Jabbed Meaning In Hindi – हिंदी अर्थ व्याख्या

Jabbed Meaning In Hindi

What is the meaning of jabbed in Hindi? Here are some translations.

Meanings of jab in Hindi


  1. इंजेक्शन(m)
  2. लात
  3. मुक्का
  4. मार
  5. प्रहार
  6. धक्का(m)
  7. ठोकर
  8. चोट
  9. चुभाना
  10. घूंसा
  11. गड़ाना

verb for Jabbed Meaning In Hindi:-

  1. मार लगा देना
  2. चोट लगा देना
  3. ठोकर से मारना
  4. मार लगाना
  5. कड़क उठना
  6. भोंक देना
  7. चोट लगाना
  8. प्रहार करना
  9. मारना
  10. भोंकना
  11. घुसाना
  12. गिराना
  13. कोचना
  14. कोंचना


  1. धक्का मारना

More Hindi Words for Jabbed

  • बानगी
  • सड़कें पार करना
  • ऐच्छिक
  • गोथम
  • हेमाडोनोमीटर
  • प्रसूति
  • दर्दनाशक
  • आपदाओं
  • युरीकोसुरिक
  • मूत्रत्याग

Word Forms / Inflections

for Jabbed Meaning In Hindi:-

jabs (noun plural)
jabbed (verb past tense)
jabbing (verb present participle)
jabs (verb present tense)

English Definitions of jab and its Meaning


  1. the act of touching someone suddenly with your finger or elbow Synonyms: dig
    She gave me a hard dig in the ribs
  2. a quick short straight punch
  3. A sharp hand gesture that resembles a blow (similar to a punch)
    Synonyms : jabbing. poke. poking. thrust. thrusting
    He made a thrusting motion using his fist.
    He warned me with a jab using his finger
  1. Poke or thrust abruptly
    Synonyms : dig, poke and prod, stab
    He swung his finger in her ribs.
  2. Stape or pierce
    Synonyms: stab
    He pounded the meat with his pocket knife.
  3. Strike or punch with quick and concise strikes

Nearby Translations

for Jabbed Meaning In Hindi:-

  • jabble
  • jabers
  • jabia
  • jabiru
  • jabirus


for Jabbed Meaning In Hindi:-



चोट लगा देना,

मार लगा देना,

भोंक देना,

प्रहार करना,



मार लगाना,


चोट लगाना,

ठोकर से मारना,

कड़क उठना


for Jabbed Meaning In Hindi:-


She slapped him on the ribs

Poke (someone or something) quickly or roughly, especially using something sharp or po

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EXAMPLE for Jabbed Meaning In Hindi:-

Mr Hoebig “jabbed” at it quickly using his bow, but had no choice but to turn his attention back to his playing.

To deflect one of her punches he pulled out his staff and quickly “jabbed” her with the tip.

I entered the Nell’s elevator and closed my eyes, as I “jabbed” at the fourth floor button.

He “jabbed” at the button for Floor Number Five, and the elevator doors shut, sealing us in.

Floyd “jabbed” him with a stick and he stepped in, but he forced him to back down.

She reluctantly “jabbed” a fork into beans, careful to avoid the ragged edges in tin.

Eric dodged it and “jabbed” at his opponent.

Seagulls “jabbed” at fish that had lost their shelter.

The girl frowned and “jabbed” at him with her dagger.

Ubdal was ‘jabbed at’ by rifles and forced to join her friends as the attacks progressed.

Aeros charged at Izaeh and tried to knock her off her feet. But Aeros flipped over and ‘jabbed at Izaeh.

Aikel parried her stabbing, and Kyri “jabbed” at her stomach with her staff.

Porter was ‘jabbed by the sheriff with his pistol, and he repeated his question.

As I left the hospital, I was so mad that I couldn’t see the numbers on my phone because my finger ‘jabbed at’ it.

A large, intimidating African man stood at the tracks and “jabbed” at me each time I passed.

Riana “jabbed” her fork at him, before he impaled another leaf of lettuce with his.

As a thumb “jabbed” at his house, he pulled out a hand from his pocket.

The second slide was the focus of all attention, and the studio boss “jabbed” at it with his cigar.

He “jabbed” at the battered notice from the lych gate.

As Mike drove us away, the guy whipped at our van with his stick. He also ‘jabbed at Austin’s face through a glass.

Violet “jabbed” her stick at the cue, and then sank the 8 in the middle a longer yawn.

He drew a small dimple and “jabbed” at her as she was about to hit next in the vertical line.

Mark “jabbed” his fork at what he thought was lasagna.

Bob Jay “jabbed” at her daughter furiously, as she clutched the phone between her shoulder & her ear.

She “jabbed” at the button to turn off the alarm, and the alarm stopped its bizarre shrieking.

In thirty seconds, he was behind the man and, while turning around, ‘jabbed the syringe into the buttock.

Ketara continued, picking up her fork again and ‘jabbing it’ into her salad.

His frustration was evident in the way he was ‘jabbing” his fork at the pasta.

He shrugs and “jabs” his fork into some lettuce.

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Jabbed Meaning In Hindi:-



Jabbed Meaning In Hindi:-


jabberगपशप करना
jabberबकबक करना
jabberबकवाद करना
jabberबकवास करना
jabberज़बान दबाकर कहना
jabberतालू से लीभ न लगना
jabberबन्दर की तरह बड़बड़ाना
jabberबड़बड़ करना

Jab Harry Met Sejal: What went wrong?

It was surprising to me that I loved the movie the first time I saw it, but hated it the second time I saw it on TV.

I may have had different expectations about this movie than I did with the Imtiaz Ali films that featured songs that carried the story well and his non-linear style of telling simple, but amazing stories. (rockstar, tamasha).

This film was definitely a different Imtiaz Ali film.

I don’t understand why this contrast occurred and I’m curious, too, being a filmmaker myself.

Ring is used as a metaphor in the film to represent what both characters subconsciously sought or missed in Thier’s life.

Harry (srk), has fled his home and moved far from it.

He is empty of the homily feeling. Although he is lonely, he does find something in his relationships with girls.

A scene in which a girl throws the boy away from her “home” is shown.

Harry is without a home. He is homeless despite having a home, a job, and some money.

“Jab se gaav se mein sheher hua itna kadwa hogaya ki Zeher hua, Aisa rozana”

Sejal meets him and the ring becomes the link between them. The journey to find that ring.

Harry feels a homy connection with sejal, even though he’s far from home.

Sejal considers the ring her marriage, or her life partner.

It is difficult to understand her character as it is to really know a girl sometimes.

She loses it, and she embarks on a journey to find Harry’s ring.

Sejal discovers that the ring is not lost and she has it with her all the while.

She realizes that the entire journey was about more than just finding the ring. It was also about finding Harry. She realizes that Harry is important to her. She wouldn’t have made that journey if the ring hadn’t been lost.

If you look closely at the scenes, there are many beautiful scenes.

They are in an intimate scene, maybe they want to have sex. But then Harry says that he can’t because he doesn’t find lust or fulfillment in Thier relationship.

Khaali hai jo tere Bina, mein woh ghar hoon tera”.

I am your home. Without you, it is empty.

This is a lovely line that sums up the movie and the great love story.

Imtiaz Ali is a great film director and I have been influenced greatly by his films. I am grateful that I was able to see his films during this lifetime.

However, I agree with you that there were some songs that could have been cut to reduce the length of the movie.

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