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Webinar Meaning in Hindi

What is the meaning of webinar in Hindi? Here is a list with translations.

English to Hindi Meaning :: webinar

Webinar :वेबिनार


Webinar – वेबिनार

More Hindi Words for Webinar

  • बैकालायुरस
  • बैरोथोग्राफ
  • अपराध
  • शाश्वत
  • चक्कर
  • कब्रिस्तान
  • हो
  • अपच
  • पुनर्मिलन
  • सड़ जाना

Nearby Translations for

webinar – meaning in hindi:-

  • webwork
  • webworm
  • webworms
  • webworn
  • wecche

Related Words for

webinar – meaning in hindi:-

(1) webinar ::वेबिनार

English Meanings

webinar – meaning in hindi:-

Examples for webinar – meaning in hindi:-

(1) A software company’s website may include calls to action such as downloading a free trial, accessing a whitepaper, or signing up for a webinar.

 (2) Steve Dennen, Senior Director of Market Research at comScore provided examples during a webinar to show what the company sees as an evolving search landscape. 

(3)You can mark your calendars for a Trados webinar on December 14th.

 4) The webinar is intended to be an introduction level webinar, but long-standing bloggers can still benefit from the information.

 (5) Too many sales teams are too focused on hosting fancy webinars and creating web-based marketing channels. 

6)We’ve included a link below to the SAP Insider website, where you can view all of the most recent webinars. 

7)We offer individual counseling as well as virtual job clubs, webinars and turbo job workshops. 

8)VerticalResponse offers tutorials and webinars on design. 

(9) Two webinars were sponsored by VerticalResponse on workforce development. More than 300 people participated.

 (10) Does the topic add diversity to the overall list of webinars this year?

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Why is a webinar useful?

Disclaimer: My opinion may be biased because I work at User.


Webinars have been a huge hit in recent years for many reasons.

Because they are easy to prepare, cheap and high in conversions, they are very popular among marketers. They are very popular among Internet users. They enable them to find out more about their topic and ask industry experts questions. Anybody can attend the webinar, regardless of where it is being held. Webinars are also great for people who have trouble speaking up in crowds or attending meetings.

Hosting a webinar has many benefits.

1. Webinars are a great way to build your email list.

To access the webinar, participants must log in to your website. To access the webinar, participants will need to enter an email address. Participants will likely register if they are interested.

Webinars can give you more leads than downloading a book, a trial or a trial.

2. Webinars can be a great way for you to establish relationships with your subscribers

Marketing is about making people like your brand and want to purchase your products. Webinars can help you achieve this. 

You can share your knowledge and skills to thousands of subscribers in a webinar, just like you would at a conference.

3. Webinars can help you increase sales

To promote and sell their products or services, many companies offer webinars for no cost. Webinars allow you to simultaneously teach and sell your product. 

A great sales pitch will make your webinar attendees more likely to buy the product.

Here is where you should be careful. A majority of subscribers will be open to a sales pitch at the end of a webinar. It should relate to the topic.

 It should not be an hour-long webinar stating “Buy our product because it’s the best.” “

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4. You will be a respected authority in your field with webinars

Blog posts are one thing, but presenting your knowledge live in a webinar setting is another. 

The opportunity to interact with the speaker is valued by people just like they value conferences and other live speaking events. 

If you can engage with your audience and answer their questions, they will consider you more knowledgeable in your field.

5. Record webinars to save them and then reuse them.

There may be many reasons why someone missed your webinar broadcast. 

These people should be able to see the webinar again at a later date. 

Your subscribers may want to view the webinar again later to gain as much information as possible.

These groups are happy to record your webinars and make them available later on your site. 

The recordings can be made available only to registered members, which can help you generate many leads.

A great webinar requires you to be able create it. Remember to remind people who signed up for your webinar that they can return!


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What is a Webinar and how do you use it?

Recently, I wrote a blog post answering the question “What is a webinar?” Webinars vs. webcasts

Let’s see what it basically says.

Webinar definition

A webinar is an online presentation. Participants can attend the webinar and ask questions to either one or two presenters.

You only have one stream and multiple people at the webinar, unlike a meeting call. It’s a one-way conversation that is mainly top-down.

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A webinar can be used for educational purposes in all senses. Educational content can be offered. However, most webinars are sales webinars. These webinars are intended to educate customers about a product.

Because you can reach a large number of people at once, webinars are a great way to increase sales. A webinar can help people half way through the conversion funnel.

A semantic struggle

It’s fascinating to see how many people have used other terms to describe webinars.

Two main reasons are the reason. The term “webinar” implies a corporate, salesy, and boring dispositive. As we said, webcasts and meetings are still confusing.

When you think of live events >>, or live workshops >>, you can consider webinar >>.

These webinars should be called live workshops or webinars. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. It is up to you.

Some companies seem to be able to get significant results simply by giving them a different name. 

As with everything, it is important to A/B-test and find out what works. Even better, you can invent a term to match your brand!

Format is what really matters. If you have to do 45-minute webinars, don’t drop off after 15 minutes.

 If people prefer topic A, don’t discuss it. If your audience is more interested in having a conversation, invite a guest.


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