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Gram flour Meaning in Telugu

Meanings of flour in Telugu


  1. పిండి

More Telugu Words for Gram flour

  • కార్బ్యురేటెడ్
  • కోర్సెటియర్
  • హైపింగ్
  • ఇంటర్ నోట్
  • మార్కెట్ విలువ
  • నెఫ్రోఫ్థిసిస్
  • అతిగా అయస్కాంతంగా
  • సాష్టాంగ నమస్కారం
  • పైరోక్సేన్స్
  • సర్పెంటాయిడ్

Related Words for flour – Meaning in Telugu:-

(1) wheat flour :: గోధుమ పిండి

(2) rice flour :: బియ్యం పిండి

(3) plain flour :: సాదా పిండి

(4) corn flour :: మొక్కజొన్న పిండి

(5) whole wheat flour :: గోధుమ పిండి

(6) cake flour :: కేక్ పిండి

(7) flour mill :: పిండి మర

(8) buckwheat flour :: బుక్వీట్ పిండి

(9) self-raising flour :: స్వీయ సేకరణ పిండి

(10) sifted flour :: sifted పిండి

Nearby Translations for flour – Meaning in Telugu:-

  • gramenite
  • gramercies
  • gramercy
  • gramicidin
  • graminaceous

Word Forms / Inflections for flour – Meaning in Telugu:-

flours (noun plural) floured (verb past tense)
flouring (verb present participle)
flours (verb present tense)

Definitions and Meaning of flour in English


noun for flour – Meaning in Telugu:-

  1. Fine powdered foodstuff made by grinding and sifting cereal grains’ meal

verb for flour – Meaning in Telugu:-

  1. Convert grain into flour
  2. Cover with flour
    Before you fry it, flour the meat or fish.


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Examples for flour – Meaning in Telugu:-

(1) This product is basically a mix of refined flour flour, sugar and dried food. It’s nutritionally very good.

(2) The commodity’s high quality makes it a good choice for bread flour, if combined with the local grain.

(3) Use just enough gram flour to get the vegetables to stick together.

(4) You can substitute wheat flour for soy flour or add fiber, sugar alcohols and fat.

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(5)  Egg Replacement is a brand that sells Egg Replacement in a box. This product uses tapioca flour, potato starch, and tapioca flour.

(6)  A good mixture for making a healthy and light bread is to use about half whole wheat flour and half white flour.

(7) Native Americans used the seed for flour, the oil in their hair and the petals to dye long before this. Kabil, responding to media reports regarding growing flour prices, stated that bread.

(8) wheat and flour were nearing the ideal ratio between one to two to four.

(9) What’s the advice books always give, after they say to lightly flour your baking area?

(10) Divide the dough into 2 equal portions. Tuck the dough into fat cylinders and flour them lightly.

(11) The Chamorro People make tortillas with flour from seeds of the cycads.

(12) These scones consist of wheat flour mixed with baking soda and some sugar.

(13) Add whole wheat flour, remaining flour, salt, honey, to the flour mixture.

(14) Next time your outside fire is on, make a batch of biscuit dough with whole wheat flour, baking soda, salt, and the like. 

(15) Potato flour

(16). Grease and flour two-round cake pans

English to Telugu Meaning :: flour

Flour :పిండి

Pronunciation:Details : పిండి, గుండ

Flour – పిండి

Flour :: పిండి

Floured :: floured

Flouring :: flouring

Flours :: flours

Floury :: floury

Related Words for flour – Meaning in Telugu:-

(1) wheat flour ::గోధుమ పిండి

(2) rice flour ::బియ్యం పిండి

(3) plain flour ::సాదా పిండి

(4) corn flour ::మొక్కజొన్న పిండి

(5) whole wheat flour ::గోధుమ పిండి

(6) cake flour ::కేక్ పిండి

(7) flour mill ::పిండి మర

(8) buckwheat flour ::బుక్వీట్ పిండి

(9) self-raising flour ::స్వీయ సేకరణ పిండి

(10) sifted flour ::sifted పిండి

Synonyms for flour – Meaning in Telugu:-


1. flour ::పిండి

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2. meal ::భోజనం

3. corn flour ::మొక్కజొన్న పిండి

4. farina ::నూకలు

5. atta ::అట్టా

6. powder ::పొడి

7. grind ::గ్రైండ్

8. pulverize ::నుగ్గు

9. pestle ::రోకలి

10. comminute ::ముక్కలుగా చేయు

Different Forms for flour – Meaning in Telugu:-

flour, floured, flouring, flours, floury


Flour can be made from the grinding of raw grains, roots and beans, as well as nuts or seeds. Many foods can be made with flours. Bread is a staple food in some cultures, and wheat flour is the main ingredient. Corn flour is a staple food in Americas and Mesoamerican cuisines since ancient times. Rye flour is an ingredient in bread in northern and central Europe.

Can I apply gram flour and a face pack with turmeric every day to my skin? Can it cause skin damage if I use it every day?

Why not?

It has been working for me for two months. It works wonders. After a month of consistent use, the difference begins to show. I am extremely lazy girl .

 I prepared besan (gram flour), turmeric and salt face powder and stored it on my bathroom shelf. 

I use a little bit of the besan in my bath. Then, I put some water on my skin and scrub it underarms.

After 20 seconds or so, I wash it off with normal water.

 It’s been two months since I last applied anything to my skin and underarms except this. It helped me to remove some of my facial hairs, including pcod and other gross ones. 

It feels so much better than those soaps and facewashes that we don’t know what is inside. It is 100% natural. Salt: Turmeric is

2:1. Reduce salt quantity if it starts to burn. I use coconut oil to my skin and underarms after washing it off. When you moisturize your face, moisture is important. The moisturizer won’t be effective if your skin is dry.

 Coconut oil can be used if you have oily skin.

How can I use gram flour to treat acne?

To make a suitable face mask for your skin type, you can combine gram flour with other ingredients.

  1. Mix 1 tablespoon of curd with gram flour to create a thick paste. It can also be used to squeeze a lemon into it. Apply it to your neck and face for at least 15 minutes. It can be rinsed off with water and then you can apply a moisturizer.
  2. Mix gram flour, dry neem leaves powder, and rose water. The neem leaves can be dried in the sun. Once it has dried, you can mix it with some other ingredients and store it. This can be used for many more days.
  3. Rose water and gram flour. They can be used twice or three times a week. This is great for lightening acne scars and tan. The above mentioned packs have been tried by me, but a patch test is advised.
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Is gram flour good for skin lightening?

Originally Answered: Is it true that gram flour makes the skin dark?

Not at all. It is actually used in home remedies to lighten skin tone and remove tan.

Any substance containing a certain amount starch can be used to make tan removal creams. Gram flour is one such example.

You shouldn’t use gram flour unless you have an allergy to it (I haven’t heard of that, but it is possible).

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