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Blady Meaning in Telugu

Find what’s the translation meaning for word blady in telugu? Here’s a list of translations.

More Telugu Words for Blady

  • కోపంగా
  • బర్న్
  • అనుకూలీకరణలు
  • నిరంకుశంగా
  • డిష్వాటర్
  • ఏనుగు
  • చక్రం
  • లంపియర్
  • ప్రొవిజెన్స్
  • మృదువైన సబ్బు

Word Forms / Inflections for meaning of blady in telugu:

baldies (noun plural)

English Definitions of the word baldy.

meaning of blady in telugu:-

  1. A person whose head has been shaved or bald.
    Synonyms: baldhead, baldpate, skin, skinhead

Synonyms of meaning of blady in telugu:

baldhead, baldpate, skinskinhead

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Blady Meaning in Telugu:-

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(Beam; Gleam; Radiance; Shine). A dream that contains light is a sign of guidance. Walking from darkness to light in a dream means one is receiving divine guidance, divine approval, protection in this life as well as protection after death. Light in a dream could also refer to Islam, or submission to God Almighty.

A dream that shows light indicates good deeds, knowledge or righteous behavior.

In a dream, light can also signify trials and tribulations. A dream could show one’s growing devotion by wearing a light or raiment.

When one sees light shining from his body during a dream, it is a sign that he will be blessed with a son who will become a man of great knowledge, spiritual rank and whose prayers will be accepted.

God Almighty will grant any request.

The light of a dream could be interpreted as a message or knowledge. It could also indicate that one can fulfill his needs through the light. In a dream, light is used to represent the sun, moon, sunlight, moonlight and crescent moon, as well as the Arabic title Shams.

Thunderstorms without rain can be used in dreams to signal danger, warning, or ultimatum. It can also signify good intentions, gracious orders, or the sounding drums.

Thunder can be used to signify one’s repayment of debts in a dream.

It could also signify a person’s recovery from an illness. Travelers and merchants who are greedy can interpret a dream that includes thunder, lightening, or rain as a warning.

If you dream of an incredible blast in a faraway country, it means that people will be affected by a major calamity or suffer mass casualties. The thunder sound in a dream can be taken to mean a fight, murder, dispute, loss or release of a prisoner.

A dream that has a thunderstorm and rain is good news.

If you dream shows thunder but no lightening, it could be taken to mean that there is assassination, falsity, or slander.

You may be reprimanded by a higher authority if you hear thunder in your dreams. It is not a good idea to hear thunder in the darkness without seeing lightening in dreams. This would be considered disloyalty and apostasy.

This is especially true when it comes with an earthquake. Thunder in dreams that fall in the right season is good news and a sign of blessings. Thunder can be seen in dreams not related to the normal season.

 This could also indicate an army moving or foreign occupation. Dreams that include thunder can be read as hymns glorifying Allah Almighty and praise Him.

It could also be a sign of sickness, fear, or deafness. If the person who dreams of the dream is an atheist, it means that he will be guided and have faith in Allah Almighty.

If he is a sinner, it means that he will be forgiven. Death is the roaring thunder of thunder in a dream on October 1. It is possible to hear it within the first six days or so of October.

 This can lead to benefits and lower prices.

It could also indicate a plague or disease if it isn’t heard by the end of October. Thunderstorms are possible to hear in dreams anytime other than October.

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This could indicate rising prices, deterioration in social behavior, inflation, or death to well-known Western hemisphere people.

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This dream is visible in the last week of January.

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A dream that begins with thunder on February 1st can indicate a good harvest, stabilization of prices or lowering them, the discovery of a disease, death in The Seas, heavy rains in Mecca, fear in Ethiopia or the possibility that a Western leader will take over the country for a short time.

The sound of thunder during the first six days of March in a dream means good harvest, stability, and lowering of prices. In dreams, thunder can be heard at March’s close. 

This could indicate destruction or famines. This could also indicate that the land will be decimated by a swarm of locusts.

It could also mean that the drought will decimate African cattle. Thunder could be heard in these dreams on April twenty-one.

 This could mean that Western armies will move East for military bases.

March will see fear and disruptions in East if April’s first Sunday falls on a Sunday.

The death or defeat of a Western leader ends the conflict between the Western armies. If the dream is not seen by April 11, it could indicate that many countries are going to be affected by earthquakes or cyclones.

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The dream seen on April 17th is supposed to represent a major political dispute between the leaders around the world.

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The economy will see a significant economic turnaround and prices will fall. If the dream is realized in the first six days, it means that good rains in December will fall and the land will be fertile.

There might be conflict in Persia and a number of Western leaders could die that year. The country’s leaders will play a part in bringing about evil throughout Egypt.

If the dream happens in the seven last days of July, it will mean peace will spread around the world, prices will fall in Iraq and East Africa, and there will be a new disease that will affect banana and fruit trees.

Despite farmers being concerned about wheat in the beginning, it will still be abundant. A dream in August that sounds like thunder brings blessings to Azerbaijan and Syria at the Caspian Sea.

There may be a Chinese civil war, as well as the blocking of seaways and highways.

Thunder can be heard in dreams at the end of August.

This is a sign of the end of Egypt’s drought, rising costs, earthquakes and major political changes. The sound of thunder in the first eight days of September is a sign that there will be heavy rains.

This will bring good harvest.

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