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Matai Meaning in Nepali

What is the meaning of matai in Nepali? Here are some translations.

More Nepali Words for Matai

  • दृष्टिकोण
  • ढाकिएको
  • वास्तविकता देखि तलाक
  • डबल-barreled
  • बढाउन
  • घोडा-मुख्य
  • केलोना
  • ठेस
  • चित्र-बोर्ड
  • आफूलाई एकदम तुच्छ हुन

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Matai Meaning in Nepali:-

  • Match box
  • Match fixing
  • Match maker
  • Match stick
  • Match up to expectations

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Why is it important that we go beyond the mind and thoughts?

Meaning of Matai in Nepali

Your inner and outer worlds are the same thing!

This has been something I knew for a while, even before my awakening. People with lower consciousness believe that it is always someone else’s fault. They remain in a dysfunctional state.

Example: They will say something and then talk without being aware of what they are saying. You might get angry because they misunderstood you. Their brain and mouth weren’t aligned.

Example: Let’s say you have a conversation with someone and they can speak but you are so lost in their heads that you can’t say anything. To them, it seems like you didn’t say anything.

These are lower consciousness states. 

They are lower consciousness states that you can’t fix. Your inner world will be lower in consciousness, and you will experience a lower conscious outer world.

 Everything else would work subconsciously. It won’t be easy to understand why you do what you do. You just have the “feelings” that they are true.

You can’t get to know yourself if your circumstances are not relevant. This will reflect what you create as well as your other world. People who are in need of “Drama” will often manifest it to preserve their identity. 

They need drama, even if it keeps their poverty at bay. You don’t need an identity if you are lost!

The mind is most important for a 3D/4D experience.

Meaning of Matai in Nepali

The mind doesn’t really need to be that important in 5D or beyond. It’s difficult to describe 5D consciousness experiences in words. Many people struggle with 5D life.

5D life isn’t external, it’s internal. Your soul is your life and not external things. Internally, I have “This Knowing” and “This Knowing” appears in the outside world without me telling anyone.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to answer Twin Flame questions directly. 

If I answer these Twin Flame questions right now, I will still receive the view that I only KNOW. The inside (Beyond Mind), I know that the inner world will reflect my otherworldly view and I accept it. 

I am at peace with the knowing that I have and I can accept low views. It is both the inner and outer world. Having low views validates this knowing.

Your soul is your “REAL LIFE“. You know what you will get. If I “Know” that I have love, the girls will want me. It happens all the times! It just happens if you know it! This is the best way to put it.

I remember a lesson I learned from multimillionaires

“When you know, you just go!”

I don’t think about it or try to understand it. It doesn’t matter if I think about it or try to understand. It works pretty well.

I always tell Twin Flames that their worst fears …. will happen, even when they are with Twin Flames. It will most likely occur.” You are one being. 

Your inner world may be filled with fear. If you are afraid that your Twin Flames will fuck you, cheat you, and run away with you, it’s most likely they will! I didn’t fear being blocked by my Twin Flame and I never got blocked. 

I experienced all the things I was afraid of. Fear them stabbed you in the back. Be narcissistic, untrustworthy. They’ll do whatever you fear. Inner world, outer world one entity.

But! Twin Flame is 1 soul, 2 bodies. It is important to love yourself and spend time with your true self. Your Twin Flame should then come in. Your Twin Flame is one soul, not the body. The only way to love them is to love yourself and be within.

In 5D and higher, you only need to ARE

You are love and you don’t have to search externally for it. This is an energetic shift towards higher consciousness. You are not in 3D if you are.

This is BE.

You are going to do what you want and not what you don’t want to do. Anything of the mind creates form, and you can’t be.

If you’re not formless, don’t try to add any form to it. There is no story! A mind can create stories, but there is no story without the mind. There is no story. You are just there.

External things are unnecessary! This is what most people find boring. But, high consciousness people just want to feel good. 

They believe that good feelings are externally generated and are always on the lookout for the next “Mind High“. They can’t live in peace, and they don’t like the duality of highs or lows.

What is sustainable development?

While sustainable development is a concept that can be taken in many directions, its core idea is one that balances different and sometimes competing needs with an awareness of the economic, environmental and social limitations we face as society.

Too often, development is driven only by one need and does not consider the larger or future consequences. 

Already we are seeing the consequences of this approach, from financial crises that can be catastrophic due to irresponsible banks to climate changes that result from our dependence upon fossil fuel-based energy sources.

We must act now, as unsustainable development will only get worse if we continue to pursue it.

Is it really all about the environment?

Sustainable development is about living within our environmental limits. Climate change is one consequence of not doing this.

However, sustainable development goes beyond the environment. It is also about creating a healthy, just, and strong society. 

This includes meeting all the needs of people in current and future communities, encouraging personal wellbeing, social cohesion, inclusion, and equal opportunity.

Does sustainable development focus on the future?

Not necessarily. Sustainable development means finding better ways to do things for both the future and the past. While we may need to make some changes in our lives and work, this does not mean that we will lose quality of life.

In the short- to medium-term, sustainable development can provide many benefits.

SDC scrutiny has resulted in savings of over PS60m. This was achieved by increasing efficiency throughout the government’s estate.

Health & Transport :–

Instead of driving, walking or biking for short distances can save you money and improve your health. It is also much more convenient and often less expensive.

What does it mean for me?

Everyone is affected by how we approach development. People’s lives are affected by our collective decisions. Poor community planning, for instance, can reduce the quality of life of those who live there. 

The UK is at risk of food insecurity by relying on imported food rather than cultivating food locally.

Sustainable development is a way to make better decisions about the issues that impact all of our lives. 

We can make sure that residents have easy access both to healthcare and recreational facilities by including health plans in the design of new communities. 

We can ensure that the UK has sufficient food in the long-term by encouraging sustainable food supply chains.

What can we do to make it happen?

Make things happen motivational reminder – handwriting on a green sticky note

Everyone has a role to play. Even small actions can make a difference. We believe that the UK Government must lead the way to sustainability

This is the job of the SDC. We help to make it happen through scrutiny, advice, and building organisational capacity for sustainable growth.

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