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Lust Meaning in Tamil

What is the meaning of word lust in Tamil? Here are some translations.

Meanings of lust in Tamil:-


  1. காமம்
  2. இச்சை
  3. சிற்றின்ப அவா


  1. இச்சை கொள்
  2. காம உணர்வு

English to Tamil Meaning :: lust

Lust :காமம்


Lust – காமம்

Lust :: காமம்Lusted :: மோகித்து

Lustful :: காமப்Lusting :: lusting

Lusts :: இச்சைகளையும்

Word Forms / Inflections

lusts (noun plural)
lusted (verb past tense)
lusting (verb present participle)
lusts (verb present tense)

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Synonyms for lust – Meaning in Tamil:-

Synonyms in Tamilபேராசை,ஆர்வம்
Synonyms in English greed, greediness, desire, craving, covetousness, eagerness

Antonyms for lust – Meaning in Tamil:-

in Tamilஅக்கறையின்மை, புனிதத்தையும், மாறுபாடு
in English apathy,chastity,repugnance

More Antonyms and Synonyms Meaning

Synonyms for lust – Meaning in Tamil:-

Ache, Animalism, Aphrodisia, Appetence, Avidity, Carnality, Concupiscence, Crave, Hunger, Covetousness, Craving, Cupidity, Desire, Eroticism, Excitement, Fervor, Greed, Itch, Covet, Hanker, Hunger for, Lecherousness, Lustfulness, Luxuria, Thirst, Starve, Lasciviousness, Lechery, Lewdness, Libido, Licentiousness, Longing, Prurience, Pruriency, Salaciousness, Salacity, Sensualism, Sensuality, Urge, Wantonness, Weakness, Yen, Long, Need, Pine, Want, Wish, Yearn

Antonyms for lust – Meaning in Tamil:-

Chastity, Disenchantment, Disgust, Dislike

Noun for lust – Meaning in Tamil:-

1. sexual desire ::பாலியல் ஆசை

2. greed ::பேராசை

Verb of lust – Meaning in Tamil:-

4. desire ::ஆசை

5. crave ::தள்ளும்

6. thirst ::தாகம்

Antonyms for lust – Meaning in Tamil:-

1. apathy ::அக்கறையின்மை

English Meaning

lust – Meaning in Tamil:-

Noun for meaning for lust in tamil:-

(1) strong sexual desire

(2) self-indulgent sexual desire (personified in the list of deadly sins


(1) Have a strong desire, craving, or appetite for examples

(1) For a potential monk, the most dangerous and powerful form of desire is lusting for a woman.

 (2) George’s desire for happiness and freedom for himself is also fueled by a desire for happiness and freedom for others.

 (3) It is obvious to anyone who has ever been a part of this species, that beneath the surface lies malice. (4) We have a beautiful house and all we need is more space. 

(5) +o+c++ I sought the life force blood from Zurvan Akarana because of a lust to be greedy,+o+c+u Shiva. 

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(6)Metal and Flesh is a passionate book about humanity and utopian lust for science. 

(7)Witnesses said that last Saturday night saw men with iron rail spikes, wood planks, and a thirst for revenge smash down the club’s steel doors. 

(8)Here are some ways to make your life more exciting in your relationships, work, and personal lives. 

(9)Ritter’s lust after Bush is likely only surpassed by his love for pre-pubescent girls. 

(10)His poems of sexual love, lust and other poetics are sometimes accurate depictions of his wandering eye

(11) His voice could be compared to a bully with its sexual lust inducing orders for bullyingness.

 (12) A woman shares her sexual experiences and her desire for fame. 

(13) What you experience when working with them, is an intellectual curiosity; a passion for learning more; and a lust to solve creative problems.

 (14) Although I was attracted to women, I didn’t feel this strong lust for them.

 (15) Although this movie isn’t about the problems of society, it is a touching, funny, and satirical film that shows a life-long lust for power. 

