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Throwback Meaning in Gujarati

Find what’s the translation meaning for word throwback in gujarati? Here’s a list of translations.

Throw back

Type :

○Pronunciation :ના

Meaning : થ્રો બેક

બીજું કંઈ ઉપલભ્ય ન હોવાથી તેના પર આધાર રાખવા દબાણ કરવું, પ્રત્યાવર્તન, અંતરાય

More Gujarati Words for Throwback

  • સૂકાં
  • ફેડરેટેડ
  • ભગંદર
  • લાંબી રજા પર ઉતરી
  • માગે છે
  • મરી-વેલો
  • ઉભાર
  • મર્યાદિત
  • અન્ન
  • શૌચાલય કાગળ

Nearby Translations for

Throwback Meaning in Gujarati :-

  • thrumming
  • thrummy
  • thrums
  • thrumwort
  • thruout


બૂરું કરવા અગાઉ શું કર્યું હતું તે યાદ દેવડાવવું,

બીજું કંઈ ઉપલભ્ય ન હોવાથી તેના પર આધાર રાખવા દબાણ કરવું

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Synonyms of Throwback Meaning in Gujarati :-

Synonymsregression,  reversion,  atavism,  return,  backsliding,  regress,  relapse,  retrogression,  setback,  atavist,  atavistic,  lapse,  retrogradation,  reversal,  recession,  recidivism,  recurrence,  retrocession,  reverse,  reverting,  

Antonyms of Throwback Meaning in Gujarati :-


Definitions and Meanings of Throwback in English

Throwback Meaning in Gujarati :-

  1. A characteristic characteristics of an atavist Synonyms Atavistic

Throwback Meaning in Gujarati :-

  1. A appearance of an earlier characteristic
    Synonyms: atavism, reversion
  2. An organism with characteristics of a primitive kind of this organism
    Synonyms: atavist

English Meaning

Throwback Meaning in Gujarati :-


(1) An organism with the characteristics of an earlier kind of this organism

(2) the reappearance of a characteristic that was previously present

Adjective for Throwback Meaning in Gujarati :-

(1) A characteristic characteristic of an atavist

Examples for Throwback Meaning in Gujarati :-

(1) A silver-haired Virginian wearing courtly attire is a flashback the past, a time of no longer-remembered the comity of congress.

(2) A lot part of the art he creates is an ode to the fifties

(3) The album’s new version is an improvement not a throwback , however it contains reference to each stage that U2 has been through in their career.

(4) In comparison to other semi-finalists in this competition In comparison to the other semi-finalists, The Italians were criticized for being an era-old and defensive mindset.

(5) If instead, the attraction was an atavistic reference to the prehistoric fascination of humans with telling tales?

(6) The quote is a line that makes it sound like an old-fashioned reference to preintegration.

(7) Ben is a genetic relic of Neanderthal man, who is disregarded by society and family members for his ugliness and stupidity.

(8) The eyes might represent an ancestral throwback

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(9) What is the likelihood that this new fashion a throwback the 1980s, and the heady scents that smelt of sex and were subsequently banned in certain establishments because they would turn people off of their food?

(10) In the year 2000, the poet was in the news after he refused the chance to receive an OBE and claimed the award was a throwback times of the defunct British Empire.

(11) They’re an ode to cities of the cathedral of earlier in the Middle Ages – part resort and part market and part town square. They’re also sometimes extended families.

(12) In the beginning of the band, the Beatles were an homage to the 50s rockabilly era.

(13) Aidan was a genetic throwback , according to reports having pale skin and hair identical to the hair of many of the family’s relatives.

(14) The eyes could represent an ancient throwback

(15) A lot of the work he does is an homage to the fifties.

(16) Warner is a throwback to the old quarterbacks.


Meaning of Throwback in Gujarati:-


The eyes could represent an ancient throwback

Reversion to an earlier characteristic.

EXAMPLE for Meaning of Throwback in Gujarati:-

Is this trend as a throwback to the 1980s, and the wonderful scents that smelt of sex and were subsequently banned in certain restaurants due to the fact that they turned people off of their food?

From the first moment at first, the Beatles appeared to be a throwback to the 50s rockabilly.

A lot the work he does is throwback to the fifties.

Ben can be described as a genetic “throwback to Neanderthal man who is hated by his family and society due to his insanity and ugly appearance.

He was a throwback to the kind of player Scotland produced and it was enjoyable to see him play.

