోసివేయ్యాలని

3. reject ::తిరస్కరించడానికి

English Definitions and Meanings of Believer

Believer – Meaning in Telugu :-

  1. a person who has religious faith Synonyms: worshiper, worshipper
  2. A supporter who accepts something true
    Synonyms – truster

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examples for Meaning of Believer in Telugu:-

(1) He doesn’t believe the lies (2) He didn’t believe her

(3) His teammates believed that the story was true because they were able to believe it. (4) She believes we have met before

(5) My friend also says she doesn’t believe her when he claims that English is spoken in Trinidad.

(6) God wants us to see what is impossible, trust him and take a leap.

(7) This was my first experience with the power of branding.

(8) These stories are so relatable because we can believe them. Humu-humu

(9) shrimp fritters are, I believe, shrimp fritters

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(10). She didn’t believe me

(11) There are some on the fringes who don’t really believe

(12) He asked me to meet him, and that was the same day as our telephone conversation.

(13) While we all know that this is true, it is hard to believe that a miracle diet can make weight loss so easy.

(14) Experts believe these extreme weather events will become more common.

(15) It’s true

(16) Even though the City did not believe that it was true, they believed him.

Different Forms for

Meaning of Believer in Telugu:-

believe, believed, believes, believing

Synonyms of believe

Synonyms in Teluguనమ్మకం
Synonyms in Englishtrust believe in

Antonyms of believe

Antonyms in Teluguఅవిశ్వాసం అపనమ్మకం అపనమ్మకం
Antonyms in Englishdisbelieve mistrust distrust


Meaning of Believer in Telugu:-


Believer in ghosts

A person who believes that a specific thing is good, right, or desirable.

This site allows believers to reflect on their religious faith in thought as well as in practice.

A person who is a member of a specific religion.

EXAMPLE for Meaning of Believer in Telugu:-

I believe it is right to treat a recruit rough.

Personal, I believe that everyone has the right to choose their own lifestyle.

Aside from that, I believe children require proper stimulation.

Pat is well aware that she will not raise millions of dollars or thousands of dollars but she believes every penny counts.

I believe there are programs such as the one she described.

The objective existence of demons is irrelevant as long as the believer has complete faith in them.

a ‘believer’ in ghosts

Even though they are not believers, the believer still believes God’s will is right.

He believed that a house could have a soul and a body.

But, I believe that the man is the head and it works well for me.

A firm believer that party politics is not allowed in local government

Now, I believe that we can learn from others’ mistakes.

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I believe that a few people don’t make any difference.

You also know that I believe that every group deserves the best leadership.

I believe that children today are too involved with organised activities (i.e. activities organized by adults).

I believe that talented people can work together to achieve great things.

I believe in following up on all of my programs.

She believes that dancing should be enjoyable.

I believe that it is important to make the most of every moment and tell others how you feel, because you might not have another chance.

I believe in community policing and am a strong believer.

She believed weekends should be spent as lazy as possible.

I am a firm believer that my job should not become my hobby.

It’s my firm belief that everything is meant to be.

A firm believer that party politics is not allowed in local government

I believe that people should do what they enjoy for a living.

We can see that even today, there are many differences among “believers” of the same faith.

It appears that religious believers who are serious were less likely than others to collaborate.

It is especially concerning for religious institutions as well as religious ‘believers’.

Religious ‘believers’ believe that God exists in time and space.

Eighty-seven per cent of respondents believed that ‘believers of other faiths’ can receive miracles.

Related Words for Meaning of Believer in Telugu:-

(1) to believe ::నమ్మడానికి

(2) believe in ::నమ్ము

(3) believe it or not ::నమ్మినా నమ్మకపోయినా

(4) make-believe ::నమ్మజెప్పు

(5) believe that ::నమ్మకం

(6) hard to believe ::నమ్మశక్యంగా లేదు

(7) to believe in ::నమ్మకం

(8) reason to believe ::నమ్మడానికి కారణం

To believe in God, or not?

For as long as we can remember, faith and belief in God have been the foundation of humankind’s existence.

 They gave structure to the society we know today through the notions of good and bad, morality and immorality. 

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There have been many atrocities and barbarisms committed in the name religion. But religion is not defined by its extremes or aberrations. It must be defined by its most important values and goals. 

God is not responsible for humans who have failed to live up to their faith or misunderstood it.

There is no reason to abandon belief in God simply because we understand more about the universe today than we did a few decades ago. 

We are far from knowing everything. Despite many superficial approaches to the question, one thing we don’t understand is our own race, consciousness, and where we came from as intelligent beings.

Humans have a limited view of the universe, which we call science. We choose to ignore or discard things we can’t measure or record. We have become the most stupidest creatures by doing this. 

All our science and pseudo-knowledge is useless because we can’t bring peace to our own conflicts. We are also unable to live in harmony and manage our own lives. 

What good is modern science and pseudo-knowledge doing us?

When humans learn to look at the larger picture and take a step back, they will see that God (a Creator of everything) does exist.

He has also given humanity the skills and qualities necessary to fill the universe in love, care, and equality. 

We will also see that faith in Him is not a contradiction to science. It enhances it and puts it in the right perspective. To understand this, we must first conquer our self-ishness.

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English to Telugu Dictionary: Believer

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