Homophobic Meaning in Filipino

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Homophobic Meaning in Filipino

Find out what the translation of homophobic means in Filipino?. Here is a list with translations.

Meaning of Homophobic in Filipino


More Filipino Words for Homophobic

  • anticorrosively
  • nahuli
  • mga craquelure
  • pinataba
  • galvanage
  • intravaskular
  • magpie
  • nag-metal
  • walang katuturan
  • hindi mapag-aral

Nearby Translations for Homophobic Meaning in Filipino:-

  • homoplasmy
  • homoplassy
  • homoplast
  • homoplastic
  • homoplastically


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Noun for Homophobic Meaning in Filipino:-

(1) Someone who is sexually attracted by persons of the same gender

(2) Any living or extinct member the Hominidae family, characterized with superior intelligence, articulate speech and erect carriage

Examples for Homophobic Meaning in Filipino:-

(1) Heat the chicken stock, tomato salsa and hominy until it is simmering for 15 minutes.

(2) hominy grits This soup combines Hispanic elements from the Mexican soup menudo (tripe, hominy, and chili powder) with Italian elements by adding cheese and garlic.

(3) hominy grits It is a stew made with hominy, beans and any other meats or vegetables.

(4) hominy grits This dish is made with hominy corn, beans, and spices.

(5) hominy grits Hominy is the ingredient being coarsely ground in this instance.

(6) hominy grits His brother invites him to stay on the farm. But, we know that he is there for more than just hominy grits or southern fried chicken.

(7) hominy grits

(8) The first two yearly crops of corn were consumed as they ripened.A harvest of the late corn was dried and stored in winter for hominy.

(9). More often than not, I was appreciative that I wasn’t one those helpless kids in Africa Mother had informed me regarding when I left hominy on my plates.

(10) I was up at 5:15 or 5:30 to go to the smokehouse to make ham, cook hominy grits and make biscuits.

(11) Although we don’t know if Martin was involved, we found traces of hominy-grits in the samples.

(12) A New Yorker would probably agree that hominy and catfish are Southern foods. Puchero is a meat stew made from boiled hominy, chopped parsley, pepper and squash.

(14) We buy the grain, mostly hominy and shell corn – a high energy, high-starch ratio.

(15) Certain varieties of corn were made into hominy by boiling them in a weak solution of hardwood ashes, water and lye.

This Mexican soup, which is made with beef tripe, hominy, has a variety of flavors, including garlic, onions and dried chilies.

Similar Words for Homophobic Meaning in Filipino:-

(1) homo sapiens ::homo sapiens


Noun for Homophobic Meaning in Filipino:-

1. gay ::bakla

2. homophile ::homophile

3. homosexual ::homosekswal

Different Forms for Homophobic Meaning in Filipino:-

homo, homophobia, homos

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There have been many heated discussions about the confrontation between Muslim immigrants and angry anti-Muslim voters.

When arguing why Islam should be disregarded, the arguments for homosexuality and female equality are often highly relevant.

This makes tolerance for homosexuality a justification for contempt toward those who don’t adhere to these values. The Dutch are also more homophobic because of the recent influx from Eastern-European migrants.

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Yesterday, I was surprised to see a variety of blogs and press articles proclaiming that the UK’s first LGBT school is being built in Manchester.

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