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WRITE का अर्थ :
v.(क्रिया) राइट्
 ‣ लिखना
 ‣ रचना
 ‣ बनाना
 ‣ छापना
 ‣ मुद्रित करना
 ‣ टाँकना
 ‣ लिखना
 ‣ रचना
 ‣ बनाना
 ‣ छापना
 ‣ मुद्रित करना
 ‣ टांकना

 ‣ काट देना
 ‣ छोड़ देना

Synonyms words:-

Address, Author, Autograph, Bang out, Chalk, Commit, Communicate, Comp, Compose, Copy, Correspond, Create, Dash off, Draft, Draw up, Drop a line, Engross, Formulate, Ghost, Indite, Ink, Inscribe, Pen, Publish, Spell, Jot down, Knock off, Knock out, Letter, Note, Note down, Pencil, Print, Record, Reproduce, Rewrite, Scrawl, Scribble, Scribe, Set down, Set forward, Sign, Take down, Tell, Transcribe, Turn out, Typewrite, Write down, Write up
compose Definitions and significance in English


1.produce an abstract work

2.convey or express by composing

3.have (one’s composed work) gave for distribution

4.speak (with) recorded as a hard copy

5.impart by letter

6.compose music

7.imprint or follow on a surface

8.record information on a PC

9.compose or name the letters that involve the expectedly acknowledged type of (a word or part of a word)

10.put language down in writing

write Sentences in English

लिखना = create
How many books did georges simenon write

भेजना = communicate
I wrote a letter to my father.

लिखना = state
In his most recent book he composes that the hypothesis has since been negated.

लिखना = record
Boot-up guidelines are composed on the hard circle.

लिखना = create
She writes code faster than anybody else.

लिखना = be
This pen won’t write.

रचना = make
Beethoven wrote nine symphonies.

लिखना = trace
The craftsman composed chinese characters on a major piece of white paper.

लिखना = create
He wrote four novels.

लिखना = work
He composes for the ‘new yorker’. /she composes for a public paper.

लिखना = do
He wrote the word wrong in this letter.

लिखना = communicate
I composed a letter to my mom today morning.

भर देना = record
Boot-up guidelines are composed on the hard circle.

लिखना = correspond
Write her soon, please!

लिखना = state
She wrote her feelings in her letter.

बनाना = Make
Beethoven wrote nine symphonies.

Word Forms / Inflections

wrote (verb past tense)
writ, written (verb past participle)
writing (verb present participle)
writes (verb present tense)

Definitions and Meaning of write in English


1.communicate or express by writing
Example:- -He expounded on his extraordinary love for his significant other.

2.record data on a computer

Synonyms: save Example :- -boot-up guidelines are composed on the hard platecommunicate (with) in writing

3. communicate (with) in writing

Synonyms: drop a line
Example:- -Write her soon, please!

4. mark or trace on a surface
Examples:- – Russian is composed with the Cyrillic letters in order. – The craftsman composed Chinese characters on a major piece of white paper

5. create code, write a computer program
Example:- – She composes code quicker than any other person

6.produce a literary work

Synonyms: compose, indite, pen
Examples:- – He wrote four novels – – She composed a poem

7.write or name the letters that include the routinely acknowledged type of (a word or part of a word)

Synonyms: spell
Example:- – He spelled the word wrong in this letterwrite music

8. write music

Synonyms: compose
Example:- Beethoven composed nine symphonies

Synonyms of write

save, drop a line, compose, indite, pen, spel


Writing is a mechanism of human correspondence that includes the portrayal of a language with composed images. Composing frameworks are not themselves human dialects ; they are methods for delivering a language into a structure that can be reproduced by different people isolated by time or potentially space. While not all dialects use a composing framework, those with frameworks of engravings can supplement and expand limits of communicated in language by empowering the production of tough types of discourse that can be sent across space and put away over the long haul. It has likewise been seen that the movement of keeping in touch with itself can have information changing impacts, since it permits people to externalize their intuition in structures that are simpler to ponder, elaborate, reevaluate, and modify. Composing depends on a large number of similar semantic designs as the discourse it addresses, like dictionary and grammar, with the additional reliance of an arrangement of images to address that language’s phonology and morphology. The consequence of the action of writing is known as a content, and the translator or activator of this content is known as a reader.

More matches for write


write downलिखना
write downकम होना
write inलिखना
write inलिखकर आवेदन करना
write inलिखकर मतदान करना
write ofके बारे में लिखना
write offनकारना
write offमान लेना
write offखारिज करना
write offबट्टे खाते डालना
write offबट्टे खाते लिखना
write offलिखकर मँगवाना
write offनष्ट हो होना
write onके बारे में लिखना
write outभरना
write outलिखना


write inलिखित मतदान
write offछोड़ देना
write offकाट देना
write offलिखकर मँगवाना
write offनष्ट हो होना

Example Sentences of “write”

A File control makes it simple to peruse, compose, or annex to a record in a document system..फाइल नियंत्रण, किसी फाइल सिस्टम में इसे पढने, लिखने या किसी फाइल से जोडने को सुगम बनाता है।  
A living language is a pounding, indispensable thing, always showing signs of change, consistently developing and reflecting individuals who talk and compose it.जिंदा Bhaasa में धड़कन होती है, Vah ताकतवर होती है और वह हमेशा बदलती रहती है, उसमें विकास होता रहता है, जो लोग उसे बोलते और लिखते हैं Vah उनकी तस्वीर होती है।  
A message which comes during boot as Array gas pedal compose reserve incapacitated which can be reenabled when batteries reach full.एक संदेश जो बूट के दौरान सरणी त्वरक लेखन कैशे निष्क्रिय के रूप में आता है जिसे बैटरी पूरी होने के उपरांत पुनः सक्रिय किया जा सकता है।  

An individual who is in the calling to compose something.
एक व्यक्ति जो कुछ लिखने के व्यवसाय में है।  
A jail, without any libraries or reference books nearby, isn’t the most reasonable speed wherein to compose on authentic subjects.इतिहास की बातों के बारे में लिखने के लिए जेल कोई बहुत मौजूं जगह नहीं होती क्योंकि यहां न तो कोई लाइब्रेरी होती है और न संदर्भ देखने के लिए किताबें ही मुहैया होती हैं।  

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