The eyes could represent an ancient ‘throwback

With the advances in agriculture shepherds are turning into an old-fashioned ‘throwback to a time before the invention of Honda quadbike.

Some say a new Florida law is a ‘throwback’ to the Wild West.

Three-foot tall people do not necessarily mean that they are a throwback to an evolutionary past .

It’s a quote that sounded like a throwback to the preintegration times.

In comparison to the other semi-finalists in comparison to the other semi-finalists, The Italians were accused of being the ‘throwing back’ of an earlier, defensive mindset.

It could be a throwback to my childhood kitchen where the hotel’s French chef would bring home a bottle of red wine with his hard-working team.

In the year 2000, the poet hit the news when he decided to turn down the possibility of being given an OBE in the belief that it was a “throwback” to the time of the now defunct British Empire.

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Warner is a throwback to the old quarterbacks.

The eyes could represent an ancient ‘throwback’

Aidan is a genetic “throwback He was said to have pale skin and hair identical to the hair of many of the family’s relatives.

What if instead the attraction is a “throwback” to the ancient human fascination with telling stories?

He could be an’return’ to an earlier and very different and the most infamous time in which golf was mostly played by reactionaries of the right.

Rudin is a throwback to a previous era, in which apprenticeships were more prominent than academics in professional education.

The album represents an evolutionary process not a throwback , however it has thematic references to all stages that U2 has gone through in their career.

The Persians living within Los Angeles describe Meybodi as the Larry King of Iran, however, he’s more opulent than that. He’s a throwback to a previous era of talk shows on TV.

Silver-haired Virginian dressed in courtly attire is a throwback to a bygone era of the comity between members of Congress.

He said in Scotland the following Sunday that “I think that the Tories realize they can paint him as a throwback in the direction of Old Labour.’

A lot part of it is throwback to the fifties.

They’re a throwback to cathedral towns from earlier in the Middle Ages – part resort market place and part town square, as well as part of the extended family.

From the beginning, I’d like to say that just because this album contains a variety of ’80s “throwbacks” on it doesn’t necessarily make it throwback albums.

As we’ve mentioned before One of the possible “throwbacks” from in the past could be our fondness of swimming.

Google’s design is mirrored in the pages for search engines like MSN and Yahoo and Yahoo, whose websites are a mess of throwbacks to the ‘everything except the kitchen sink style of Web design.

This year has brought a lot of films that seem like throwbacks to the 70s and I love that.

The thesis also included the argument that notions of community and family that were based on altruistic bonds were “throwbacks” to older types of society.

Example: throwback

Many older people think that it’s something of a return to an older kind of domesticity. I believe it’s a sign of an upcoming gender-based feminism.

He was an return to a time that no one could really comprehend; the distance needed to be measured not in years but in the centuries.

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What’s the deal with it? throwback Thursday?

Many people believe that it’s a Throwback to to.

They’re an nostalgic throwback to the times of yesteryear, don’t you think?

Yes, he was looking to make an throwback to our director, to the films that truly started this kind of genre.

The Detroit Tigers and Pittsburgh Pirates were wearing throwback uniforms in a an ode to Negro league teams of baseball Detroit Stars and Pittsburgh Crawfords on the 19th of May.

The San Diego Padres and New York Mets used the 1989 Throwback uniforms on the 3rd of August.

It is believed that the Washington Nationals occasionally wear Expos throwback uniforms.

Looking to end their seven-game losing streak trying to break their seven-game losing streak, the 49ers went home, put on the throwing-back uniforms, and then played for their week eleven NFC West rematch with the St. Louis Rams.

The Steelers game against the Jaguars in Jacksonville–their first match since the Jaguars defeated off the Steelers from the playoffs of 2007 as part of the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Throwback Game of the Week.

In honor of the franchise’s 75th anniversary in 2007, the Redskins had an exclusive retro uniform for their September 23rd 2007 home game with the New York Giants.

On 7 March 2008, On March 7, 2008, Throwback Entertainment named Eric Radomski as its Chief Creative Officer.

In this year’s Darlington Throwback weekend Kyle Larson’s No. 42 NASCAR Xfinity Series car was colored gold and purple to honor Robbins.

It was reported that the Tampa Bay Rays wore ‘faux back’ in 1979 throwback jerseys on June 30, against the Tigers and also wore throwback jerseys from the same year.

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