Ping Meaning In Telugu

Ping Meaning In Telugu – తెలుగు అర్థం వివరణ

Ping Meaning in Telugu

Find out what is the best Translation Meaning of the word ping In Telugu? Here are some translations.

what the meaning of ping in telugu

♪ : /pɪŋ/
నామవాచకం : noun
పింగ్ యొక్క శబ్దం
పదబంధం : noun and verb
ఖగోళ ధ్వని
కాల్పుల శబ్దం
శబ్ద ప్రసారం మరియు వ్యాప్తి
ఖగోళ శబ్దం ఉన్న అబ్బాయి
ఖగోళ ధ్వనితో వెళ్ళండి
కాల్ చేయండి
ఫోన్ కాల్
క్రియ : verb
ఇంటర్నెట్‌తో చాట్ చేయండి
చిత్రం : Image

వివరణ : Explanation
చిన్న, ఎత్తైన ధ్వని.
చిన్న ఎత్తైన ధ్వని
కమ్యూనికేషన్, సాధారణంగా మీకు ఏదో గుర్తు చేయడానికి
ఇది ప్రాప్యత మరియు క్రియాశీలమని ధృవీకరించడానికి ఒక కంప్యూటర్ నుండి మరొక కంప్యూటర్‌కు సందేశం పంపండి

♪ : /pɪŋ/
నామవాచకం : noun


కణకణమను ధ్వని,చిటపటమను శబ్దము

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English Definitions and Meanings of ping


  1. A river in western Thailand. It is a major tributary to the Chao Phraya
  2. Synonyms : Ping River


  1. A sharp, high-pitched resonant sound that is loud and clear (as in a sonar echo or bullet striking metal).
  1. Send a message to one computer from another to verify that it is active and reachable
    – Ping your machine in the office
  2. Contact, often to remind you of something
    – I’ll ping the accountant — April 15 is fasting
  3. Hit with a pinging sound
    – The insects pinched the lamp shade
  4. Make a quick, high-pitched sound
    – The bullet pinched when it struck the car
  5. Sound like a car engine that is not firing on time
    Synonyms: knock, pink
    – I used low-octane gasoline to fix the problem.
    – The ignition was too slow for the car to turn on.

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League of Legends: How can you get lower ping in your games?

Let’s first try to understand what’s ping?

Ping is basically a tool that calculates the reachability of a host in an Internet network to destination. It measures the round trip time for messages (packets) that are sent from the host to destination computers. These packets are then echoed back to their source.

It calculates your connection’s reaction time. The faster you receive a response to a request, the better your connection with less ping.

It all depends on the type of connection and your Internet Service Provider. Here are some tips to help improve the situation.

Background Network Check –

It is important to monitor background network usage. This can be done by simply opening a TASK MAGER and clicking on the tab “Networking”.

It will provide you with brief, but valuable information about your network status. You should make sure it doesn’t show graphs on high.

  1. No simultaneous downloads – This is the biggest mistake we make. I recommend that you stop simultaneous downloads if your internet connection is not very strong. This will prevent you from being able to play the game over network. Sometimes, Network Congestion can occur which can cause your ping to be worse.
  2. The Physical Cable Connection is Better Than Wireless – This is a topic that has been heated among users. Some argue wireless is superior while others disagree. However, I believe that physical cable/Fiber Cable Connection is better than wireless. Because fiber cables can move network packets quickly and without external factors, they are much more reliable. While wireless networks are more reliable, there are many factors that can affect the performance. If you want to see real-time packet movements, make sure you use a cable connection.
  3. Network Speed Optimizer – There are a few decent network speed optimizers on the internet. However, I have never used one myself. But take a look at this aspect, as some users have said it helped them achieve faster speeds. However, I cannot verify its authenticity.
  4. You can connect to different servers. Sometimes, the problem may not be at your end but at the Destination server. Connect to several servers, and choose the one that offers you the best ping/latency rate.

We hope this helps. Happy Gaming.

P.S. P.S. – Restart your router/modem to reset the connection. This can sometimes help you get a better ping.

Each side of the scale has a cup of water, one with a ball pingpong and the other with steel balls. Which side is the tip?
N.B. Only a few people have been able to answer this correctly. To clarify their statements + to provide more explanation + a different perspective.

It will tip to its right. Assuming the fluid bodies and beakers are identical and the weight of the pingpong ball is negligible.


The steel ball’s weight is countered in part by the tension force acting in its tie, which doesn’t connect with the scale (different system). The forces due to weight are equal.

  • Pressure force: Each beaker has the same vertical components of static pressure. This is according to Pascal’s principle. The pressure exerts the same force on each beaker (P=F/A). The force exerted by the walls of the beaker is equal in magnitude to the pressure force. Therefore, the net force due pressure is zero for both sides.
    **Note: While in the shower, I realized that pressure does not affect equilibrium. The forces due to pressure act outwards in this situation only (which doesn’t affect scale), and the pressure acting downwards in this situation is proportional to weight force… Only the weight forces and buoyancy forces should be of concern! You can find out more!
  • Forces due buoyancy (the key force variations): The buoyant force acting on the ping-pong balls pulls the beaker up (the tension in string), but the fluid acts downwardly (Newton’s 2nd law). This means that the net force due to the ponging ball on the beaker’s beaker is 0. The fluid body exerts a buoyant force on the steel ball. This force is equal to the volume of the liquid that the ball is displaces.
  • The final touch:

What’s the ping command?

ping” is a tool or application that uses IP Upper Layer Protocol Stack to communicate with the user. It prevents any direct interaction between technology, user and technology.

“PING”, stands for Packet INternet Grper. This will not explain much about this command.

This command can be used to obtain information about Layer 3 and IP layer status.

Ping can be misunderstood to only check connectivity between two computers or delay communication.
These are some of the advantages of the ping command, but they are not its main purpose. It was created to provide information about the Network Layer Status.

There are other uses of ping –

  1. It sends small ICMP echo messages to check the network layer status.
  2. This is an example of connectivity.
    Unplug all wires/cables that are connected to your computer.

    Although there is no connectivity here, the ping command still gives detailed output. This is the Network layer information of our computer.

Operation of ping

  1. I would like to ping from my IP computer.
    The frame will contain DATA (message), Source IP, Destination IP, Source MAC and Source MAC.
  2. The fields are filled using the ARP Table and Routing Table of the PC, creating a broadcast frame during the process.

This article provides more information on ping operation.

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