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English to Bangla Meaning :: kind

Kind :সদয়

Bangla Academy Ovidhan :

Adjective : সদয়, দয়াশীল, স্নেহশীল, দয়াময়, সদাশয়, বিনীত, সাধু, যত্নশীল, দয়াবান্, অনুগ্রাহক, অনুগ্রাহী, অমায়িক, প্রীতিকর, রমণীয়, শুভ, শিষ্ট, মনোরম, মনোযোগী, মনোহর, পরোপকারী, সৌজন্যসূচক, কোমলচিত্ত

Noun : রকম, প্রকার, টাইপ, জাতি, জাত, প্রজাতি, প্রণালী, বংশ, জ্ঞাতিবর্গ, মৌলিক গুণ, সগোত্র প্রাণিসমূহ, সগোত্র বস্তুসমূহDetails : মানব সমাজ, স্বাভাবিক বিভাগ, বর্গ, শ্রেণী

Kind – সদয়

Kind :: রকম

Kinder :: রকম

Kindest :: বিনম্র

Kindness :: উদারতা

Kindnesses :: রকম

Kinds :: ধরণের

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Meanings of kind in Bengali


  1. মৌলিক গুণ
  2. জাতি
  3. প্রণালী
  4. প্রজাতি
  5. জ্ঞাতিবর্গ
  6. টাইপ
  7. জাত
  8. প্রকার
  9. রকম
  10. বংশ

adjective  for kind – Meaning in Bengali:-

  1. রমণীয়
  2. মনোরম
  3. সদাশয়
  4. সদয়
  5. দয়াময়
  6. দয়াশীল
  7. দয়াবান্
  8. অনুগ্রাহক
  9. অনুগ্রাহী
  10. পরোপকারী
  11. কোমলচিত্ত
  12. পরোপকারী
  13. কোমলচিত্ত
  14. মনোযোগী
  15. সৌজন্যসূচক
  16. সৌজন্যসূচক
  17. মনোহর
  18. অমায়িক
  19. যত্নশীল
  20. প্রীতিকর
  21. ধরন
  22. শুভ
  23. সাধু
  24. বিনীত
  25. শিষ্ট
  26. স্নেহশীল
  27. দয়ালু

More Bengali Words for Kind

  • কোরিকাভিন
  • কিউবনে
  • এসকর্ট
  • গাস্টার
  • শ্রেণিবদ্ধ
  • ভুসি
  • রোপন
  • অতিমাত্রায়িত
  • প্রতিবাদ
  • অসফল

Word Forms / Inflections

for kind – Meaning in Bengali:-

kinder (adjective comparative)
kindest (adjective superlative)
kinds (noun plural)

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Definitions and Meaning of type in English

kind – Meaning in Bengali:-

  1. Tolerant and accommodating under the rigors of adversity
    Synonyms : tolerant  Example
    – Our neighbor was accommodating about the window our son had broken
  2. comfortable, and conducive to ease of
    Synonyms : genial  Examples
    – Dry climates can be a trigger to asthmatics
    – The hot summer pavements aren’t gentle on feet
    – The beautiful sunshine
  3. showing or displaying a tender and kind nature, used in particular of people and their conduct
    – a master of a particular kind
    – Kind to sick patients
    – Kind words of compassion and understanding
    – She thanked her for her lovely note

kind – Meaning in Bengali:-

  1. A category of items identified by a common feature or quality
    Synonyms : form, sort, variety Examples
    A form of sculpture is one of art
    What kind of desserts do you have?
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Synonyms for kind – Meaning in Bengali:-

form, sort, variety, tolerant, genial

Antonyms for kind – Meaning in Bengali:-


Show English Meaning


(1) A category of objects distinguished by a common quality or characteristic

Adjective for kind – Meaning in Bengali:-

(1) being or showing an affectionate and friendly nature; spoken particularly of people and their conduct

(2) suitable, conducive to relaxation

(3) Tolerant and forgiving at times of adversity

Examples for kind – Meaning in Bengali:-

(1) Here, I have friends and good neighbours . Only one is close by, the other are at least six miles distant.

(2) Life has been good to him.

(3) she is a fan of the work she does.

(4) 4. Liberals have a unique problem, which is similar to the Labour problem.

(5) Perhaps you’d be so gracious to tell us the story you and he’ve been telling for close to six months?

