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Old Is Gold Matlab – ओल्ड इज गोल्ड का मतलब क्या होता है? – Mossberg

Old is gold Meaning in Hindi

Find out what is the best Translation Meaning of the word Old is gold In Hindi? Here are some translations.

old is gold hindi meaning:

  1. Old is gold♪ : [Old is gold]
    • मुहावरा : –
      • पुराने Ki गुणवत्ता बढ़ेगी
    • व्याख्या : Explanation
      • हिंदी Ki परिभाषा जल्द Hi जोड़ Di जाएगी

More Hindi Words for Old is gold hindi meaning:

  • क्रिप्टोगैम
  • कल्पनाशील
  • जिल्द
  • परस्पर
  • रहस्य
  • अत्यधिक
  • स्यूडोमोनिस्टिकल
  • चतुराई से
  • एक प्रकार का पागलपन
  • झुग्गी बस्ती

Nearby Translations for old is gold hindi meaning:

  • Old wares
  • Old wine in a new bottle
  • Old wisdom
  • Old woman
  • Old womanish

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Which are the most impressive examples that prove “old is gold”?

Are you familiar with transformer? Not the movie! Have you ever heard of substation? Don’t be alarmed, I will tell you about substation.

ओल्ड इज गोल्ड का मतलब क्या होता है?

Substation is a place in your city, or near it, where large electrical equipments are kept in huge spaces and protected by the red danger box

It is sometimes called powerhouse. This landmark is often used to simplify an address. Substation is actually the location from which we control electric power and its network.

The substation has one equipment, the ‘transformer’.

 The heart of every substation is the transformer. Its manufacturing cost can run into the millions. A transformer lasts approximately 25 years.

Let’s now get to the incident.

An old transformer was found in one substation. It was still in use for over 30 years. It was in danger of breaking down so the authorities decided to replace it. The old one was then replaced during the next outage. The line was then re-opened after the newbie was installed.

After just one week, the newbie quit! It failed.

 The authorities were forced to repair the transformer in order to keep the system running. Yes, old is gold! You are the best!

It would be easy to believe that transformers’ lifespan could be extended with technological advances, but this is not true.

 The new transformers are expected to last for 20-25 years in real-time, compared with the 25-30 year lifespan of the older ones.

There is no better example of “Old is Gold” than this.

What is the age of gold?

ओल्ड इज गोल्ड का मतलब क्या होता है?

The supernova created almost all of the earth’s gold. It also created iron and other heavier elements. From this remnant gas cloud, the solar system was formed.

A tiny fraction of the world’s gold might have been created during the big bang. 

Although I don’t fully understand the argument, I believe that helium was created during that time.

With a short life span of just a few millions years, the very first stars created heavier elements. Stars can fusion up to iron.

 Any heavier element requires more enery to create than it produces.

 When the star runs out fusionable material at ferrous, the outward pressure ceases and the star collapses.

This creates a huge shock wave that causes all the heavier elements to collide.

The supernova remnants eventually coalesce into stars and star systems.

 Perhaps combining with other supernova leftovers. It may also form another supernova remnant.

The earth’s gold could therefore be as young or old as six to seven billion years or even 12 billion years.

Do you think the expression “old is gold”

can be applied in real life?

This was the site of a civilisation that existed in parts of Pakistan and north India. It was a well-planned city. To prevent flooding, the elevated section of the city was enclosed by high walls.

This section (citadel), had large public utility buildings.

It was a large public bath. The interior walls of the bath were water-proofed to stop seepage. There were also changing rooms.

To make it easy for people to descend to the bottom to clean it, stairs were installed.

In cities of this civilisation, granaries were often found. Near the granaries, circular platforms were discovered that were thought to have been used as threshing platforms.

A town hall was established to hold prayers and cultural functions.

It would be possible to match the modern planning standards for a lower town.

It was a good drainage system. Any drains carrying dirt would be connected to the main drains that would run along the roads.

Street lamps were installed on roads, and bends of roads were smoothened to facilitate traffic flow.

Each house featured a central courtyard, 2 or 3 rooms, a kitchen, toilet, and a well.

How is it possible for a civilisation to be so far ahead of its time?

I would love to see a time machine invented so that we can learn from the mistakes here.

Gobekli Tepe, a Turkish site where excavations have been ongoing since the 1960s, is known for its archaeological finds. Concentric circles were found to contain T-shaped rocks. Found were animal figurines.

This site is over 11000 years old. This was supposed to have been stone age. Men were hunter-gatherers at the time. They took so much care to build these structures.

They didn’t live there. What was the purpose of these megalithic structures built by stone age men?

Our ancient ancestors should not be underestimated. We will never know their knowledge, abilities and powers.

It is something I feel in my personal life. I miss my GP doctors.

There is now a specialist for every condition.

You are subject to a series of diagnostic tests by doctors at the touch of a button.

Weekends were fun. Saturday night meant a Hindi movie. Sunday mornings were even better.

  • Shaktimaan and Mahabharata were avidly viewed.

Even if we were visiting a relative on Sunday, the children would gather in front of the T.V. set at the right time.

These programs were available no matter where we were.

Sunday night was Ramanand Sagar’s “Krishna” program.

Monday night’s telecast of ‘Alif Laila” concluded the joyride. How I wished that I could use the sulaimani Sindbad sword to finish off the bad guys.

Not all contemporary times are bad. Certain things are unique and cannot be duplicated again.

Why is Bollywood making old songs into remakes?

 Remakes are often criticized in comments and people rewatch the original to feel that old songs are still good.

Actually, I’m not sure why the number of remakes (songs in Bollywood) has increased. Perhaps it’s because American artists are also fond of remaking, so it’s a popular trend for Bollywood to remake.

It’s not a problem for me because I love both the original and the remake versions.

Every remake doesn’t need to be criticized. Although Lug gaye may be a remake, it is loved by all. 

Many people love nadiyonpar (let the music play). These remake songs are popular and trending, so I don’t believe all remakes are hated or criticised.

Many older songs are less popular than their remakes, so I don’t believe people will rewatch them again and again.

A good remake such as Lut gaye deserves to be celebrated, while a poor remake such as Masakali 2.0 needs to be condemned. It’s that simple.

While many people believe that remakes are easy, I think they require creativity and handwork.

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