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Na Meaning in Telugu

Find the translation meaning of the word na in Telugu. Here is a list with translations.

నా (na) – Meaning in English



nā, naa

शब्द : నా

Transliteration : naa

Other spellings : na

More Telugu Words for Na

  • అమెథిస్ట్‌లాక్
  • ఉభయచర
  • అనగిరిన్
  • గుమస్తా
  • విభేదాలు
  • హెమిక్రానీ
  • ఫియలోఫోర్
  • ఫిలోడాక్సికల్
  • ప్రోరివిజన్
  • స్లీక్డ్

Nearby Translations for

naa – Meaning in English:-

  • nabla
  • nablas
  • nable
  • nablus
  • nabob

Meanings of నా in English


  1. mine

i adj

English Definitions of na

  1. A silvery, soft, waxy metallic element from the alkali-metal group
  2. It is abundant in natural compounds (especially salt water).
  3. It emits a yellow flame that reacts strongly to water and burns.
  4. It is found in seawater and the mineral halite (rock sal)

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noun for naa – Meaning in English:-

నాగతాళిprickly pear


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adjective for naa – Meaning in English:-


adverb for naa – Meaning in English:-


Related Telugu Words for

naa – Meaning in English:-

naandi ( నాంది ) – preliminary
naakamu ( నాకము ) – heaven
naaku ( నాకు ) – to lick
naakuvu ( నాకువు ) – ant-hill
naag ( నాగ ) – adv
naagamu ( నాగము ) – lit: that which pertains tomountain
naagaramu ( నాగరము ) – dried ginger
naagavalli ( నాగవల్లి ) – vine that produces the betel leaf
naaga ( నాగా ) – nought
naachikonu ( నాచికొను ) – to snatch
naazaru ( నారు ) – tender young sprout
naazooku ( నాూకు ) – adj
naatakamu ( నాటకము ) – acting
naatu ( నాటు ) – &a
naada ( నాడా ) – ribbon
naadi ( నాడి ) – pipe

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Meaning of “na”


  • 1. Now, Already Ako na. It’s mine turn now, or I’ll take it over from someone else.
  • 2. after pronouns or nouns: acts as an emphatic mark. Bukas na. It will be tomorrow. Si Maria na. Maria will take the reins.
  • 3. after verbs Nagsipilyo Na siya. He has already brushed his teeth.
  • 4. If in the future or infinitive forms, denotes now. Magsipilyo Ka Na Get your teeth cleaned now. Papasok na ako. I am going to school right now.
  • 5. Denotes complete action if it is after the verb roots. Bukas na. It is already open. Tapos na. It’s almost over. Na lig. Connects modifier and word modifed, takes the form of -ng when it follows a vowel sound. Mabait na bata or Batang mabait. Good child. Na part. na part.

What does “NA” mean when you answer a question?

This article describes using n/a as a denotative of “not applicable”, etc. For other uses of Na and Na na, see Na.

N/a or N/A is a common abbreviation that’s used in tables and lists for the phrase “not applicable”.

Or not possible.

This notation is used to indicate that the information in a table cell has been deleted. It can indicate that the information in a table cell is missing or it doesn’t apply to a particular case.

This notation was in use at least since the 1920s. The 1925 guide to conducting community surveys provided instructions for those asking questions.

Some questions may not apply at all times.

The guide states that all blanks must be filled in.

U.S. Information Circular In an Information Circular, the U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Mines stated that they used “NA” for information not available and “NAp for information that was “Not relevant”.

Computer programming was in its infancy. In order to avoid problems with computerized forms, some people could have filled out forms with terms like this. 

It would be misinterpreted by the program as an intention for the person filling out the form to give the requested information.

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A form might have a field for middle-names and the person filling out it put “N/A”. The computer could interpret this as “N/A” being their middle name.

 This could result in the recipient of mail being sent from the company that produced the form with “N/A” as the middle name.

What does “na”, in Japanese, mean? Is it “little one?”

Reina’s “na”, and chiisana’s “na”, are completely different. Their only commonality is their sound.

It is similar to asking for English information.

What does the “to” sound in these words mean?

Too: “You’ve gone to far.”

Two: “I have 2 days off next week.”

To: “I will be moving to New York next Year.”

All of these words have the same sound “to”, but they have completely different meanings.

In Japanese, the only way to understand the meaning is to examine the characters used to write “na” in each case.

The adjectival end of the word chiisai (meaning little) is called the “na” in chiisana. As with all adjective and verb endings, the “na” must always be written in hiragana.

Reina’s entire name is likely to be written in kanji. In this case, “na”, depending on which character was chosen by the originator, can have many meanings.

What does the phrase “malintikan ka sanang hinayupak ka ng mamatay ka na!” mean in Filipino Tagalog?

Wow! I love this sentence!

na Meaning in English & నా, which literally means lightning in Tagalog, is an archaic Tagalog term. This word is so outdated and so infrequent that it is no longer used for anything but cursing. It is now a curse word.

“malintikan ka sanang hinayupak ka ng mamatay ka na!” Should be rewritten as Malintikan Ka Sanang Hinayupak Ka. Mamatay, ka na!

This literally means, “May the lightning strike your beastly creature!” Die already!”

Malintikan – To be struck by lightning, but this is now just an unfortunate curse word
Ka – You
Sanang – From the root word sana, which means hope or hopefully
Hinayupak – from the root word hayop, which means animal. However, hinyupak, which is a curse term and can only be used as such, means beastly
Ka – You
Mamatay – to die or will die
Ka – You
Na – Now or Already
This curse is extremely old. This curse has roots back to pre-colonial times, when the local culture was animist. Lightning was viewed as a force from nature and a sign of God’s wrath. In ancient criminal court hearings they were required to swear that they will tell the truth.

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As with many other cultural traditions from the past, this one survived the cultural genocide by the invaders. It is now part of the vibrant Filipino contemporary culture.

What does the meaning of the Telugu words ‘na pila bey’ mean?

This is the trailer for ARJUN REDDY, a blockbuster movie.

It is a sign that she IS mine.

This dialogue is so well-known because VIJAY SAI DEVARKONDA, the star of the movie, says it in an aggressive and possessive manner. This dialogue is often found in a very positive context.

Adhi is an informal way of saying “she”. Adhi is a term we only use with close friends, as it is not polite or respectful to address a girl. Adhi conveys a sense that we are all one. Adhi is a way to call your loved ones impolite.

Na means mine.

Pilla is a girl (informal again). It is cute that boys refer to a girl by the name of pilla. It is also very cheap to address a girl by pilla.

Bey is actually an informal term that boys use between themselves.

This dialogue is very well-known for its excellent delivery.

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