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Nope Meaning in Telugu

Find out what’s the meaning and meaning of the word “Nope” in Telugu? Here’s an alphabetical listing of possible translations.

nope – meaning in telugu:-

  1. Nope♪ : [ nohp ]
    • పదబంధం :
      • Meaning of “nope” will be added soon
    • నామవాచకం : noun
      • లేదు.
    • వివరణ : Explanation Definition of “nope” will be added soon.

English to Telugu Meaning :: nope

Nope :వద్దు

Nope – వద్దు

Nope :: వద్దు

More Telugu Words for Nope

  • సామర్థ్యం
  • గొప్ప తుపాకీని చెదరగొట్టండి
  • బుబలే
  • ఎస్క్రిబానో
  • యెముక పొలుసు ating డిపోవడం
  • జోకీ
  • కురాజోంగ్
  • లోగోమాన్సీ
  • షావ్నీ
  • స్పీడ్‌బాల్

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Nearby Translations for

nope – meaning in telugu:-

  • norfolk
  • norgine
  • nori
  • noria
  • norias
  • nopala
  • nopalea
  • nopales
  • nopalries
  • nopalry
  • nopers
  • noph
  • noplace
  • noppe
  • noquebay

English Meaning

nope – meaning in telugu:-


(1) an trap for small mammals or birds that is usually the slip knot

(2) A loop that is created in a rope or cord using an elongated slipknot. It is gets tighter as the rope or rope gets pulled

Verb for nope – meaning in telugu:-

(1) create a knot within or on

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(2) Secure (2) secure

Synonyms for nope – meaning in telugu:-

Synonymsnay,  nix,  no,  not,  bullfinch,  dissent,  negative,  no way,  non,  forget it,  never,  nit,  noes,  nothing doing,  absolutely not,  affirm,  alp,  am not,  are not,  by no means,  

Examples for nope – meaning in telugu:-

(1) (1) is happening, nothing here, no one here, He said, adjusting his paws.

(2) However , Beeby shrugged his shoulders and escorted him away.

(3) We don’t think we’d ever want to mix it with anything else, not at all and not even hot sauce.

(4) Yes we all went to the salon for makeovers and it was him who wasn’t the sole one who said, “Nope , there’s no one taking my hair.

(5) I was thinking she was referring to the President of the RSPB (who she was interviewing conducted with) but she didn’t .

(6) You’d believe that the dog run to defend his master but nope .

(7) It’s easy to imagine that that this capability would translate into a valuable and marketable ability, but it’s not .

(8) Even though the stores are stocked with books today they won’t be open to the general public until Saturday.

(9) The argument is so obvious and self-evidently absurd that I’m not even motivated to highlight it that! I’m not able to be concerned.

(10) Nope Nothing could be any further in the real world.

(11) I’ve even rubbed down my pants ‘ pockets two times to make sure, but no plus! I’ve had no luck.

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(12) The boss I spoke to at Oxford St. I said nope , can’t do it.

(13) I’m talking about My mom used to tell me I don’t think you’re able to be that, but you can enjoy this.

(14) You’d think that they’d be thrilled over an Brit winning a major international contest, but it’s not the case .

(15) Heroism and courage, leadership I’m not sure you’ll find any of those here.

(16) A time can be attributed to the recklessness of the paperboy, however two times in a week? Not so much .

Related Words

for nope – meaning in telugu:-


nope – meaning in telugu:-


1. nope ::వద్దు

2. not ::కాదు

3. never ::ఎప్పుడూ

4. none ::ఎవరూ

5. nay ::Nay

Different Forms


EXAMPLE for nope – meaning in telugu:-

One time could be attributed to the inattention of the newspaperman, but two times in a week – ” for nope – meaning in telugu.

You’d think that this skill would make me something useful and marketable but nope .

I even rubbed my pockets in my pants two times to check for any issues, but nope … there was no luck.

It’s all connected but, nope , it’s not working.

You’d think that they’d be ecstatic to see an Brit winning an important international contest, but it’s not the case’ .

It’s not like we’d like it in any other way”nope no hot sauce.

Make sure you check the box again “nope” – I’m the address, so it’s okay.

Then, ‘nope , Beeby shrugged his shoulders and let him go.

Courage, Heroism, Leadership but you won’t see any of it here.

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“Nope,” absolutely nothing could be further from the truth.

You’d think that this dog jumped to defend his master but ‘nope .

Yes we went to the salon for makeovers and it was him who wasn’t the sole one who was like, “nope! nobody’s touching my hair.

I phoned my boss from Oxford St. I said ‘nope’ , can’t do it.

I’m talking about that my mum used to tell me “nope” – you can’t possess that, but you could enjoy this.

“No, nothing, “nope there’s nobody here, no one here”, he was saying, moving his paws.

No the literary writers don’t have so much enjoyment.

His argument is so untrue and self-evidently absurd that I’m unable to be motivated to say… “nope I’m not interested.

Even though the shops are stocked with books tonight but they won’t be open for sale until the weekend.

I was thinking she was referring to the head of RSPB (who interviewed held with) But she said ‘no’ .

No tights, no jeans , and no t-shirt you’ll just have the tonal.

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