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Meanings of cat in Hindi


  1. चाबुक(m)
  2. तेंदुआ(m)
  3. बाघ(m)
  4. बिल्ला(m)
  5. बिल्ली(f)
  6. शेर(m)
  7. कोड़ा(m)
  8. झगड़ालु औरत
  9. झगड़ालू औरत

verb for hindi meaning of CAT

  1. उठाना
  2. उलटी
  3. उलटी करना
  4. चाबुक से मारना
  5. कोड़े लगाना

Word Forms / Inflections

cats (noun plural)
catted (verb past tense)
catting (verb present participle)
cats (verb present tense)

English Definitions of Cat and What Does It Mean?



  1. A method for examining organs using X-rays. Then, using a computer to create a series of cross sectional scans along one axis Synonyms CT, computed and axial tomography. Computerized tomography.


  1. Feline mammal typically has thick, soft fur and is unable to roar: wildcats; domestic cats
    Synonyms: true cat
  2. Any of the large cats that are able to roar in the wild.
    Synonyms: big cat
  3. A large tracked vehicle, propelled by two endless metal belts. It is often used to move earth in construction or farm work.
    Synonyms: Caterpillar
  4. A whip with nine knotted strings
    Synonyms: cat-o’-nine-tails
    British sailors fear the cat
  5. The leaves of the shrub Catha, edulis are used to make tea or chew like tobacco.
    Synonyms : African tea, Arabian Tea, Kat, Kha, qat and Quat
    – 85% of Yemeni adults use kat daily
  6. a spiteful woman gossip
    What a beautiful cat!
  7. An informal term that refers to a man or youth.
    Synonyms: bozo, guy, hombre, sod
    A nice guy
    – The guy is only doing it to get a doll
    Poor sod couldn’t buy a drink
  1. The stomach contents should be ejected through the mouth
    Synonyms : barf, be sick and cast, chuck.
    Students vomit after drinking too much
    – He purge continuously
    – The patient retorted the food we had given him last night
  2. Beat with a cat-o-nine-tail

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Synonyms of Meanings of cat in Hindi:

computed axial tomography, computed tomography, computerized axial tomography, computerized tomography, ct, true cat, big cat , caterpillar, cat-o’-nine-tails, african tea, arabian tea, kat, khat, qat, quat, bozo, guy, hombre, sod, barf, be sick, cast, chuck, disgorge, honk, puke, purge, regorge, regurgitate, retch, sick, spew, spue, throw up, upchuck, vomit, vomit up


Credit: Alvesgaspar
License: CC BY -SA 3.0

The cat, a small carnivorous mammal that is domestically bred, is called a domestic species. The Felidae’s only domesticated species, it is sometimes called the domestic cats to differentiate it from other wild Felidae members. You can have a domestic cat or a farm cat . The former is more independent and does not require human contact. Humans value domestic cats for their companionship and ability to hunt rodents. There are about 60 cat breeds that are recognized by cat registry.

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cat burglarडाकू
cat burglarलुटेरा
cat burglarपाइप के सहारे चढने वाला चोर
cat fleaविडाल पिंशु
CAT scanकैट स्कैन
cat sleepझपकी
cat suitकैट सूट
cat’s eyeलहसुनिया

Studies have shown that simply watching feline recordings on the web can help an individual’s energy and make positive feelings—so it’s nothing unexpected that real feline proprietorship has various advantages.

Here are a couple.


In case you’re stressed over your carbon impression, it’s smarter to claim a feline than a canine. A recent report tracked down that the assets expected to take care of a canine throughout the span of its life make the equivalent eco-impression as that of a Land Cruiser.

In the interim, felines—which eat less as a rule and are bound to eat fish than corn-or meat enhanced items—just have the surmised carbon impression of a little hatchback.

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Losing a friend or family member is inconceivably agonizing, yet probably the most ideal methods of adapting is to possess a pet. Felines have been displayed to assist individuals with getting their misfortune all the more rapidly, and show less actual side effects of torment, such as crying.

Regardless of the way that they are just creatures, felines fill in as a social help during troublesome occasions.

Individuals in grieving report conversing with their pet to work out their sentiments, since it is normal simpler to converse with something that will not react and can’t decide than to another person.


In case you’re a solitary fellow and you can’t get a date, get a feline! A British survey tracked down that 82% of ladies concurred they are more drawn to men who like creatures.

And keeping in mind that having a canine will do ponders for your dating life, an astounding 90 percent of single ladies said that men who own a feline are “more pleasant” than different folks.

Posting that you own a feline on your dating profile could do ponders for the quantity of reactions you get—however recollect, a feline is forever, not simply until you discover an accomplice.


A 2010 review of British pet proprietors by the University of Bristol found that individuals who possessed felines were bound to have higher educations than their canine adoring partners. In 2014,

a scientist in Wisconsin reviewed 600 understudies and found that feline proprietors were in reality more smart also. (Yet, it’s likely not simply the feline making

the proprietor more brilliant: The analysts directing the Bristol overview said that more intelligent individuals will in general work longer hours, and since felines require less consideration than canines, they are a superior decision for the bustling scholarly.)

Meanings of cat in Hindi


Possessing any pet is useful for your heart. Felines specifically bring down your anxiety—conceivably since they don’t need as much exertion as canines—and lower the measure of tension in your life. Petting a feline has a positive quieting impact.

One investigation tracked down that over a 10-year time span feline proprietors were 30% more averse to bite the dust of a coronary episode or stroke than non-feline proprietors (albeit this may very well be on the grounds that feline proprietors are more loose and have lower pressure as a rule).


