Nude Meaning in Telugu

Nude Meaning in Telugu – Mossberg

Nude Meaning in Telugu

What is the meaning of nude translated into Telugu? Here are some translations.

More Telugu Words for Nudes

  • వాయువు
  • ఎన్కాఫిన్మెంట్
  • గైరోమాన్సీ
  • గౌరవనీయత
  • సోమరితనం
  • బ్రాహ్మణులు కానివారు
  • పాదచారుల
  • ప్రోటోబాసిడియోమిసెటస్
  • సూడోవరీ
  • అడవి మంట

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Nude Meaning in Telugu :-

English Definitions of nude and its meaning

nude in telugu |


  1. Completely unclothed
  2. Without clothes
  3. Coverage

Nude Meaning in Telugu for :-


  1. A painting of a naked body
  2. Without clothing (especially in the expression ‘in the nude’).
  3. A naked person

Synonyms of Nude Meaning in Telugu :-

nude painting, nude sculpture, nude statue, nude person, au naturel, bare, naked

Antonyms of Nude Meaning in Telugu :-

clothed,  covered,  adjoin,  adorn,  apply,  arrange,  ascertain,  assure,  attire,  clad,  clothe,  compensate,  conceal,  confine,  confirm,  copulate,  deputise,  deputize,  done,  drape,  

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(1) in the nude ::నగ్న లో

(2) nude woman ::నగ్నంగా స్త్రీ

(3) nude model ::నగ్న మోడల్

(4) nude photo ::నగ్న ఫోటో


Nude Meaning in Telugu:-


1. naked ::నగ్న

2. stark naked ::STARK నగ్నంగా

3. bare ::బేర్

4. unclothed ::దిగంబరమైన

5. undressed ::వస్త్రాలు

8. unclad ::దుస్తులు ధరించని

9. au naturel ::ఓ naturel

10. without a stitch on ::ఒక కుట్టు లేకుండా

11. in one’s birthday suit ::ఒకరి పుట్టినరోజు సూట్

12. in the raw ::ముడి లో

13. in the altogether ::మొత్తంగా లో

14. in the buff ::యెదురు లో

15. buck-naked ::బక్ నగ్న

16. butt-naked ::బట్ నగ్నంగా

17. mother-naked ::తల్లి నగ్నంగా

Nude Meaning in Telugu :-


18. nude painting ::నగ్న పెయింటింగ్లను

Nude Meaning in Telugu :-


1. clad ::ధరించిన

Different Forms for nude in telugu |

nude, nudes

Do you remember seeing your girlfriend naked with her mother?

 I also went a step further.

I was a friend of a girl whose mom gave her to me when she was only 15. So there wasn’t much between us. My girlfriend was 16 years old, and I was 18. Although she was still developing (she had small breasts), we had a great time.

Her mother was mixed Asian-European and in her 30’s. She was tall and stacked with large boobs and not sagging, thin and tall and made me work harder than my girlfriend.

The father was not in the photo as she was a single mom. My girlfriend and I often hung out at her place, as they had a backyard swimming pool. Her mom was often there in the nude or wearing a bathing suit, but it didn’t cover very much.

My girlfriend thought her mom made me horny. She was not stupid and would take care my sexual needs during these times.

She would bring me to her bedroom for a quick blowjob or just to have some sex. This worked because I was exhausted when we came back. It wasn’t hard to see her mom.

We ended our relationship after just a few months, as is the case with most young relationships.

Nude Meaning in Telugu

About six months later, I saw her mom in the grocery store. I stopped by to say hello and she was friendly. She mentioned that her computer was not working properly.

I had helped her fix it when she was dating her daughter. Because we were both close to the problem, I offered to fix it. 

We drove straight to her house, and she was putting away groceries. I was in her bedroom working on my computer.

She entered the bedroom and began changing. This basically meant she took off all her clothes as she was going to take a swim in the pool. 

She noticed me taking a peek and giggled a bit. She takes my hand and places it on her breast. These breasts were flawless, DD.

They had no sag. My heart is beating fast and my dick is getting hard.

She is giving me a fantastic blowjob before I even realize it. She was way more skilled than her daughter at what she was doing.

I poured it into her mouth and she consumed every drop. 

She told me she needed sex so I should fix the computer and go to the pool. We can then have sex once I’m ready.

Young, I was ready to go in just 30 minutes. She had great sex with my. It was my first encounter with a woman in her 30s.

This was definitely an educational experience. I also learned some techniques to keep going hard, as I was young and climaxing very quickly.

 She taught me how to properly eat pussy and how to please girls.

 These tips were invaluable throughout my entire life.

After having sex for around a month, her daughter caught us having sex at the pool.

It ended in a huge fight. We never had sex ever again.

Although I was able to see her occasionally and say hello, just the sight of her walking past made me horny.

I want to go to sleep in my bed during the day. However, my door is not locked. It can be loud so if I open it it will sound.

sleep /image

Growing up in the 50s, 60s, I lived in houses built between 1925 and 1905. Later, I lived in an apartment that was built around 1905-1910. 

All the keys to the 190X were lost. My parents were able to lock their hall door in the 1920s, but couldn’t lock the bathroom so they could go into their bedroom. 

There were no keys available for the three bedrooms for children that could lock the doors of the halls or bedrooms from the bathrooms.

My bunk/twin bed was convertible. 

My cousin, a girl close to mine, and often a friend from school would come over for a sleepover during spring and summer vacation.

 We would set the beds up in front of the fan during the hot summer and soon our shorty night dresses and shorts fell off. The sheets kept us cool and we all slept on top of them.

My parents would usually knock. They would usually knock on the door to discover 3 children who were not of good morals, and they likely found them sleeping on the top of their beds.

My mother attended a Friends summer camp, where all swimming was nude. My father was against nude play and my mother was okay with it.

This was his only varsity sport. He discovered that all the boys had to practice and compete in nude.

 It was a hateful job. When we were nude, he avoided us all.

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