(6) A Chaplain who was polite and kind and did his best to be respectful.

(7) My understanding is that the nation has not admitted the fact that nuclear weapons are different in the sense that they differ in comparison to other weapons.

(8) He’s a generous person

(9) “In a straightforward case, such as the threat of violence or something of that kind , people should go to the police, ” he stated.

(10) (10) nice to us.

(11) the test took place in a completely different sort

(12) He did not say anything about anything

(13) Melissa, it’s an honor to give your dog a place to stay, and also given your husband the opportunity to get an animal.

(14) Everyone else besides Christy was a sweet and loving mother who was concerned about her daughter.

(15) 15) I’ll discuss the first type of scenario in this section and then the second type in the next section.

(16) Because the criteria for determining a thing’s identity are established by its characteristics or form , God is their ultimate base.

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Nearby Translations

for kind – Meaning in Bengali:-

  • kindles
  • kindlesome
  • kindless
  • kindlessly
  • kindlier

Examples in English:

  • You’re a kind woman

Examples in Bangla:

  • তুমি একজন দয়াশীল নারী

Synonyms of kind – Meaning in Bengali:-

Synonyms in Banglaপ্রজাতি, শ্রেণী, ধরনের, সহানুভূতিশীল, ভাল-হৃদয়
Synonyms in Englishspecies category type sort sympathetic good-hearted charitable considerate gracious

Antonyms of kind – Meaning in Bengali:-

Antonyms in Banglaনির্দয়, নির্মম, নৈরাশ্যপূর্ণ
Antonyms in Englishinconsiderate unkind ill-natured malign merciless antitype

Related Words

for kind – Meaning in Bengali:-

(1) kind of ::ধরনের

(2) kind regards ::আন্তরিক শুভেচ্ছা

(3) what kind ::কি ধরনের

(4) what kind of ::কি রকম

(5) very kind ::খুব সদয়

(6) kind-hearted ::সহৃদয়

(7) with kind regards ::ধন্যবাদান্তে

(8) a kind of ::এক ধরনের

(9) this kind ::এই রকম

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for kind – Meaning in Bengali:-


1. kindly ::কল্যাণকামী

2. tolerant ::সহনশীল

3. genial ::সদয়

Noun for kind – Meaning in Bengali:-

4. sort ::সাজান

5. character ::চরিত্র

6. form ::ফর্ম

Different Forms

kind, kinder, kindest, kindness, kindnesses, kinds

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More matches for kind


kind ofমত

adjective for kind – Meaning in Bengali:-


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noun for kind – Meaning in Bengali:-  


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verb for kind – Meaning in Bengali:-

kindleউত্তেজিত করা
kindleজ্বলে ত্তঠা
kindleউত্সাহিত করা
kindleপ্রজ্বালিত করা
kindleউদ্রেক করা
kindleজ্বলে উঠা
kindleউদ্দীপ্ত হত্তয়া
kindleআগুন ধরা
kindleআগুন লাগান

Are women naturally more generous than men?

Are women truly more compassionate than men?

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What women think is kindness could be unkind to the man. What a man perceives as kindness could appear as unkind to women.

In actual fact, between the genders, there could be some differences, based on the side they prefer.

A parent will push children to test their skills as part of learning what they’re capable of and where they should draw the line. The result is knees that are swollen and tears.

 Women may consider this rude. They rush to wipe the tears away and make scathing comments to the man who let their child suffer injury

The father is deeply worried about the welfare of the child however, he is focused on the future health of his child’s offspring… striving to safeguard the child from dangers in the future by permitting consequences to occur in the wake of an individual’s choices.

A woman is likely to watch a child closely and be frightened to death as they recount a incident they had in school. The father is likely to be listening too. 

The woman is planning elaborate strategies to deal with the issue, everything from confrontation to revenge to avoidance. 

The father will regard this as a blatant bully. He will pull the child away later and explain to the child facts about life, and then encourage the child to resolve the issue by themselves.

I believe that many of the issues we face present day are caused due to single parents becoming the standard, and children having only the one view. Even in families where only one parent is dominant this can occur.

We can also observe the impact on politics, where children become adults without thinking about multiple points of point of.

The capacity to be compassionate is innate in all genders. They are just practicing kindness on opposite sides on the spectrum.

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