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Home » Lol Meaning in Telugu – English to Telugu Dictionary|Lol Meaning In Telugu – తెలుగు అర్థం వివరణ

Lol Meaning in Telugu – English to Telugu Dictionary|Lol Meaning In Telugu – తెలుగు అర్థం వివరణ

Table of Contents

More Telugu Words for Lol

  • అలాస్కాస్
  • అక్షరమాల
  • బ్రాడీడాక్టిలియా
  • చెవాచీ
  • ఎపిగ్లోటిటిస్
  • ఈక్విసెటమ్స్
  • హూచ్
  • ఆర్థోడ్రోమి
  • పరిష్కరించండి
  • చెడిపోకుండా

Close by Translations

🔸 lollipop





  1. Lol♪ : [Lol]
    • నామవాచకం : noun
      • ఆంగ్ల పదానికి సంక్షిప్తీకరణ బిగ్గరగా పేలింది
    • క్రియ : verb
      • నవ్వుతూ బయటపడింది
    • వివరణ : Explanation
      • తెలుగు నిర్వచనం త్వరలో జోడించబడుతుంది

LOL Meaning Full Forms

LOL: Laugh(ing) Out Loud

LOL: Lots Of Love

LOL: League of Legends

LOL: Little Old Lady

LOL: Lots Of Laughs

LOL: Labor of Love

LOL: Loads of Love

LOL: Land O’ Lakes

LOL: Lots Of Luck

LOL: Loss of Life (insurance)

LOL: Locks of Love

LOL: List of Lists

LOL: Lack of Love (game)

LOL: Lowest of the Low

LOL: Lady of the Lake

LOL: Lots of Laughter

LOL: List of Links

LOL: Love of Life

LOL: Language of Love

LOL: Leg of Lamb

LOL: Land of Lincoln

LOL: Lord of Lords

LOL: Learn Online

LOL: Live-On-Line

LOL: Live Out Loud

LOL: Lightolier

LOL: Lord of Life

LOL: Laws of Life

LOL: Loss of Light

LoL: Lands of Lore

LOL: Loyal Orange Lodge

LOL: Love On Line

LOL: Legend of Legaia

LOL: Living on Lipitor

LOL: Lots of Lag

LOL: Love Our Lord

LOL: Land of Love

LOL: Land of Legends

LOL: Lack of Laughter

LOL: Log On Later

LOL: Lots of Lemons

LOL: Labels or Love

LOL: Language of Literature

LOL: Loss of Lock

LOL: Lots of Licking

LOL: Life of Loan

LOL: Life of the Land

LOL: Lots of Losers

LOL: Load of Laughs

LOL: Limit of Liability

LOL: Lots of Lust

LOL: Lord Oh Lord

LOL: Lord of Lies

LOL: Lips on Lips

LOL: Lots of Lollipops

LoL: Line of Learning

LOL: Love Out Loud

LOL: Laughing On Line

LOL: League of Losers

LOL: Loss of Load

LOL: Ladies of Lallybroch

LOL: Loser on Line

LOL: Living on Line

LOL: List Of Lights

LOL: Lords of Legend

LOL: Lower Operating Limit

LOL: Length of Lease

LOL: Love of Literacy

LOL: Lautes Online Lachen

LOL: Loss of Line (telephony)

LOL: Last or Least

LOL: Lot of Lamers

LOL: Lying Out Loud

LOL: Lawyers on Line

LOL: Lewd Obscene Language

LOL: Leaning Over Laughing

LOL: Limited Operational Life

LOL: Lunatics on Line

LOL: Less Of Lip

LOL: Longitudinal Output Level

LOL: Legend of Lothian

LOL: Limited Operation Life

LoL: League of Lightness

LOL: Low Order Language

LOL: Liar of Lies

LOL: Lovelock, Derby Field Airport, Nevada

LOL: Lying Online Laughter

LOL: Lord of the Lambs

LOL: Lord of Light

90. LOLLook of Love

What does LOL, IMO and IDK mean?

  1. LOL: Laugh out loud
  2. OMG: Oh my god3. ILY: I love you
  3. LMAO: Laughing my a** off
  4. WTF: What the f***?
  5. PPL: People
  6. IDK: I don’t know?
  7. TBH: To be honest
  8. BTW: By the way
  9. THX: Thanks
  10. SMH: Shaking my head
  11. FFS: For f***’s sake
  12. AMA: Ask me anything
  13. FML: F*** my life
  14. TBT: Throwback Thursday
  15. JK: Just kidding
  16. IMO: In my opinion
  17. YOLO: You only live once
  18. ROFL: Rolling on the floor laughing
  19. MCM: Mancrush Monday
  20. IKR: I know right?
  21. FYI: For your information
  22. BRB: Be right back
  23. GG: Good game
  24. IDC: I don’t care
  25. TGIF: Thank God it’s Friday
  26. NSFW: Not safe for work
  27. ICYMI: In case you missed it
  28. STFU: Shut the f*** up
  29. WCW: Womancrush Wednesday
  30. IRL: In real life
  31. BFF: Best friends forever
  32. OOTD: Outfit of the day
  33. FTW: For the win
  34. Txt: Text
  35. HMU: Hit me up
  36. HBD: Happy birthday
  37. TMI: Too much information
  38. NM: Not much
  39. GTFO: Get the f*** out
  40. NVM: Nevermind
  41. DGAF: Don’t give a f***
  42. FBF: Flashback Friday
  43. DTF: Down to f***
  44. FOMO: Fear of missing out
  45. SMFH: Shaking my f***ing head
  46. OMW: On my way
  47. POTD: Photo of the day
  48. LMS: Like my status
  49. GTG: Got to go
  50. TTYL: Talk to you later
  51. AFAIK: As far as I know
  52. LMK: Let me know
  53. PTFO: Passed the f*** out
  54. SFW: Safe for work
  55. HMB: Hit me back
  56. TTYS: Talk to you soon
  57. FBO: Facebook Official
  58. TTYN: Talk to you never

What does it signify if a girl text a lot using “LOL” and “Hahaha”?

It is the same meaning as if you used it a lot. Texting is an awful medium for communication. Many people misunderstand and interpret double meanings in texts from potential lovers.

Personally, I try not to text unless I am responding to my girl. While she likes to text me, I prefer to call. There were times when she and I misunderstood each others’ messages, but we quickly sorted it out after we called each other.

My first time meeting my girl was not easy. She texted me a lot and she would reply with “Lol” to any joke, funny meme, or humorous thing I sent.

She responds to mild flirting she does.

This would lead most men to say, “She’s not into me bro.”

Except when she and I are together, she cannot keep her hands away from me. She won’t let go of me at night.

What do you think the “Lol” of your girl means?

This means that you should stop texting women you are interested in a relationship with and instead pick up the phone and call them like a man.

Tell them to put on heels, because tonight you’re going out with her.

If she uses any excuse other than “I can’t tonight, but I’m available tomorrow”, then she isn’t interested in you and you can find a better woman.

What does it mean for a girl to say “lol thanks” when she receives a compliment from her man?
Most people don’t know how to graciously accept compliments. It is possible that they will just say thank you, which could make them appear arrogant and vain.

People don’t want their thanks to be either vain or egotistical so they do something to make it less embarrassing. It was, in this instance, lol.

Also, thanking someone for their kindness can close down a conversation. You must follow up on your compliments. This is likely because you aren’t prepared.

You could also give another compliment. Another compliment? What if you suddenly change your topic? Now you feel awkward.

Relax. Relax. You didn’t do anything wrong. Your intentions were good. Complements are a conversational minefield.

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