English Word for tinda(टिंडा) Meaning – टिंडा( tinda) का अंग्रेजी|

TINDA in ENGLISH is called:

1. Apple Gourd


2.Baby Pumpkin

Meanings of टिंडा in English


  1. Citrullus fistulosus
  2. a type of squash

Meaning of टिंडा in Hindi:-

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Tags: tinda meaning in English. tinda in english. tinda in english language. What is meaning of tinda in English dictionary? tinda ka matalab english me kya hai (tinda का अंग्रेजी में मतलब ). tinda अंग्रेजी मे मीनिंग. English definition of tinda. English meaning of tinda. tinda का मतलब (मीनिंग) अंग्रेजी में जाने। tinda kaun hai? tinda kahan hai? tinda kya hai? tinda kaa arth. Hindi to english dictionary (शब्दकोश).टिण्डा को अंग्रेजी में क्या कहते हैं.

What is Tinda and what is its color?

English Word for tinda(टिंडा) Meaning
Tinda "Indian round gourd" or "apple gourd" or "Indian child pumpkin", is a squash-like cucurbit developed for it's anything but, a vegetable particularly well known in south Asia. It is the solitary individual from the class "Praecitrullus". Tinda is additionally called "tindsi" in Rajasthan. In Marathi it is called dhemase (ढेमसे). 

At the point when juvenile, the skin will be slender and palatable, yet when excessively develop, the skin will turn thick and intense to eat.

The white tissue is delicate, clammy, and springy and contains some little, eatable, cream-shaded to light yellow seeds. When new, Tinda is delicate with a gentle flavor like a cucumber(Meaning of टिंडा in English ).

Indian round gourd: Health benefits, Nutrition, Use for skin, Weight Loss

Indian round gourd or basically round gourd, deductively named Praecitrullus fistulosus, passes by the vernacular name “Tinda” in numerous neighborhood Indian dialects including Hindi, Telugu, Marathi and Tamil. It is additionally usually called apple gourd, round melon, Indian squash and Indian child pumpkin.

English Word for tinda(टिंडा) Meaning

This green vegetable has been all around respected for its critical restorative worth since old occasions and is generally reported in Ayurvedic messages.

Today,(Meaning of टिंडा in English )it keeps on being proclaimed for its monstrous medical advantages and is broadly consolidated, in famous nearby food across India, just as in reducing sicknesses of the stomach, liver and skin, to give some examples.

tinda tree

Indian round gourd normally fills in the wild in South-East Asian nations like India, Sri Lanka, China, Nepal and Indonesia, just as in the hotter southern locales in Australia.

It’s anything but a creeper which delivers large yellow blossoms. The leaves are long around 10 to 20 centimeters and have a furry long stem. The organic products are normally oval fit and grow up to 30 centimeters in distance across. Plant proliferation is finished by seeds.

This vegetable when juvenile has white thick tissue which is sweet. (Meaning of टिंडा in English )When it arrives at development, it loses the hairs and a waxy covering is created which gives a long time span of usability.

English Word for tinda(टिंडा) Meaning

Indian round gourd is ordinarily viewed as a vegetable, which is utilized in cooking an assortment of staple Indian dishes, for example, kootu, curry, sabzi and dal. The helpful and healing characteristics offered by the vegetable, just as round gourd seeds and leaves are broad.

Besides, the roots and squeeze of round gourd likewise have applications in skin and hair care. Additionally Read: 7 Ultimate Vitamins To Nourish Your Skin And Hair

Round gourd supplies a lot of sustenance, being innately high on water content giving a cooling impact on the body, having zero cholesterol along these lines increasing heart wellbeing and having large amounts of a plenty of nutrients and minerals to work with key metabolic capacities in the body.

This striking normal miracle, which has a place with the cucumber and squash family like snake gourd, likewise gives significant therapeudic properties to conditions like fever, jaundice and diabetes.

This is inferable from its essential cell reinforcement and calming characteristics, because of the presence of valuable plant intensifies like flavonoids and carotenoids.

Moreover, the juice of Indian round gourd additionally mends hair and scalp problems like dandruff and uncovered patches.

Likewise Read: Snake Gourd: Health Benefits, (Meaning of टिंडा in English )Nutrition, Uses For Skin And Hair, Recipes And Side Effects

Tinda is being eaten generally these days and not simply in its local milieus in Asia and Australia.

The yield is, indeed, naturalized and engendered everywhere on the world in tropical conditions, so that individuals can acquire its brilliant benefits, for complete wellbeing.

Dietary Content In Tinda/Indian Round Gourd:

Like most greenery of the gourd family, the round gourd vegetables, seeds, leaves and squeeze separates are improved with a huge number of urgent principal dietary segments like carbs, fats, proteins and strands, fundamental follow mixtures, for example, nutrients and minerals and a large group of plant substances including phenolics and cucurbitacins.

Tinda nourishment realities for a 100 g serving are as per the following:

Calories 86.2 kcal


Complete Fat 3.9 g

Soaked Fat 0.5 g

Complete Carbohydrate 12.5 g

Dietary Fiber 0.6 g

Protein 2.0 g

Cholesterol 0.0 mg

Sodium 33.0 mg

Potassium 359.1 mg



Nutrient A 9.8 %

Nutrient B6 11.3 %

Nutrient C 30.5 %

Nutrient E 1.1 %


Calcium 5.1 %

Magnesium 6.7 %

Phosphorus 5.0 %

Zinc 7.2 %

Iron 5.7 %

Manganese 12.5 %

Iodine 5.9 %

Tinda/Round Gourd Health Benefits:

tinda benefits

Advances Weight Loss

Round gourd, being low on calories and high in fundamental supplements, can be taken consistently by those individuals who are rigorously following an eating routine system to get in shape, particularly on account of those with diabetes.

