pandemic meaning in tamil

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pandemic meaning in tamil

Find what’s the translation meaning for word pandemic in tamil? Here’s a list of translations.

More Tamil Words for Pandemic

Word Forms / Inflections for

pandemic meaning in tamil:-

pandemics (noun plural)

Nearby Translations for

  • panderer
  • panderers
  • panderess
  • pandering
  • panderism

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Synonyms of pandemic meaning in tamil:-

Synonyms in Tamilகொள்ளை நோய், உலகளாவிய, பரவலாக
Synonyms in Englishepidemic, universal, widespread,

Antonyms of pandemic meaning in tamil:-

Antonyms in Tamilஆண்டு முழுவதும் நோய் தோன்றும்
Antonyms in EnglishEndemic

English Definitions of Pandemic and its Meaning

pandemic meaning in tamil:-

  1. Existing everywhere Example
    Pandemic fear of nuclear War
  2. Spreads rapidly across a large geographical area
    A pandemic of malaria
  1. An epidemic that is geographically spread; occurs in a particular region or around the globe

DEFINITION for Meaning of Pandemic in Tamil

pandemic meaning in tamil:-


Two enteroviruses that are highly contagious have been known to cause severe acute conjunctivitis epidemics and pandemics.

An outbreak of a pandemic.

ADJECTIVE for pandemic meaning in tamil:-

The most urgent concern is pandemic influenza risk, which appears to be at its highest level in the past three decades.

A disease that is widespread in a country or around the globe.

Example for pandemic meaning in tamil:-

The top doctor in Scotland has warned that the deadly bird flu virus will strike Scotland within three weeks of an Asian pandemic.

This remarkable feat increases Britain’s capacity to deal with the ‘pandemic’ flu should it occur.

It all depends on how many people are affected by the ‘pandemic flu strain.

Companies should be prepared for a pandemic flu epidemic in the same way as they would for a snowstorm.

Sars has provided a wealth of information about how a ‘pandemic” illness can impact modern society, with huge consequences.

Today, Mr Abbott announced that the government would accelerate funding for research on ‘pandemic’ flu.

Even if all nations are vaccinated, they will not be immune to the ‘pandemic shock’.

flu ‘pandemic’

Imagine, if you like, a government that was aware of the imminent global pandemic flu.

Is Canada’s plan for dealing with the bird flu pandemic similar to the one outlined by President Obama today?

However, there will be another influenza pandemic in the near future.

Film has been a ‘pandemic obsession’ in our culture, and around the globe.

There are likely to be many factors that contribute to the genesis of each pandemic virus.

The Ministry of Health created a national “pandemic” plan last year after a simulation exercise.

They seem to have reached ‘pandemic” status in urban areas, and a cull is long overdue.

This week, the Department of Health will announce its revised “pandemic” flu contingency plan.

Millions of lives could be at risk in the event of an avian influenza ‘pandemic’.

It is to be hoped they will be available before the next “pandemic” strikes.

It will state that unhygienic doctors can spread the virus if there is a pandemic of European flu.

It is not clear if antivirals are effective in treating pandemic influenza.

17 million Africans have been killed by the pandemic since its inception two decades ago.

However, a ‘pandemic’ of influenza can have far more severe consequences, as it is a possibility every few decades.

It is chilling to think that the flu could become a pandemic.

The most urgent concern is the threat of pandemic influenza. This seems to be the highest level in the past three decades.

History has demonstrated that pandemic strains of influenza virus emerge as reassortants of human viruses and avian viruses.

A ‘pandemic’ of influenza could trigger a response that would transform the world in a matter of hours.

This is why we need to consider other options to deal with a new strain of flu that has the potential to become ‘pandemic‘.

Why then have British health officials decided to create a panic about flu in Britain?

It’s not our principles that have created a ‘pandemic of hatred for America in the Islamic World.

These items won’t be available for purchase when the “pandemic” begins.


A pandemic An epidemic is an outbreak of an infectious disease that has reached a large area, such as multiple continents or the world, and has affected a significant number of people. An epidemic is a widespread, stable endemic disease that has infected many people. Widespread endemic disease with a stable population, such as seasonal influenza recurrences, are usually exempted as they can occur simultaneously in large areas of the globe and not spread globally.

Is the pandemic likely to end by 2021?

Or fear-based media propaganda. This pandemic is not a pandemic. It’s a plan-demic

This pandemic is all about greater top-down authoritarian control by the big brother. The truth can be seen if people turn off the elite (cabalistic) news networks and do their research.

 If you believe that 9/11 was orchestrated by a sick man living in a cave in Afghanistan, you won’t be ready for the reality of the situation. 

They are all controlled by the same evil satanic group who owns all major media outlets and the world’s largest resources. 

The New World Order has been slowly established by these wealthy puppet masters (Rockefellers and Rothschilds). You can even go to the U.N’s updated website and see the new title, url. 

It’s there, people! Believe the covid-19 lies. It is not a virus, and people don’t make others sick by it.

 It’s an exosome, which everyone gets every year. The tests are meaningless. Look up the man who invented it (rt-pcr).

He stated it himself. 

You can be healthy by eating right and getting vitamins to boost your immune system

We all have so many toxic substances around us, including gmo’s and vaccines, fast food, chemtrails, Wi-Fi, 5gmm waves, and gmo. 

You have to be serious. You will do fine if you know your terrain. This is something the elites are well aware of and will not allow their children to get infected. 

There are far more people who die from TB each year than any other disease, and there is no lockdown in the government. It’s only going to get worse. 

The first lockdown was just a test. The next one will be real and we won’t ever get out of it. Things are about to get really dicey. 

Our only protection against the coming Order of Chaos is He. If there are any doubters, I can provide facts.

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