The generalization that canines are more loving than felines is only that: a generalization. Indeed, it just so happens, felines can be basically the same of sidekicks as canines, particularly for ladies.

An Austrian examination led in 2003 found that having a feline in the house is what could be compared to having a heartfelt accomplice. Just as starting contact a large part of the time, considers have given felines will recollect grace displayed to them and give back later.

Yet, felines truly have the advantage in these connections. Following millennia of taming, felines have figured out how to make a half murmur/half yell clamor that sounds surprisingly like a human child’s cry.

Furthermore, since our cerebrums are customized to react to our kids’ misery, it is practically difficult to overlook what a feline needs when it requests it like that.


Your decision of pet uncovers something about your character. While canine sweethearts will in general be the energy everyone needs, feline proprietors are calmer and more contemplative.

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Notwithstanding, they score exceptionally with regards to how dependable they are and the amount they trust others. Feline proprietors are likewise not so much manipulative but rather more unobtrusive.


A few examinations and surveys in the UK have discovered that individuals (particularly ladies) really like to lay down with their felines than with their accomplices, and they even report resting preferable with a feline over with a human.

A new report from the Mayo Clinic Center for Sleep Medicine demonstrates that they may be on to something: 41% individuals in that review showed that they dozed better in view of their pet, while just 20% said that it prompted unsettling influences.


Unfortunately, it’s past the point of no return for you, however in the event that you have a youngster coming, it very well may be an ideal opportunity to get a feline.

In 2002, the National Institutes of Health delivered an examination that discovered kids under a year old who were presented to a feline were more averse to foster sensitivities—and not simply pet hypersensitivities.

As indicated by Marshall Plaut, M.D., head of the unfavorably susceptible systems segment at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, “high pet openness right off the bat in life seems to ensure against pet hypersensitivity as well as different sorts of normal sensitivities, like hypersensitivity to tidy bugs, ragweed, and grass.”

And while the feline parasite Toxoplasma gondii is a danger to little youngsters, specialists say that by changing your feline’s litter box each day and keeping the creature inside, you ought to be protected and hypersensitivity free!


Felines have a standing of being standoffish and not thinking often about their people, however they have saved endless lives throughout the long term.

One feline in the United Kingdom cautions her human when he’s going to have an epileptic seizure, while a feline in Montana woke up its two people when a gas pipe began spilling.

Firemen told the couple that the house could without much of a stretch have detonated notwithstanding feline’s mediation.

One feline has even gotten the most elevated award accessible to military creatures. Simon the feline was installed the HMS Amethyst, which was cruising up the Yangtze in 1949 when a shell hit the boat, killing a few marines and seriously harming Simon.

(The occasion denoted the start of the 101-day attack of the boat, which would get known as the Yangtze Incident.) Simon was repaired, and notwithstanding being harmed, played out his boat obligation and began getting the rodents that were compromising the boat’s food supply, just as offering moral help for the enduring mariners.

Simon passed on not long after the boat got back to the UK, however he was post mortem granted the UK’s Dickin Medal, perceived as the creature Victoria Cross, for “conduct [of] the most elevated request, albeit the impact was fit for making an opening over a foot in distance across in a steel plate.

Felines versus canines – insofar as they’ve been trained our populace has been isolated into those that favor felines and those that incline toward canines. We believe that both make for extraordinary friends, however in case you’re not kidding “group canine”, read on.

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This rundown of 10 reasons why felines make incredible pets may simply adjust your perspective.

1.Felines ARE QUIET

On the off chance that commotion levels are a worry in your everyday environment, felines are an extraordinary decision of pet. Indeed, even the calmest bark will probably be a lot stronger than the most resolute whimpering. Contingent upon the feline, you may have to stress over different sounds, for example, them thumping things off of surfaces or going around at maximum velocity, however they are still liable to be all the more peaceful generally speaking.


Contrasted with canines, felines are a low upkeep pet. They don’t need formal preparing, they don’t should be taken out numerous times each day, and they’re even ready to deal with essential self-cleaning. Obviously, long-haired felines will in any case require customary preparing, yet it will probably include less ordinary prepping than long-haired canines.


Perhaps the greatest test canine proprietors need to defeat is the interaction of house-preparing another doggy. Little cats, then again, normally realize how to utilize the litter box when you bring them home. You should simply show them where it is, and they’ll naturally utilize it.


With regards to pets in lofts, felines are frequently more qualified than canines. Contrasted with canines, felines require less space and can exploit vertical space. Indeed, even in lofts with little area, you can make the space agreeable for felines by adding distinctive vertical levels. Also, since they utilize litter boxes, they don’t should be taken external on different occasions a day – something that can be tedious in the event that you live in a huge high rise.


As per the ASPCA, the general expense of really focusing on felines is lower than medium or enormous canines. This is on the grounds that they require less food, less toys, and have lower by and large prepping costs.


Probably the best thing about felines is that they are autonomous animals. In contrast to canines, who require a serious undeniable degree of consideration every day, felines are very glad to have the opportunity to themselves. Indeed, felines will rest for around 15 hours every day so you don’t need to stress over them being too exhausted when you’re busy working. At the point when you are home, felines are additionally bound to be happy with simply being in your organization, though canines may request your full focus.


Any pet proprietor realizes that losing a pet is a genuinely lamentable encounter. Luckily, with regards to house pets, felines have a significant long future. The normal life expectancy of a feline is 12 years, yet it’s anything but remarkable for them to live into their high adolescents or even mid twenties.


Studies have shown that felines have a quieting impact on their proprietors, from the calming activity of petting to murmuring being a guide in nodding off. Felines can even have an influence in bringing down your pulse and hazard of a respiratory failure.

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