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English to Gujarati Meaning :: fuck

Fuck :વાહિયાત

Fuck – વાહિયાત

Fuck :: વાહિયાત

Fucked :: fucked

Fucker :: ફકર

Fuckers :: fuckers

Fucking :: અશ્લીલ

Fucks :: fucks

Meanings of fuck in Gujarati


  1. વાહિયાત

Word Forms / Inflections for Fuck Meaning in Gujarati:-

fucks (noun plural)
fucked (verb past tense)
fucking (verb present participle)
fucks (verb present tense)


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Synonyms for fuck – Meaning in Gujarati:-

ass, fucking, nookie, nooky, piece of ass, piece of tail, roll in the hay, screw, screwing, shag, shtup, bang, be intimate, bed, bonk, do it, eff, get it on, get laid, have a go at it, have intercourse, have it away, have it off, have sex, hump, jazz, know, lie with, love, make love, make out, sleep together, sleep with

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Antonyms for Fuck Meaning in Gujarati:-

innocent,  metaphor,  reverence,  virgin,  

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Different Forms for Fuck Meaning in Gujarati:-

fuck, fucked, fucker, fuckers, fucking, fucks

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VERB for Fuck Meaning in Gujarati:-

Have sexual relations in a sexual relationship (someone).

destruction or destruction (something).

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NOUN for Fuck Meaning in Gujarati:-

Sexual intercourse is a sexual act.


It can be used as used as a noun (“the fuck” ) or a verb used in various expressions to convey frustration, anger, disgust or impatience or just to make a point.

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Fuck Meaning in Gujarati:-

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English Meaning

Noun for Fuck Meaning in Gujarati:-

(1) Slang word for sexual intimacy

Verb for Fuck Meaning in Gujarati:-

(1) have sexual relations with

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Definitions and Meanings of the word “fuck” in English


  1. Slang used to describe sexual encounters
    Synonyms such as Fucking, ass, nookie or nooky, piece of tail, piece of ass Roll in the hay screw, screwing shag and shtup

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  1. Have sexual relations with
    Synonyms are: bang, get intimate be intimate, bed, bonk be intimate, bed do it and take a bath or try it, engage in intercourse or have it out or have it off with the sex, hump or jazz and more. Know, lie with and love, do love, go out, lay on the ground, fix and sleep or lay with  Examples
    — Adam was aware of Eve
    – This student shares a bed with all the students in her dorm
    – Have you ever been intimate with this guy?

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Examples for Fuck Meaning in Gujarati:-

(1) go fuck yourself

(2) ‘Oh, fuck!’ she told her.

(3) Fuck (3) fuck, it won’t begin

(4) Don’t mess with me, gent!

(5) They can also be able to

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Related Words for Fuck Meaning in Gujarati:-

(1) fuck off ::ફક

(2) fuck around ::આસપાસ વાહિયાત

(3) fuck-up ::વાહિયાત અપ

(4) fuck about ::લગભગ વાહિયાત


Noun for Fuck Meaning in Gujarati:-

2. piece of ass ::ગધેડા ભાગ

4. shtup ::shtup

5. nooky ::nooky

6. shag ::જાડા

7. screw ::સ્ક્રુ

8. ass ::ગધેડા

9. fucking ::અશ્લીલ

10. piece of tail ::પૂંછડી ભાગ

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Verb for Fuck Meaning in Gujarati:-

11. bed ::બેડ

12. lie with ::સાથે આવેલા

13. get laid ::નાખ્યો મળી

14. have it off ::તે બંધ છે

15. sleep with ::સાથે ઊંઘ

16. hump ::ખૂંધ

17. love ::પ્રેમ

18. jazz ::જાઝ

19. sleep together ::એકસાથે ઊંઘ

20. bonk ::bonk

21. bang ::બેંગ

22. have sex ::સેક્સ હોય

23. make out ::બનાવી

24. eff ::ઇએફએફ

25. know ::ખબર

26. screw ::સ્ક્રુ

27. be intimate ::ગાઢ હોઈ

28. make love ::પ્રેમ કરો

29. do it ::કરો

30. have intercourse ::સંભોગ હોય

What is the most tense way to solve the Fermi Paradox?

The concept behind”filter hypothesis” is that there could be filters that stop species from developing into a space-based species. There are three possible solutions to the problem: “We’re Rare”, “We’re First”, and “We’re Fucked”.

We’re firstly implying that there could or might not be any filter. The filter’s importance isn’t important but what is important is the fact that life on earth began to appear almost as fast as it is physically possible. 

It is believed that our planet is among the first to be physically feasible.

We’re Rare is a reference to the fact that there’s an unfiltered area in the background. We’re among the few that have broken through the filter. 

Perhaps it’s the growth of human intelligence on the land and with organs that are capable of manipulating their surroundings in a species that is social which is the reason for the reason for the filter. 

Perhaps it’s that the Earth in itself. You require an ordinary Earth and not a super-earth too massive for you to fly away from.

We’re Fucked implies that there’s an obliterator, and it’s coming up ahead of us. Perhaps any advanced civilization is susceptible to self-destruct. 

We might be lucky to have made it this far without being destroyed in a nearby supernova, or being wiped out by a predatory dinosaur. 

Perhaps there’s a previous civilization that is waiting to bring us down to the rock age if we ever depart from the planet.

Iain M. Banks called as an “out of context problem” which hits the civilisation just once, and in the same way when a sentence comes to an end.

What does a lifestyle that is “not giving a fuck” can mean to you?

When someone says “I’m a nihilist,” I always ask “A true nihilist?” If yes, I don’t wish to have any contact with you. Today, the nihilist perspective on life has become a cult and accepted. 

But, many people aren’t aware of the true meaning behind it. Everybody can be nihilistic, to a certain extent. However, to walk around with a blinder, saying “Ya, I’m a drop dead nihilist” in order to look cool

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 Now, I am concerned about the people around me. Try to assist strangers whenever I can however, if someone blows up on me or attempts to make fun of me or be an absolute dick, ….I really don’t care any more!

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