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Holistic Meaning in Filipino

Find what’s the translation meaning for word holistic in filipino? Here’s a list of translations.

More Filipino Words for Holistic

  • selulusa
  • cuss
  • disyerto
  • expreme
  • walang pagkakataon
  • pagmamason
  • hindi mapagkakaiba
  • recitatif
  • somebodyll
  • visney

Nearby Translations for

Holistic Meaning in Filipino :-

  • hollered
  • hollering
  • hollers
  • hollies
  • hollin
  • holiday
  • holidaymaker
  • holiness
  • holistic approach
  • Holland
  • holler
  • hollow

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Holistic synonyms

holisitic (related)

client-centred (related)


person-centred (related)



wholistic (related)

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ADJECTIVE for Holistic Meaning in Filipino :-

  • Characterized by the belief that the parts of something are interconnected and can be explained only by reference to the whole.
  • the solution demands a holistic approach and a strategic vision of what can be achieved’

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Full Definition of holistic

of or relating to holism
relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into partsholistic medicine attempts to treat both the mind and the body holistic ecology views humans and the environment as a single system

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Other Words from holistic

holistically \ ho-‘li-sti-k(@-)le \ adverb

More example sentences for Holistic Meaning in Filipino :-

  • “Poverty needs to be addressed in an global way’
    • If this is the case it is, then a paradigm shift to the holistic approach can be controlled. ‘
    • The holistic approach has also been proven useful in hard sciences, such as in the theory of geology plate tectonics. ‘
    • “I believe the direction Chaos and Complexity theory are actually going is an understanding of the whole universe. ‘
    • The two books offer an holistic approach to analysis of the transport system and networks. ‘
    • We all must look beyond our narrow interests to create a comprehensive solution that benefits everyone. ‘ Medicine It is defined as treating the entire person, including social and psychological factors not simply the symptoms of illness.”Many people agree that holistic therapies are beneficial’

More Example for Holistic Meaning in Filipino :- -:

  • “a truly alternative and holistic approach to medicine
  • “a whole-person psychotherapist’
  • The clinics also utilize holistic strategies for treating cancer including meditation, visualisation massage, and the like. ‘
  • “We believe that healing is an process that heals the whole person . Therefore, we employ an whole-person approach in treatment. ‘
  • The local strategy of our organization is built on a holistic understanding of healthcare that includes primary, intermediate and secondary treatment. ‘
  • The following case study shows how she blends the areas of treatment to provide an holistic treatment approach. ‘
  • They offer an holistic approach to treating cancer that helps the entire family members, not just cancer patient. ‘

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Look at the Big Picture With Holistic

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” expresses the essence of holism, a term coined by the great South African general and statesman Jan Smuts in 1926. 

Holism generally opposes the Western tendency toward analysis, the breaking down of wholes into parts sometimes to the point that “you can’t see the forest for the trees“. 

Holism is an important concept in the sciences and social sciences, and especially in medicine. Holistic medicine tries to treat the “whole person” rather than focusing too narrowly on single symptoms. 

It emphasizes the connections between the mind and the body, avoids the overuse of drugs, and has borrowed such practices from Eastern traditions as acupuncture and yoga.

Examples of holistic in a Sentence

In a world of specialization, we have been trained to think of medicine as a separate world–when we are sick, we go to doctors and follow their advice. 

This is starting to change, with the increasing popularity of alternative and holistic approaches to overall health and well-being.

— Gareth Cook, Boston Globe , 9 June 2002The Gaia hypothesis is certainly top-down and holistic, and it’s now generally accepted … Organisms have not just adapted to different physical environments; they also modify and improve the environment for their own good–just like people.-

– Tom Ghaffin, Natural History , October 1998

People with supermarket carts. When did these things come out of the stores and into the streets. She saw these things everywhere … filled with living trivia, the holistic dregs of everything if that is correctly put.

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— Don DeLillo, Mao II, 1991 Holistic medicine attempts to treat both the mind and the body. We need to take a more holistic approach to improving our schools.

Recent Examples on the Web The show also uses archival material to argue for a holistic approach to Thomas’s artistic identity, a seamlessness that includes no major breaks, such as retiring from teaching or discovering abstraction.

— Washington Post, 3 Nov. 2021The doctors who urged treating pain as that fifth vital sign also urged a holistic approach

— medication plus physical and psychological therapy, diet, exercise, and someone checking in with you along the way.

— BostonGlobe.com, 28 Oct. 2021

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