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Meanings of The in Hindi


  1. वह
  2. वही
  3. यह
  4. वह
  5. वही

The Meaning In Hindi

  • यह
  • वह
  • वही
  • यह

The” का उपयोग किया जाता है –

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the absurdबेतुकापन
the absurdविसंगति
the Admiraltyनौसेना-विभाग
the Almightyईश्वर
the Almightyखुदा
the Almightyनिराकार
the Alpsआल्प्स
the Antarcticदक्षिण ध्रुव प्रदेश
the Apocalypseन्यू टेस्टामेंट का अंतिम प्रकरण
the axप्राणदंड
the axमौत की सज़ा
the back of beyondबहुत दूर एकान्त
the badख़राब चीज़
the bestश्रेष्ठता
the big stickशक्ति प्रदर्शन
the big timeउच्च शिखर
the black artजादू-टोना
the blessedस्वर्गवासी
the blindअंधे लोग
the blind leading the blindअंधा अंधे को रास्ता दिखाये
the bluesग़म
the bottom lineनिर्णायक घटक
the corridors of powerउच्च स्तर
the Creatorपरमेश्वर
the Creatorप्रजापति
the damnedनरकवासी
the deafबधिर
the Deityदेव
the Deityपरमेश्वर
the Deityभगवान

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जिसके जरिये ये पता चलता है किन चीजों में, किन naam से पहले हमे “The” का use करना चाहिए लेकिन the का use इतना पर ही सिमित नहीं है बल्कि the एक ऐसा word है जो sentence कनेक्टर के रूप में कार्य करता है यानि ये sentance को जोड़ देता है और उसका अर्थ बदल देता है। जैसे-

Yesterday I saw a car, the car was beautiful – कल मैंने एक car देखी, car sundar थी।

इस वाक्य में car से पहले the काuse किया जा रहा है जिसका मतलब ये है की ये उस car की बात की जा रही है जिसके बारे में पहले से कुछ कहा, बोला या information दिया गया है। जैसे की sentance में पहले बताया गया की कल मैंने एक car देखि और दुसरे sentance में बोला गया की car सुन्दर थी।

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तो इस sentance में अगर the का use नहीं किया जायेगा तो ये भी हो sakta है की kal आपने एक car देखा, एक car (यानि कोई अन्य कार) सुन्दर थी। लेकिन आपको तो उसी car को sundar batana है जिसे आपने कल देखा था, तो इसके लिए the लगाया गया है।

Rule : – किसी sentance या story में किसी व्यक्ति, वास्तु, या स्थान का naam पहली बार आये तो उसके पहले articles A या An जरुरत के anusar लगाते हैं पर उसी वास्तु, स्थान, या व्यक्ति का naam दूसरी-तीसरी-चौथी (चाहे जितनी bar भी आये) उसी sentance या story में आये तो उसके पहले “The” का use किया जाता है। उदाहरण के लिए,

I saw a bike yesterday, The bike was expensive. – kal मैंने एक bike देखि, bike महँगा था।

There was a queen, The queen was very kind. – एक
रानी थी , रानी बहुत दयालु थी।

What is a fundamental meaning of affection?

Love is an extreme, profound warmth for someone else. Love likewise intends to feel this exceptional fondness for somebody. Love can likewise allude to a solid like for something or to like something a ton. Love has numerous different faculties both as an action word and a thing.

It is hard to clarify what cherish is. Love is quite possibly the most exceptional feelings people feel throughout everyday life. It is something contrary to despise, another staggeringly exceptional feeling.

At the point when you would do anything for a particular individual, that is typically in light of the fact that you have affection toward them.

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There are numerous sorts of profound fondness you can have for someone else, and they would all be able to be depicted as adoration.

The adoration you feel for your folks will not be a similar love you feel for a dear companion or a heartfelt accomplice. You can likewise have a compelling enthusiastic bond with a creature, like your canine. That, as well, is love.

Genuine models: Spouses ideally have affection for one another. It is normal that a parent will have sensations of affection for their kid. Valentine’s Day is a festival of affection.

Utilized in a sentence: The man consistently helped his girl out of adoration for her.

Love is utilized in this equivalent sense to intend to have affection for someone else. Individuals who sincerely love each other are supposed to be “infatuated” and are called darlings. These terms by and large suggest heartfelt or physical allure.

Genuine models : Romeo cherished Juliet. Most guardians love their kids. An individual frequently adores their sweetheart or sweetheart.

Utilized in a sentence: She cherishes her dearest companion like a sister.

Love is additionally used to allude to a less enthusiastic, yet solid, affection for something.

Genuine models : Athletes have an adoration for sports. Perusers have an affection for books. Specialists may have an adoration for painting, music, or drawing.

Utilized in a sentence: His adoration for Paris drove him to go on numerous outings to France.

In this sense, love can likewise be utilized to intend to truly like a person or thing. The word sweetheart is utilized to mean an individual who truly prefers something, as in a “canine darling” or a “food darling.”

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Genuine models: Cats love to pursue things. Friendly individuals love being around others. Habitual slouches love TV.

Utilized in a sentence: I love going to the zoo and seeing every one of the creatures.

What is the meaning of this image?

This is a common image that almost all Homo sapiens know. This is a Troll’s face with a tragic past …..

Below is a serious conspiracy theory…

We’ll first break this image down into its components.

  1. The eye of the troll faces has something sinister within it that closely resembles the letter “W”.
  2. Is it a Troll’s face or its mirror? Although it may seem insignificant at the moment, this will be a key part of our analysis.
  3. The corner of the Troll’s eye that looks like it is bursting with tears.
  4. Lower jaw: A partially broken tooth.
  5. Does not show any signs of hearing, making him deaf.
  6. A grotesquely large or unnatural smile indicates that someone has altered the Troll Face’s mouth and cut the sides. (Possibly a reference in Pop Culture.

This is raising eyebrows.

Now we will find out what the image actually means, or ….. what it is trying to say! We are here!

Six clues are all you need to find the answers and unravel the intricately woven yarn. This image could be a clue to the greatest mystery in the world.

This seemingly innocent photo could be a hint to the Illuminati, a nefarious organization.

Our first clue is the eye.

What does the alphabet “W” do in the eye? (I know you guys are trying to figure how the alphabet “W” will fit into the grand picture we have in mind.

Now, I’ll ask you one question: Is the alphabet in the image of the eye?

It isn’t

It’s actually an image of a small mountain that lies between two large mountains, with a river running underneath.


What the image is really trying to convey is that the Illuminati is melting the ice caps in various mountain ranges all around the world through the means of some wicked device, and all this time we thought it was because of global warming.

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