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influencer meaning in malay

What is the meaning of word influencer translated into malay? Here are some translations.

English to Malay Meaning :: influence

Influence :pengaruh

Noun : pengaruh

Influence – pengaruh

Influence :: pengaruh

Influenced :: dipengaruhi

Influences :: pengaruh

Influencing :: mempengaruhi

More Malay Words for

influencer meaning in malayalam :-

  • anaspalin
  • bola baling
  • bloodberry
  • cratchens
  • desiderta
  • doxografik
  • metencephalons
  • berpasangan
  • ahli falsafah
  • redondilla

Nearby Translations for

influencer meaning in malay:-

  • influenzas
  • influenzic
  • influx
  • influxable
  • influxes
  • inflorescence
  • inflow
  • influence
  • influenced
  • influencer
  • influencing
  • influent
  • influential
  • influenza


influencer meaning in malay:-


1. effect ::kesan

2. example to ::contoh untuk

3. power ::kuasa

Verb for influencer meaning in malay:-

4. affect ::menjejaskan

5. sway ::bergoyang

6. act upon ::bertindak atas

7. tempt ::menggoda

8. mold ::acuan

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Different Forms for

influencer meaning in malay:-

influence, influenced, influences, influencing

Related Words for

influencer meaning in malay:-

(1) bad influence ::pengaruh buruk

(2) under the influence ::di bawah pengaruh

(3) undue influence ::pengaruh tidak wajar

(4) significant influence ::pengaruh penting(

5) sphere of influence ::lingkungan pengaruh

(6) influence peddling ::pengaruh menjajakan

(7) exert influence ::mempengaruhi

(8) political influence ::pengaruh politik

(9) negative influence ::pengaruh negatif

English Meaning

influencer meaning in malay:-


(1) A power to affect people or events, especially prestige power

(2) causing something without any effort or direct efforts

(3) a cognitive factor that tends have an effect on your actions

(4) one thing or person having influence over another

Verb of influencer meaning in malay:-

(1) Have and exert influence or affect

(2) Shape or influence; give direction

(3) Induce into action using one’s charm

Examples for influencer meaning in malay:-

(1) Frank had a positive influence on her

(2) Local interest did not require formal representation to exert influence over officials.

 (3) It is not known how environmental and heritability influence abusive behavior

(4)The media has also had an important impact on the formation of parent’s groups.

(5) Television has a significant influence on children .

(6)The moral effect of television on the Dutch people is the true and abiding motivation for the battle. 

(7) Pete bowling was an exciting experience that probably had an impact on my game. 

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(8) Although he was a negative influence on my game, he was a fun person to be around. 

(9) The influence and participation of the audience in media content development is still extremely limited.

 (10) My parents still influenced me.

(11). Gender biases will diminish and women in power, influence, and responsible positions will be more accepted. Contact with politicians will help you increase your prestige and influence. 

(13) Thanks to the refraction of the magnetic field-characteristics, under the influence of the magnetic inductivity with a larger tangential component, the flipping of the flip plates becomes stable.

(14) All our actions have an impact on the streams and rivers that have such a strong influence on our lives. 

(15) Companies have a great deal of influence on politicians, and corporate behavior needs to be controlled.

 (16) Filipino women have a lot of power and influence.


influencer meaning in malayalam :-



◽ filipino









ka pā



◽ samoan





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Examples of influencer meaning in malayalam:-

Influence We were able to measure the condition. Influence Two mental operations were performed on the storage capabilities of the children.

From the Cambridge English CorpusAlthough associations are more visible than individuals, the low-profile activities of individual business leaders have been geared towards informing the policymaking process internally.

From the Cambridge English Corpus Trade policy is just like domestic policy.

Influence There are many domestic veto players.

From the Cambridge English CorpusQualitative researchers are just as likely to succeed.

Influencer The research setting is the same as artificial experiments for quantitative researchers.

