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Telugu Meaning of Mother’s Maiden Name| More Telugu words for Mother’s maiden names

Find out what is the best Translation Meaning of the word Name of mother’s maiden name In Telugu? Here are some translations.

Telugu Meaning of Mother’s maiden Name


(1) An unmarried girl, especially a virgin

(2) (cricket


(1) Serving to get under way or lady


(1) DH Lawrence stayed in the same place with a few maiden aunts in 1926 while he corrected Lady Chatterley’s Lover.

(2) The three-year old made good progress last season and won a maiden race over this distance.

(3) Green Eyed Lady was the favorite to win a maiden race at this course, but she ended up third behind Distant Mist.

(4) The two-year-old maiden races are a great way to find interesting horses for the future.

(5) We find Lotty, sixteen years later, in the hands of one of the maiden aunts. She writes that Lotty had been taken to Eccleshall by her sister Rachel.

John Gosden’ s foal, an interesting yearling, satisfied a guarantee by dominating a lady race at Leicester that was better than expected as far as performance. K

(7) She began to hum an enchanting tune, and the young Count was entranced by the beautiful young maiden.

(8) Anand won the tournament in 1989, his maiden attempt in 2003, 1998 and 2004.

(9) The Baldwins reminded of many maiden women I knew back in Little Town.

(10) Godolphin Racing recently added to its juvenile stock with the private acquisition of Mount Joy, a maiden colt for an undisclosed amount.

(11) Caracara was a fluent winner in a small maiden race at Beverley last year and could not have won with more authority.

(12) His mother would take the children from Limerick to Dublin with her in the summers. There he would be surrounded and cared for by his granny, a few maiden aunts, and his granny.

(13) As it turns out the maiden aunts at Mortimer Brewster are not entirely responsible for their actions. Insanity runs through the family in varying degrees.

(14) Mark Johnston trained the three-year-old colt. He won by eight lengths in a Carlisle maiden race 12 days ago.

(15) We presently have liability regarding my 88-year-old bearish lady auntie, who has respectably serious dementia and lives in a home.

(16) The Governor of Lemhannas Ermaya visited the Regency last month to celebrate the maiden harvest from rice grown with the Thai seeds.

Is this a question that should be asked or is it a phrase to describe’maiden names’?

In an age of marriage equality, the concept of ‘maiden name’ seems increasing outdated.

Do you think this is a good question to ask or a way to describe’ maiden name’?

The idea of a ‘maiden’ name seems increasingly outdated in this age of marriage equality

Twitter burst into action after @KenSmith asked Twitter if it was time that the “maiden name” be dropped in favour of the gender-neutral “birth name.” Tweet: Maiden has a ghostly cargo to address Victorian sexual anxiety

It was unanimously agreed that “maiden name” is too sexist, even though it is old. These comments are:

“Name before any marriage?”” I have been divorced, widowed, and married again, but I kept my name.” (@Bentonbag).

“Archaic, inaccurate. I was not a’ maiden’ when I was married. Didn’t change my name either.” (@JemmaD)

“The anglophone obsession with ‘extraordinary last names’ gives a compact glance at the starting points and development of marriage. (@thisisredundant).

“I’m industriously baff moved away from when my bank gets a few information about my mother’s fascinating last name. It is affected of her to yield that she has changed her last name or gotten hitched. (@WilkinsonSamuel

Others wondered if it was possible to change one’s name after marriage. Sometimes the husband takes the name of his wife, or double-barrels with it. Marriage equality allows you to have two spouses. The notion of a “maiden”, however, is more outdated.

My youngest son’s name also includes my wife’s first and second names. If a bank asks him “mother’s maidens names”, it will become the first part his surname. This seems like a question that could be used to verify your identity.

A couple of gathering could do without the “first name”. Others decisions join “youth Name”, “neighborhood Name”, “nee” or “novel Or Previous Name”, which, as @JonathanWest raised, “covers all movements in names, not just marriage and isn’t limited to unique name”.

A few voices differ that the assault on “last name by birth” was a danger for lady hundreds of years (in Cricket) and first venture (just as other non-literal employments. There is no motivation to acknowledge another.

Although it is sexist, I agree that the “maiden’s name” is too outdated. It’s shameful that the Guardian has allowed it to continue. Wikipedia favors Jane Smith (born Jane Jones), but this seems to be fair.

It is inappropriate to ask a woman for her maiden and mother names. It’s not their business. They don’t need to know if a woman’s husband (“Mrs”) is or not (“Miss”) except she chooses to.

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