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Lifeline Meaning in Telugu

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English to Telugu Meaning :: lifeline

Lifeline :చుట్టి


Lifeline – చుట్టి

More Telugu Words for Lifeline

  • వెదురు
  • బోట్ యార్డ్
  • మలవిసర్జన
  • ఎండ్ ప్లే
  • జింగెలీ నూనె
  • లిథోఫ్థిసిస్
  • రేడియోడెర్మాటిటిస్
  • రూట్స్
  • అపరిశుభ్రత
  • దోచుకుంటుంది

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Lifeline Meaning in Telugu :-

  • lifesavers
  • lifesaving
  • lifeskills
  • lifesome
  • lifesomely
  • lifeline
  • lifelike
  • lifelessness
  • lifelessly
  • lifeless
  • life jacket
  • lifelines
  • lifelong
  • life long
  • lifelong learning
  • life love
  • life necessities

English Meaning for

Lifeline Meaning in Telugu:-


(1) A crease on your palm that indicates how long you will be alive.

(2) Support that allows people to survive and continue doing what they love (often through providing essential connections

(3) Line that raises or lowers deep-sea divers

(4) Line that people can hold onto to save themselves from drowning

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examples for Lifeline Meaning in Telugu:-

(1) The boat now takes tourists up the river but, in its former life, the vessel was a lifeline for people who lived on the banks at the Mokau.

(2) MAX, or the light-rail system, has not only reduced traffic, but it’s also provided a lifeline to the city’s downtown.

(3) People without transport living in the villages to the west and north of Chippenham can use the link service as a lifeline. Eventually, the surface will provide fresh oxygen and limited communication.

(4)The centre provides a refuge for service users and is a lifeline.

(5)He rigged a safety line fore-and-aft and attached it to the girl’s life jacket.

(6)He was trying to hold on to the lifeline he had, even as he exhaled his last breath.

(7) Sophie was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and glandular fever, and her home computer became a lifeline to the outside.

(8) Fertility treatment can be a lifeline for childless couples

(9) But she decided not to retaliate, and to give the regime the satisfaction that it had done her wrong.

(10) Dance was her lifeline; it was how she lived and breathed.

(11) The lake was not ice-free but surface vessels kept the lifeline running, and cables and pipelines were placed under the water.

(13) The tender was responsible to operate or supervise the hand-powered or kerosene-powered air pump.

(14) The tender also managed the rope that connected with the diver. The tender operated the hand-powered air pump, supervised it and managed the rope that connected to the diver.

(15) I felt my lifeline pulling me to the surface.

(16) Rachel was rescued by the crew from a passing boat after almost 30 minutes.

English definitions of lifeline and meaning

Lifeline Meaning in Telugu:-

  1. Line thrown from a vessel to which people can cling in order to avoid drowning
  2. Line that raises or lowers deep-sea divers
  3. Examples of support that helps people survive and continue doing something.
    She offered me a lifeline during my time of grief
    Berlin was saved by the airlift
  4. A crease is a mark on your palm that indicates how long you will live.
    Synonyms – life line, life path

Synonyms and Antonyms for Lifeline Meaning in Telugu:-

Synonymssafeguard,  line of life,  life jacket,  life preserver,  mainstay,  preservation,  salvation,  sustenance,  aid,  husbandry,  line,  maintenance,  aegis,  arm guard,  backstop,  bolt-hole,  breeches buoy,  buffer,  bulwark,  bumper,  

(1) lifeline ::చుట్టి

(2) life ::జీవితం

(3) line ::లైన్


Lifeline Meaning in Telugu:-


1. line of life ::జీవితం యొక్క లైన్


Lifeline Meaning in Telugu:-


The crew spotted them on a passing boat, and Rachel was pulled onto the boat.

It is a rope or line used to save lives. It is used to rescue drowning people or to anchor sailors to their boats.

Fertility treatment can be a lifeline for childless couples

Something that someone or something depends on or provides an escape from a difficult situation.

EXAMPLE for Lifeline Meaning in Telugu :-

I now live in Toronto, and it is my “lifeline” to my greatest love, Montreal.

Al grabbed an elusive memory, like a drowning seaman grasping a lifeline.

As he breathed his last, he was desperately trying to hold onto his ‘lifeline’.

It was my lifeline in a chaotic world.

It’s a place of refuge and support for many service users.

He set up a “lifeline” in the fore and aft and connected the safety line to the life vest of the little girl.

Finally, I was miraculously pulled up to the surface by my “lifeline”.

She chose to not retaliate against her regime and let it know how hurt she had caused. She was a dancer’s lifeline; she was able to live and breathe through it.

Where your ‘lifeline’ and your ‘heartline’ intersect, your left thumb should meet with your right.

She sat down, dismayed at his short “lifeline”, and looked at his palm.

The “lifeline” ferry service that is currently being offered for tender now includes the livestock contract.

New Yorkers used internet to “lifeline” their phones when they lost their service.

As people get more familiar with the Irish way, this service is growing in popularity.

This service is an online ‘lifeline’ for all rugby league fans in the country.

Rail motor was an early self-propelled train. It was vitally important for the community and was a ‘lifeline’ to all the towns and people in the area.

Residents without transport who live in the villages of north and west Chippenham may use the link service to provide a lifeline.

It starts at the middle of the main “lifeline” and runs straight off my hand, right onto my side.

Village dwellers rely on public transport for their daily needs. It is our responsibility to ensure that they get the best service possible.

I was in the water when my wife tied the “lifeline” to me. We repeated the signals until we were both in the water.

This is a common complaint.

Although the boat takes tourists up the river, it was once a lifeline for those who lived along the banks of the Mokau.

Fertility treatment is a viable option for childless couples.

Sophie was first diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (and glandular fever) and her computer became a lifeline for the outside world after she fell ill.

Two people were saved from the rapids by life jackets and a lifeline.

More than 80 pensioners use the service as a lifeline to other services in their area.

50 people use this service every week as a “lifeline”. If it was to close, it would have a profound impact on many people.

Joyce will be the one writing this. I cannot answer her question about mysteriously getting a cut on your “lifeline” because Joyce is the one who wrote it. “

The club should be held between your fingers, not in your palm. The ‘lifeline’ of your right hand should be secured on top of the left thumb.

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