(16) A lust for power

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Related Words for

meaning for lust in tamil:-

(1) blood lust ::இரத்த வேட்கையை

(2) lust for ::காம

(3) lust after ::காமம் பிறகு

(4) lust for power ::அதிகாரத்திற்கான காமம்

Different Forms

lust, lusted, lustful, lusting, lusts

English Definitions of Lust and its Meaning


  1. self-indulgent sexual desire (personified as one of the deadly sins) Synonyms: luxuria
  2. a strong sexual desire
    Synonyms: lecherousness, lustfulness

Meanings of lust in Tamil:-

  1. Feel a strong desire, craving, or appetite for certain things
    Synonyms : hunger, thirst, crave, starve

Synonyms of lust

luxuria, lecherousness, lustfulness, crave, hunger, starve, thirst

More matches for lust


lusterபளபளப்புத் துணி
lustrumஐந்து ஆண்டு காலம்

adjective for

Meanings of lust in Tamil:-

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lustfulசிற்றின்ப வேட்கை நிறைந்த
lustrousபளபளக்கும் ஒளி கொண்ட
lustyஉடல் நலம் கொண்ட




Lust refers to a psychological force that causes intense desire for an object or circumstance. However, the person already has a significant other or a large amount of the desired object. Lust can be expressed in many forms, including the desire for money, sexuality, and power. Lust can also take the form of a lust for food, which is distinct from the need to eat. It is different from passion in that passion drives people to reach benevolent goals, while lust doesn’t.

Which Netflix movie, Lust Stories (2018)? What was your opinion?

Netflix is the knight-in-silver armor in an age when movies like Race 3 are loved and watched. It gives filmmakers freedom to tell stories for art, not money.

It’s amazing what filmmakers can achieve when they are not pressured to deliver the same old sappy romantic-action-comedies for churning out box office hits .

Lust Stories isn’t known for its many captivating scenes, despite the name. It narrates intimate and enticing moments that result from these scenes. India is very sensitive about sex.

We just sigh and turn our heads away whenever we are asked about sex. It is impossible to ignore the amount of information around us.

This movie is the exact opposite. It puts the background front and center, without a doubt.

These stories are subtle and will make you stop and think. These stories are unusual, but they are representative of something we all know is happening in our country.

Sometimes, you might feel that the stories are not complete. If you are having trouble understanding what has happened, you can always rewatch the climax and the actors’ expressions will help you understand.

We have enough time to process the stories in their entirety.

Many others have already provided details about the film, the cast and the plot. I will try to clarify what I felt as I watched the stories.

The first is quite unusual. Radhika Apte’s acting and Akash Thosar’s (Sairat lead), is amazing.

The story is based on His words and Her actions. This will help you to understand the meaning of what is being said.

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The second is the easiest and shortest to decipher. It was unbelievable to me that the screen had been cut to black so quickly. If you’re still confused, take a look at Bhumi Pedenkar’s expressions.

This one is driven home by the silences, not the dialogues.

The third is very clever. The third one is clever. It stars veteran actors and an experienced concept of marriages and what makes them work.

It forces you to look in one direction and draws your attention to the one thing that you would not have noticed otherwise.

The fourth is by far the most extravagant, and it’s because Karan Johar helmed it.

He does things that he isn’t allowed to do on the movie screen. This one is full of clever innuendos, and sloppy sarees.

This one is also the most direct and out-of-the-blue, of all the bunch. It hides a portion of its true nature behind the beautiful colors it radiates.

This lipstick is for you if you like Lipstick under my Burqa.

Edit: Many people have said that the movie is supposed to be about women’s lust. They are disappointed that so little is shown.

Most stories portray women’s lust in a subdued way, compared to their responsibilities to the other gender.

Some people feel it unfair to call the movie a “messiah” that finally shows the feminine side of lust.

All I can tell them is that this movie is a beginning to female-centric cinema that explores topics that are taboo in society.

Lipstick under my Burqa, a film similar to this one that explores many of the same topics as this one, is available if you feel that the movie does not do justice. It also shows that feminine lust is at the service of the orthodox society.


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