Lub Meaning in Tamil

Lub Meaning in Tamil

Find out the meaning of lub in Tamil. Here is a list with translations.

More Tamil Words for Lub

  • உடன் இணைக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது
  • சைனோகிராபி
  • இறகுகள்
  • கீர்
  • உமி
  • ஐசோசயனேட்
  • தவறான
  • நொங்கர்மினேட்டிங்
  • விவரம்
  • முன்கூட்டியே

Related Words

(1) lube oil ::ஆரம்பப்பள்ளி எண்ணெய்



2. lubricant ::மசகு எண்ணெய்


3. lubricate ::உயவூட்டு

Nearby Translations

  • lubricant
  • lubricants
  • lubricate
  • lubricated
  • lubricates


(1) A substance that reduces friction by making surfaces smoother or more slippery


(1) Apply a lubricant

Examples :-

(1) They will hold onto whatever is touched, and the chain will have enough oil on it to moisten the cogs that come in contact with each other.

(2) The same goes for both differentials. After the break-in period, you switch to synthetic gear oil.

(3) Clean your bike after each ride. Lubricate the chain, and inflate the tires to ensure proper inflation.

A Gel-style lubricant is a good choice if you don’t want to clean your bearings as often.

(5) He was aware that old-timers used soap to lubricate muzzle loaders. So he instructed me to roll the bullets with a thick mixture Ivory soap and water, and then let them dry.

(6) Cycle the gun several times to spread the lube and wipe the exterior with a soft cloth. The gun was dry and clean.

(7) He takes her up to the top of the mountains for practice runs. He also keeps their 52-foot sailboat in good shape and ensures she isn’t out of touch with the outside world.

(8) Repair bills reaching twelve hundred dollars would indicate that the problem was caused by a chemical-related mishap in a lube service.

(9) A lube job

(10) Dry the parts with a towel, and then lubricate them with reel grease.

(11) I just place 100 cases on a cardboard tray and spray-on lubricant before they go through the progressive cycle.

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(12) These women will be able to fit their bikes and clean them, as well as how to lubricate their chains and identify what is working and what isn’t.

(13) Several after-action reviews in the weeks following the war have found that the Army’s standard weapon lube was not adequate for the task of desert warfare.

(14) Use some oil to lubricate the hinge

(15) Because the actual amount of sizing work is minimal, I use the lube sparingly. Sometimes, I only lube each other case.

(16) Before shooting, you should only run a few dry patches in the bore to clean it and properly lubricate the gun.

More examples


It’s messy. Then you have to clean out the ‘lube.

It is easier to place 50 to 75 boxes in a cardboard tray that has enough space to hold them, and then spray-on the lube.

It was determined that the problem was chemically related to a lube service, which resulted in repair bills of over twelve hundred dollars.

Only preparation was to run a dry spot through the bore and properly ‘lubricate’ the gun.

a ‘lube’ job

He was well aware that soap was used in muzzle loaders by old timers, so he taught us to roll the bullets in a mixture of Ivory soap water and leave them dry.

I do not apply lube to the actual sizing work because it is so insignificant.

You can do the same for both differentials.

You can cycle the gun several times to spread the lube, then wipe the gun’s exterior with a soft towel.

After each ride, wash your bike and ‘lube’ it. Make sure to check the tires for proper insufflation.

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Dry the reel grease with a clean towel.

If they do, they will continue to hold on to any object that touches them. The chain will then have enough lubricant to moisten each cog where it comes in contact with it.

Apply some oil to the hinges to lubricate them

For delicate trigger mechanisms, firing points, firing pins and extractors, just a little bit of oil is enough to ‘lube’ them.

This lube works well on slides, rails, and bushings.

Experts also recommend a special tire-mounting lube or no lubrication.

I just place 100 boxes in a small cardboard tray and spray on the ‘lube’ to finish them off.

It is enough to apply a small amount of ‘lube” on the cocking lug and the rear surface on each bolt lug.

Many after-action review reports have found that the Army’s standard weapons “lube” was insufficient for the job of desert warfare.

It was a great idea to use a chain lube that doesn’t attract dirt and hold it clean.

Before shooting, you only needed to dry the gun and lube it.

He transports her to the tops and back for practice runs. He keeps their 52-foot sailingboat in good shape.

The two-hour session will teach these women how to make their bikes fit properly, clean and lubricate their bikes and tell the difference between what is working and what isn’t.

Gel-style lubricants can be used if you don’t like to clean or lubricate your bearings as often.

For this, I used my standard procedure of placing approximately 100 cases into a shallow cardboard tray and spray-on “lube” on them. Then, I shaken the tray again to spray more.

Most shops would charge at most PS9 for the lube alone!

All lubes are stable between 100 degrees below zero and 750 degrees above. Beyond that I’m just not a good guy anyway.

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There are many options for lubricants, including synthetic wet lubes that have been enhanced, self-cleaning wax oils, self-cleaning lubes or all-condition lubes.

There are many other case lubes, and I don’t think one is better than the next.

Additionally, each cartridge case needed to be ‘lubed by hand.

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Why does the heart make lub-dub sounds?

Answered Originally: Why does my heart go lubdub instead just lub? 

Is it because it sounds twice as pumping?

The heart only pumps once for each of these two sounds. In other words, the first sound (S1) is generated when the heart starts to expend blood and the second (S2) occurs just before it starts to refill. 

The blood surges against the newly closed heart valves, causing both heart sounds.

The opening of the atrioventricular valves and contracting the ventricles creates the first sound in the heart (top right). 

The ventricular blood is pushed against the closed valves by the ventricular blood before it exits via the aorta or pulmonary trunk.

This creates a vibration on the chest surface.

The second sound (bottom-right figure) is created when the ventricles start to expand again.

 Blood from the great arteries surges against the aortic or pulmonary valves closing them, and creates a second vibration.

Sorry, but the figure is small. You can click to enlarge.

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