Crush – Meaning in Nepali-Mossberg

Crush – Meaning in Nepali

What is the meaning of word crush in Nepali? Here are some translations.

English to Nepali Meaning :: crush

Crush : दबाउन


Crush – दबाउन

Crush :: दबाउन

Crushed :: चोट

Crusher :: कोल्हू

Crushers :: Crushers

Crushes :: कुचल

Crushing :: क्रशिंग

Synonymspress,  subdue,  beat,  squash,  conquer,  suppress,  overwhelm,  put down,  overcome,  squeeze,  pulverize,  quell,  smash,  demolish,  destroy,  ruin,  crowd,  defeat,  grind,  jam,  
Antonymsbuild up,  compliment,  encourage,  lose,  praise,  release,  surrender,  agitate,  beget,  dislike,  hate,  hatred,  inspirit,  make,  uncompress,  yield,  abet,  abrasive,  acclaim,  activate,  

More Nepali Words for Crush

  • एन्टी-टोक्सिन
  • रूपमा
  • अंशदान
  • गोवर
  • तेल केक
  • स्नूकर
  • स्टिकबल
  • शान्त स्थिर पानी
  • लमतन्न परेर पसारिएका गर्न
  • भद्दा

Nearby Translations for

Crush – Meaning in Nepali :-

  • crusilee
  • crusily
  • crust
  • crusta
  • crustacea

English Meaning for

Meaning of Crush in Nepali:-


(1) Leather that has had its grain pattern enhanced

(2) A dense crowd

(3) The temporary love of an adolescent

(4) The act of crushing

Meaning of Crush in Nepali:-


(1) to make or keep down an unjust use of authority

(2) to crush with violence, out or condition

(3) get out of a conflict, race, competition, or race better

(4) humiliate or depress completely

(5) crush or bruise

(7) become ineffective

(8) become hurt, broken, or distorted by pressure

Crush images

Crush – Meaning in Nepali
Meaning of Crush in Nepali

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examples for Meaning of Crush in Nepali:-

(1) I would also like someone to have a crush upon me. 

(2) I listened with my eyes closed. Then, I set my mind to work.

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 (3) Actually, tourists are coming to Greece in greater numbers than ever at this time of year to avoid the August Olympic crush. 

(4) It was stupid to believe it was a crowd when they lived together. 

(5) They are fulfilling a state duty to crush the armed rebellion.

 (6) A crowd began to form early and spread across the sidewalk into Dolores Park.

 (7) There is still a bit of a crush at this front, despite the fact that there aren’t many bodies. 

(8) The government took extra precautions to crush resistance

(9) It turned out that she thought you were flirting.

(10) Pink Panther: Strawberry crush, cream, lemon honey, and milk. 

(11) A crush on a close friend of mine. 

(12) A number of young people fainted from the crush

(13). No, that’s not true. I don’t have any crush on my best friend. I’m not that tortured but I can admit that he’s cute.

 (14) The curious crowd was swayed back and forth by the drunken crowd of merrymakers.

 (15) When I was in grade school, I had a crush upon my cousin

(16) We were in almost the same eighth grade classes and she had a crush upon me at the end of the school year.

Related Words for

Crush – Meaning in Nepali:-

(1) to crush ::दबाउन

(2) have a crush on ::एक दबाउन मा छ

(3) crush injury ::दबाउन चोट

(4) crush down ::तल नाश

(5) orange crush ::सुन्तला दबाउन

(6) crush out ::बाहिर नाश

(7) crush up ::नाश अप

(8) girl crush ::केटी दबाउन

(9) car crush ::कार दबाउन

(10) man crush ::मानिस दबाउन


Crush – Meaning in Nepali:-


1. crowd ::भीड

3. crunch ::कमी

4. jam ::जाम

Verb for

Crush – Meaning in Nepali:-

5. squash ::स्क्वास

6. crease ::crease

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7. pulverize ::pulverize

8. hug ::अंगालो

9. suppress ::दबाउन

10. mortify ::mortify

11. shell ::खोल

12. squeeze ::निचोड

13. demolish ::demolish

14. jam ::जाम

15. break down ::बिग्रनु

Different Forms for

Crush – Meaning in Nepali:-

crush, crushed, crusher, crushers, crushes, crushing

Why bother with crushing?

Crush – Meaning in Nepali/image

Sometimes, a crush can be a very important part of one’s life. Although I don’t know much about girls, I can tell you that a boy who has a crush on a girl will go to great lengths to make her happy and take on any challenge she presents.

One of my college friends had an affair with a girl from the first semester’s batch of collage students. He attended all of the lab. But it wasn’t the lab that was the problem. This girl encouraged him to share his feelings with me.

We found out that the girl had fallen in love with another man from the same batch of the third semester. I replied that I didn’t know, but I was from an engineering college.

Having a job in a large company at this stage will make you a great engineer. He wanted to know how much but I said that we got SAP and Amazon. Amazon was a huge company and a great place to work for.

It’s amazing to see that he began to work towards Amazon as early as fourth semester.

He would look at the photos of the girl on his phone before going to bed every night.

In his seventh semester, he was offered an internship at Amazon.

Are married couples prone to secret crushes? If so, how can they manage that intense crush?

After being married for over 10 years, I have had several intense crushes in the last decade. One was with a single man I worked with on the same team, one with a guy I knew from a serious relationship, and one with my current crush, my best friend’s father. In the last few years, I have come across someone I am attracted to.

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Each of them has experienced something my husband does not have. I believe it is human nature to gravitate towards something different and new. 

The feeling is so strong, you can’t go a day without thinking of the person. This feeling is quite different than the one you feel towards your long-term partner. After a while, that honeymoon phase fades away.

Although my husband and I went through some rough time after child birth (I now know that that’s pretty common for any couple, having seen so many couples around us go through separations/divorces. 

We are happy and on good terms.

None of these crushes have ever turned into anything serious. It was never something I considered doing. These crushes taught me that even though I am older and have children, I can still fall for someone I love.

It’s great to be able to have conversations with my spouse without making it seem like I’m trying to win his attention.

In truth, I am happy that I can still act like a teenager. I get excited to meet my crush on the streets or talk to him for a while.

Hahaha! I’m sure I sound stupid 🙂

Update (Sep 2015).

Thank you for your upvotes I would like to add another thing to my story. I was hurt badly when my spouse cheated on us once. It took a while to heal from his mistake.

 I felt like a woman for a time. I didn’t want to have sex or be attractive for him. My crush #2 came along. I wanted to be pretty for my crush (sorry, my husband).

 Looking back, it seems that having a crush helped me gain confidence and allow me to find my own happiness.

Update (Dec 2015):

The feeling I had for #3 has completely faded now that I don’t see him. It’s just a phase. I am reminded that a crush is a good thing.

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