Jerks Meaning In Telugu

Jerks Meaning In Telugu – తెలుగు అర్థం వివరణ

Jerks Meaning In Telugu

What is the meaning of the telugu translation for the word “jerk“? Here are some translations.

English to Telugu Meaning :: jerk

Jerk :కుదుపు


Details : కుదుపు, కండరాల అదురు, వరుగులు చేయు

Jerk – కుదుపు

Jerk :: కుదుపు

Jerked :: పరిగెత్తిన

Jerkily :: jerkily

Jerking :: కుదుపుల

Jerks :: jerks

Jerky :: జెర్కీ

what is the meaning of jerk:-

More Telugu Words for Jerk

  • బాక్సిటైట్
  • ఇబ్బందికరంగా
  • చెలింగో
  • విడదీయడం
  • కఠినంగా ఉండండి
  • మాల్వేర్
  • తల్లులు సోదరుడు
  • అతివ్యాప్తి
  • రియాక్సిడైజింగ్
  • అతుక్కొని ఉంది

(1) jerk out ::బయటకు కుదుపు

(2) circle jerk ::సర్కిల్ కుదుపు

(3) jerk up ::అప్ కుదుపు

(4) knee-jerk reaction ::కుదుపుకు లోనయ్యాయి స్పందన

(5) jerk-off ::జెర్క్-ఆఫ్

Synonyms Telugu Words for Jerk

jolt,  yank,  tug,  fool,  wrench,  pull,  idiot,  twitch,  jiggle,  shake,  bump,  imbecile,  jog,  lurch,  moron,  jump,  nincompoop,  ass,  dope,  ninny,  

Jerks Meaning In Telugu


1. yank ::ఉదుటు

2. jolt ::జోల్ట్

3. dork ::dork

4. tug ::టగ్

5. jerky ::జెర్కీ

Jerks Meaning In Telugu


6. yank ::ఉదుటు

7. jolt ::జోల్ట్

8. flick ::చిత్రం

9. hitch ::అప్పుడప్పుడు కారులో

10. twitch ::పట్టేయడం

Antonyms for Jerks Meaning In Telugu:-

1. push ::పుష్

heave,  push,  angel,  drag,  repose,  aid,  alleviation,  brain,  brainiac,  cart,  coast,  comfort,  composure,  contentment,  convenience,  cuddle,  dangle,  dove,  ease,  easement,  

Different Forms for jerk – Meaning in Telugu:-

jerk, jerked, jerkily, jerking, jerks, jerky

English Meanings

for Jerks Meaning In Telugu:-


(1) A dull, stupid, fatuous person

(2) An abrupt spasmodic movement

(3) (mechanics

(4) Meat (especially beef)

(5) Lifting a weight from the shoulder to above the head with straightening your arms

(6) a sudden abrupt pull

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Jerks Meaning In Telugu:-


(1) Pull, or make a sudden move

(2) Make sudden, uncontrolled movements

(3) Make a quick, uncontrolled, and jerky motion

(4) Jump vertically with stiff legs and a back arched Throw or toss

(5) in a fast motion

Examples for Jerks Meaning In Telugu:-

(1) Traditional Caymani cuisine is heavily influenced by Jamaican curry, jerk, and other vibrant seasonings.

(2) jerk chicken

(3) She was about opening her mouth to scream, when she felt an instant jerk.

(4) I will admit that I am a moron and a jerk, and that I will pay for your shoe and dress to be cleaned up and fixed.

(5) It finally happened, and the knee-jerk reaction was to build a large fence.

(6)The Jamaican food scene is both comforting and exciting, with everything from spicy jerk dishes to deliciously sweet mangoes.

(7) She gestured with a flick of her thumb to the boxes she saw stacked.

(8) Chip was able to lift the bar from his shoulder and chuck it into the air, despite the difficulty.

(9) He began to move forward, intently following the jerk, but Kenta was there before he could even move forward half a stride.

(10) After a lot prodding, poking, pushing and cajoling it started off with a spasmodic jab.

(11) She tossed the flower out of the window with a deft flick of her wrist.

(12) He pulled down a cylindrical piston that was surrounded with switches and green light.

(13) The French press lies is crucial in iron sports such as weightlifting, powerlifting, and bench pressing.

(14) Kenji, the impatient jerk, quickly took the towel from Unbi’s pants.

(15) She was now asking him permission to date the jerk.