From the Cambridge English Corpus Their nonlinear interaction is only minor

Influence on the qualitative characteristics of layer evolution.

From the Cambridge English Corpus Researchers should also investigate the possibility of gender differences in children.

Influence The development and application of emotion regulation strategies in children who are physically disabled.

From the Cambridge English Corpus There are many other factors, too

Influence Epistemic convictions that are not based on national style may be rare.

From the Cambridge English Corpus After images should be purely retinal-derived. Percepts that are dependent on binocular combinations should not be allowed. Influence The afterimage

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From the Cambridge English CorpusIt seems, however, that there are a variety of psychological factors at play. These seem to be interconnected and influence one another.

From the Cambridge English Corpus Singing was a great way to express yourself.

Influence Their psychological well-being, mental state and mood are greatly affected.

From the Cambridge English Corpus The syllable structure might not be important in organizing lexical representations.

Influence The organization of phonological representations .

From the Cambridge English Corpus Another related issue is the

Influence Other phonological variables can be used on lexical representations.

From the Cambridge English CorpusLogistic regression was used in order to determine if the publication date and number of items were influencing the likelihood of a response.

From the Cambridge English Corpus It’s more about what the parties can and cannot choose. Influence.

From the Cambridge English Corpus The Influence The measured radiation of angle formed by jet axis and line of sight is clearly visible.

From the Cambridge English Corpus

What is the role of social media influencers

There has been much debate lately about what qualifies as influencer. Social media influencers are anyone who is active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. The two biggest platforms are Instagram and YouTube.

 A person who has at least 10K followers, credibility, trustworthiness and authenticity is an Instagram influencer. While they are similar to Instagram influencers, YouTube influencers have their own channels that focus on a specific niche and help promote, sell or campaign in that area.

 You must be able persuade or influence others about a product, lifestyle, or the interests you represent. A person who is an influencer has gained a following because of their lifestyle. 

They are the embodiment of the message they want to convey. People who are respected enough to be considered an authority in their chosen field of life are called influencers. 

Many Instagram followers have earned respect and many influencers sell lifestyles and products. 

The products will be sent free to recognized influencers. Influencers can also be paid by companies to associate or wear a brand’s products.

 Some companies pay influencers as high as $25,000 for just one Instagram post or YouTube clip featuring their product. [2]. Influencers can easily make serious money from small things like these.

Many people want to be Instagram influencers because of the many benefits that come with being a social media influencer. Because all platforms are free, it is easy to fall for the role of an influencer. 

Instagram users can convert their Instagram accounts to a business account by going to their settings, clicking “Switch To Business Profile” and selecting their business account to be an “influencer”.

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This process is similar to YouTube but is much easier. YouTube allows anyone to create a YouTube channel, and upload videos about their interests. 

YouTube and Instagram influencers often go hand-in-hand.

 In many cases, Instagram influencers gain a lot respect and start YouTube channels that allow them to post anything they want. 

The more people subscribe to a YouTube channel, the more respect they gain. 

More followers equals more credibility.

First, you must choose a passion to become a social media expert. Then, influencers will start posting pictures and personal thoughts related to their interest on their accounts.

 Although all this sounds simple, there are important things you need to know in order for influencers to be successful. Appealing content is a key’must-have’. 

The better the content, the more appealing it is and the more engaging it is for the viewers, the greater. 

All pictures must be identical and of the same standard. Being a successful influencer is also dependent on consistency.

 Influencers who are successful post consistently and don’t stray from the message they are trying to convey.

 Influencers must also hook their followers from the beginning and clearly state what their account is all about in their bios.

 To gain followers who share the same interests, hashtags must be used with captions. Anyone can be a social media influencer by following these easy and consistent steps. 

Social media influencers are changing the way businesses and organizations market. They look for social media influencers with credibility and use them to get their name out. 

Influencers can be paid by companies for product reviews, tags, and promotion. It is a win-win situation.

Companies can advertise, and influencers are profitable. Social media is now ‘famous’.

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