Round gourd additionally gives dietary strands that can be prepared effectively in the stomach, keeping one inclination full for more, lessening yearnings and helping with consuming fat at a faster speed.

Expands Heart Function

Having unimportant cholesterol content, round gourd can be securely burned-through in diet routinely for advancing heart wellbeing. The bubbled vegetable can be easily added to numerous standard natively constructed Indian dishes, as it works on the dissemination of blood to and from the heart, guaranteeing ideal working of cardiovascular muscles.

Detoxifies The Kidneys

Indian round gourd invigorates the typical disposal of body squanders by means of the excretory framework in the body.

It helps the emission of liquids inside the kidneys, speedily disposing of collected poisons and simultaneously, ensuring appropriate hydration of the interior organs in the body. Tinda juice upholds the normal errands of kidneys and bladder. Likewise Read: Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Kidney Stones

Upgrades Digestive System

Upgrades Digestive System

Tinda or round gourd has a critical fiber content, which assists with forestalling examples of stoppage, bulging and squeezing of the, endless supply of a substantial feast. Also, its diuretic nature controls defecations, in this manner facilitating any inconvenience experienced in the gut.

Fortifies Respiratory Processes

Round gourd has a natural expectorant quality, which suggests that it can promptly release any overabundance mucus or bodily fluid emissions and eliminate them from the respiratory plot. This enormously benefits lung work and furthermore forestalls any hypersensitivities and breathing troubles.

Tinda For Keto Diet

Non-boring vegetables are a steady expansion to all keto abstains from food. In such manner, Indian round gourd, being normally low in carbs and sugars, can be an optimal segment of a keto diet, which centers around bringing down calorie admission by eliminating carbs.

A straightforward convenient solution formula of bubbling cut round gourd vegetable and preparing with salt and pepper can be fused consistently for lunch in the ketogenic diet.

Mitigates Anxiety And Depression

Tinda or Indian round gourd contains immense stores of nutrient B6 for example pyridoxine, which is associated with smooth transmission of motivations and signs by means of the nerves, just as in the union of disposition managing synapses serotonin and dopamine.

This green vegetable is additionally loaded with calcium, magnesium, manganese and zinc – imperative minerals to increase intellectual competence, memory, fixation and successfully battle indications of tension, despondency.

Upgrades Eye Health

 Eye Health
Futuristic eye

Presented with nutrient A, tinda does some amazing things in working on visual capacities and is an optimal expansion to the normal eating routine for advancing eye health.

It is likewise wealthy in carotenoid cancer prevention agents – lutein, zeaxanthin, which are key segments of the retina and protect the sensitive eye organelles.

Moreover, tinda helps in turning away vision weaknesses, messes like Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD), glaucoma and waterfalls in the later years.

Brings down Risk Of Cancer

Indian round gourds are weighed down with polyphenol and cucurbitacin cancer prevention agents, which have amazing calming properties.

These significant bioactive parts safeguard the cells in the body from oxidation by unsafe free extremists and poisons. Thusly, tinda is a superfood that ensures the vital inside organs in the framework like the mind, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, stomach and digestion tracts from harm, in this manner forestalling the event of malignancy.

Tinda/Indian Round Gourd Uses For Skin And Hair:

Normally Moisturizes Skin

Tinda has intrinsic substance of the smoothening or emollient Vitamin E, that additionally has cancer prevention agent properties. The gel remove from the vegetable, when applied on burns from the sun and rashes, conciliates the disturbed and evaporated areas of the skin, leaving it delicate and totally saturated.

Battles Skin Infections

The buildup got from the round gourd leaves has astringent characteristics. This aides in killing the profoundly enflamed spots on skin. It likewise effectively decreases any bubbles, discharge or carbuncles on the spaces of the skin influenced by hypersensitivities, parasitic diseases, natural poisons and sun beams.

Advances Hair Growth

Tinda or round gourd has a large number of nutrients and minerals which give sustenance and energy to the hair strands. Additionally, when applied as a gel, it infiltrates profound into the layers of the scalp and ensures follicles, subsequently keeping up with the thickness and solidness of hair.

Round gourd is an optimal alternative in the event that you are hoping to acquire long and solid hair. Additionally Read: 7 Incredible Hair Growth Tips For Healthy, Long And Lustrous Tresses

Handles Excessive Dandruff

Round gourd has strong synthetic compounds that can decrease the power of flakiness and dandruff on the scalp of hair. It can likewise protect the underlying foundations of the hair strands, known as follicles, from the earth and growth particles that trigger dandruff.

Round gourd or tinda gel acquired from the tissue, when applied regularly to irritated and stripping scalp and dry hair, can altogether redo the presence of dull hair, giving it a staggering sheen.

Tinda/Round Gourd Hair Gel


1 medium estimated tinda


Eliminate the strip of the round gourd and cut it into equal parts.

Presently, scratch out every one of the seeds altogether and utilize just the delicate internal bit.

Mix it’s anything but an even glue in a blender without adding water, to acquire a marginally gooey gel.

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