(16) You should not have to jerk the weight. This can cause strain and injury.

Nearby Translations for

Jerks Meaning In Telugu:-

  • jerkings
  • jerkinhead
  • jerkins
  • jerkish
  • jerks

English Dictionary Definitions of “jerk”

Jerks Meaning In Telugu:-

  1. A sudden, abrupt pull  Synonyms : tug
  2. An abrupt spasmodic movement
    Synonyms jerking. jolt. saccade
  3. Straighten your arms to raise a weight from shoulder-high to above the head.
  4. Meat, especially beef, can be cut into strips and dried in direct sunlight.
    Synonyms: jerked meat, jerky
  5. A dull, fatuous, stupid person
    Synonyms: dork
  6. (mechanics), the rate of acceleration change
  1. Make a quick, uncontrolled, and jerky motion
    Synonyms twitch
    – His face is twitching
  2. Throw or toss the ball in a fast motion
    Synonyms: flick
    – jerk his head
  3. Pull, or make a sudden movement
    Synonyms: yank
    – He turned his handle and opened the door.
  4. Jump vertically with your legs straight and your back arched.
    Synonyms: buck, hitch
    The yung filly bucked
  5. You can move in sudden, uncontrolled movements
    Synonyms twitch
    – The patient’s legs were being jerked

DEFINITION for Meaning of Jerk in Telugu:-

VERB for Jerks Meaning In Telugu:-

The van moved forward

Move or cause to be moved with a jerk.

Jerked beef

Marinate the meat in spices, then dry or barbecue it on a wood-fired grill.

Jerks Meaning In Telugu:-


He gave a sudden jerk in his head

a quick, sharp, sudden movement.

While I find it foolish and her boyfriend is a jerk, I am more concerned with the safety and value of this item.

A contemptibly offensive person.

EXAMPLE for Jerks Meaning In Telugu:-

My favorite smell is jerk chicken.

It shook the man’s soul with a spasmodic “jerk” and slid out of the temple.

She gestured with a ‘jerk’ to her thumb at the boxes stacked on top of each other.

It began to move with a spasmodic “jerk” after much prodding, poking, pushing, and cajoling.

The knee jerk reaction is to leap into line, but forget it.

Although I might sound like a jerk when she insists she isn’t pregnant, she isn’t.

Rett nodded and thought to himself that the guy was a real “jerk”.

The tendon jerk reflex is simple and affects a small area of the spinal cord.

Swinging or jerking the weight is a surefire way to pull something.

He has to be the greatest ‘jerk’ anywhere in the world.

It was much more fun to ribbing, badmouthing, and share’s pirit’ than to plan, as well as ‘jerk chicken and pork.

Jamaican food is both comforting and exciting, with everything from fiery jerk dishes to deliciously sweet mangoes.

You can also get some really good jerk chicken and pork.

They either ‘jerk’ the meat or dry it over a smoky flame.

The children felt a sudden sideways “jerk” as a whining sound began to fill the room.

The jerk of the rope pulled him back, and he was thrown a hundred yards back into the air. A wide smile broke across his face.

They even love the jerk who does everything for them.

While I find it foolish and her boyfriend a jerk for suggesting it to me, I am more concerned with the safety and value of this thing.

Popular choices include salted fish, curried goat and ‘jerk chicken’.

Flavorful Jamaican ‘jerks’

She expected her ‘brothers to be at the table for jerk chicken and potatoes whenever they were hungry.

This menu includes a variety of fresh fruits, chicken and fish, as you would expect.

What did it matter if Anna wanted to marry a ‘jerk’?

Ask Caucasians about their favorite regional foods and they will most likely respond with ‘jerk meats, peas and potatoes, patties, ackee, and saltfish.

In iron sports, the lying French press is crucial. This includes the jerk in weightlifting or the bench press in powerlifting.

Kenji, the impatient ‘jerk,’ quickly took the towel from Unbi’s pants.

Sakura was pushed to the ground by an unexpected ‘jerk’.

It was like my stomach felt full of sand and I suddenly felt sick.

Live music will be played in the basement, and the samba or liming will make the joint even more popular than jerk chicken.

He didn’t have me tell him to stop crying, I did not intend to cry in front of the “jerk”.

English to Telugu Dictionary: jerk

Translation of jerk into Telugu with similar and opposing words. Spoken pronunciation of “jerk” in English and Telugu

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