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Recuse Meaning in Telugu

Find out what’s the word recuse’s meaning of the recuse. recuse in Telugu? Here’s an alphabetical listing of possible translations.

“Recuse” Meaning In Telugu

“Recuse” తెలుగు అనువాదం, అర్థం, నిర్వచనం, వివరణ మరియు సంబంధిత పదాలు మరియు ఫోటో ఉదాహరణలు – మీరు ఇక్కడ చదువుకోవచ్చు.

  1. Recuse♪ : [Recuse]
    • క్రియ : verb
      • మిమ్మల్ని తటస్థంగా వదిలేయండి
    • వివరణ : Explanation
      • తెలుగు నిర్వచనం త్వరలో జోడించబడుతుంది

More Telugu Words for Recuse

  • జింక లాంటిది
  • రత్నం
  • మంచి పట్టిక ఉంచండి
  • నిమ్మ
  • యుక్తి
  • ద్రవ్యోల్బణం
  • కాదు
  • ప్రోటోయిరాన్
  • సిలిసిఫరస్
  • సన్నని

English to Telugu Meaning :: recuse

Recuse :recuse

Recuse – recuse

Definitions and the meaning of recusal in English


  1. contest or to exclude the judge for being uninterested or incompetent or interested in civil and canon law
  2. Disqualify oneself (as an judge) in a specific case

Nearby Translations for

recuse – meaning in telugu:-

  • Red carpet
  • Red cloth
  • Red coat
  • Red colour
  • Red corpuscle

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English Meaning

recuse – meaning in telugu:-


(1) remove oneself from the position (as judge)

(2) to challenge or even to a judge that he is not competent or interested as a judge in canon or civil law

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Examples for recuse – meaning in telugu:-

(1) What is the decision to either recuse or not recuse is made more pertinent due to the fact that they hunted with each other in the past?

(2) I’ve increasingly witnessed cases where applications to remove a judge from office have been filed in circumstances that just three, or even four years ago, no person could have imagined the possibility.

(3) A motion to disqualify the prosecutor

(4) four Justice Department demanded that he withdraw himself from the trial

(5) 5 wrote in a brief decision that, in accordance with its long-standing practice the court will refer the motion for recusal for this matter in this case to Justice Scalia.’

(6) She was the one who sought to withdraw from in the Los Angeles court.

(7) Seventeen plaintiffs in this lawsuit which is The conservationist Sierra Club, has filed an application to disqualify Scalia from any further involvement in the lawsuit.

(8) In the case before him, he made a ruling on the bench and said that the motion of defense to exclude the defendant Mr. Sneddon and his office in this case was devoid of basis.

(9) Then you with the choice of asking the judge disqualify the D.A. or seeking an order of cure every occasion this occurs.

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(10) It was the counsel’s right to petition a judge to disqualify himself from continuing in a trial as a result of bias(11)

11. Plame investigation made an enormous leap in the month of December 2003, after the Attorney General John Ashcroft recused himself .

(12) Two He’s extremely flamboyant when he makes his motion paper declaring that the prosecutors must be removed from the case or the prosecutor replaced or dismissed from the case.

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(13) Any question must obviously be resolved to the benefit of the recusal .

(14) Then the magistrate who was from Jackson County, Tracy Klinginsmith was the first judge to exonerate all prosecutor’s in the Tomasic office. After all their boss had been specifically targeted by defendants and was disqualified .

(15) Ashcroft couldn’t transfer the case to the U.S. attorney in New Jersey because New Jersey’s prosecutors demanded to be removed in the matter.

(16) These are the ones used for recusal, disqualification , or self-recusal for judges.

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These countries have seen conflicts are handled internally, rather than completely being eliminated by requiring board members to report conflicts as well as recuse their minds from conflicts.

The source is the One example is when fairness requires people are not disproportionately loyal to a single side recuse They are not able to adjudicate on claims that involve an unrelated third party.

Source: If that occurs, then the family member could be recuse From any from any hiring decisions. From


The arrangement may be affected in the event that a senior justice replaces an active court member who is disqualified from taking on an case.From


However, he later resisted. recuse He should be exempt from the trial since the legal ethicists were almost all in agreement that the judge should.From


He said he didn’t deny the couple the right to marry however he only disqualified himself from the ceremony.From


They both are removed after the two episodes aired.From


After several delays after which the judge 2 recused himself from the matter The judge who was previously assigned is yet assigned.From


He said that he had decided to recuse himself and asked to have his decision in the case his own and requested that the decision vacated.From

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The two members finally came to an agreement recuse They are exempt from participating in themselves from participating in the arbitration proceedings.From


The procedure to determine when the court will hear all justices are accounted for. recuse their own experience from a particular case has changed over time.From


He also claims he disqualified himself from taking any further official actions, following their relationship turned personal.From


The judge previously opted not to recuse herself, stating her beliefs about religion would not affect her.From


It was a decision said the bank’s CEO, taken in the direction of the bank’s Board of Directors. the bank’s board of directors had disqualified himself.From


Judges are expected to recuse their personal lives from the possibility of conflicts of interest could arise.From

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