Prepaid Meaning In Marathi - मराठी अर्थ स्पष्टीकरण

Prepaid Meaning In Marathi – मराठी अर्थ स्पष्टीकरण

Prepaid” मराठी अनुवाद, अर्थ, व्याख्या, स्पष्टीकरण आणि संबंधित शब्द आणि फोटो उदाहरणे – आपण येथे वाचू शकता.


  1. प्रीपेड 
  2. पूर्वदत्त

Prepaid Meaning In Marathi

  1. Prepaid

    ♪ : /ˌprēˈpād/

    • विशेषण : adjective

      • प्रीपेड
      • प्री-पेड
      • आगाऊ
      • आगाऊ पैसे दिले
      • आगाऊ
    • स्पष्टीकरण : Explanation

      • आगाऊ पैसे दिले किंवा देय
      • काहीतरी मिळण्यापूर्वी पैसे द्या
      • विशेषत: मेलचा वापर; आगाऊ पैसे दिले
  2. Prepay

    ♪ : [Prepay]

    • क्रियापद : verb

      • आगाऊ किंमत द्या
      • बंद
      • आगाऊ द्या
      • आगाऊ पैसे द्या
  3. Prepayment

    ♪ : /prēˈpāmənt/

    • संज्ञा : noun

      • प्रीपेमेंट
      • देय
      • अग्रिम देय
      • किंमत आगाऊ
      • प्रगती
      • पूर्वनिर्धारण
      • प्रगती
  4. Prepays

    ♪ : /priːˈpeɪ/

    • क्रियापद : verb

Synonyms for Prepaid Meaning In Marathi


English Meaning

Adjective for Prepaid Meaning In Marathi

(1) set apart by the gathering of pay, including beneficial work in something frequently done as a side interest, returning a fair benefit, compensated

(2) set apart by the gathering of pay

(3) including beneficial work in something frequently done as a side interest

(4) returning a fair benefit

(5) compensated


(1) As well as paid looking over work, Smith investigated wherever he could.

(2) The chamber is attempting to draw in more generously compensated positions, however this isn’t a city for the rich.

(3) The larger part, exactly 66%, it expressed, left for paid business.

(4) Nobody would contend that paid maternity leave is everything except something to be thankful for.

(5) The weight could develop dramatically as the female cooperation rate in paid work heightens.

(6) Please might you at any point recommend some type of certifiable paid work at home that my significant other or I could do?

(7) They have all the earmarks of being of considerably more worth to the region and its kin than the paid authorities.

(8) Somebody, some place – if it’s not too much trouble, give Green Fairy an unbelievably generously compensated composing gig.

(9) When a youngster is sick it ought to be acknowledged that fathers will require paid pass on to help care for the kid.

(10) Fathers are additionally now legitimately qualified for get some much needed rest work around the hour of the birth.

(11) It was likewise supposed that he was the second most generously compensated craftsman on the planet close to Picasso.

(12) Most Germans have upwards of about a month and a half of paid excursion during the year.

(13) There wasn’t even such an incredible concept as paid yearly get-away until the associations arranged it.

(14) The motivation behind this article is to recommend that paid maternity leave isn’t a ripeness strategy.

(15) Highly paid government employees confronted six percent cuts in their wages in three stages.

(16) It is controlled by a little group of paid staff and an enormous number of workers from everywhere the world.


Related Words for Prepaid Meaning In Marathi

(1) pay :: द्या
(2) paid off :: बंद दिले
(3) get paid :: मोबदला मिळवणे
(4) well-paid :: तसेच पेड
(5) already paid :: आधीच दिले
(6) paid out :: दिले
(7) to be paid :: अदा करणे
(8) amount paid :: रक्कम
(9) paid in capital ::राजधानी दिले
(10) interest paid ::व्याज दिले
(11) badly paid ::वाईट रीतीने दिले



Adjective for Prepaid Meaning In Marathi



2. reward ::प्रतिफळ भरून पावले
3. spend ::खर्च
4. discharge ::स्त्राव
5. yield ::उत्पन्न
6. be profitable ::फायदेशीर होऊ
7. be advantageous ::किफायतशीर असू
8. bestow ::देणे
9. suffer ::दु: ख
10. give ::देणे
12. ante up ::वर आधीचा
13. bear ::सहन



Different Forms for Prepaid Meaning In Marathi

paid, postpaid, prepaid

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